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Chapter 3

Roger wandered down to Mimi's loft later that night. He softly crept through the door, silently making his way to her bedroom. He stood at the door, gazing at Mimi's crying figure in a pile on the bed. "Mimi?"

She looked up, mascara running races against tears down her face. "What do you want?"

"I want to talk to you," Roger sat beside her. "It's… it's important."

She sat up. "Yes?"

"I'm sorry that I lashed out on you earlier," he began. "I don't think you know how worried I get about you. How scared I am that you won't come home from work or that when you aren't lying with me at night, you're going to wake up in someone else's arms. Or not at all. I was doing some thinking…"

"That's a change."

"Don't," Roger's voice went from soft to cold. "Just listen."

"I'm sorry," she took his hand. "What were you thinking about?"

"I was thinking," he repeated, "about how shitty my childhood was and how fucked up my family was and how I don't want that for myself. Then I thought about you and how much I… how much I love you." He looked her in the eyes. "I've always wanted to be a rock star with a pretty wife and a kid. I had the rock star part years ago. Now I want the pretty wife."

"The kid comes along with the pretty wife," Mimi replied, smiling a little.

"What?" Roger lifted her chin with his hand.

"I was scared, Roger," Mimi cried again. "That's why I started using again. I wanted to make it go away and I thought that once would do it, but it didn't. Now I wish I didn't. Because I want it."

"Want what? You wanted to make me…"

She shook her head. Taking his hand in her own, she placed it on her stomach. "Your soon to be pretty wife is having your kid too."

"I promise I won't go to jail," Roger said. "I want you to love our kid. I don't want to be my parents, if you can call them that. I don't want to get a divorce either, like Mark's parents. Promise me we won't be broken. I don't want to be like every family I've ever known."

"All we need is love, baby," Mimi smiled, cuddling into his chest, "and at this point, love is all we have."

Roger pulled her close, pushing his lips to her forehead. He knew she was right. He knew they had something special from the start. They had a future, a family, and an unbroken promise. In the bigger picture, all of that required love. It was then that Roger realized that the only thing he had ever wanted – needed – was the only thing he had.