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First it started with As then Bs and now Fs. This is unacceptable for the heir of Uchiha family; Sasuke cannot be failing a class! Not in senior year. It's time to call in the experts, Sasuke say hello to Sakura the French tutor. Sakura x Sasuke

French Kiss

Chapitre Un


"Sasuke Uchiha."

Everyone in the classroom looked up at the dark haired boy as he walked through the rows of desks. Giggles from the girls were heard as he passed by their desks, curses from the guys were heard as well.

"Monsieur Uchiha, I'm very disappointed at you." The teacher said as she handed the test paper to the young man.

Sasuke didn't say anything to the comment; he snatched the paper quickly and walked away back to his desk. As he sat down his eyes wandered to the paper. There were correction marks everywhere, all in red ink. At the right hand corner there was an F. Sasuke didn't care, this was the fifth F he had gotten in the damn language class.

Few more names were called; each student went up to get their test. Some were excited while other didn't want to see what they got. There were small cheers and groans as many saw their score. The class was coming to an end; many were packing up getting ready for their next class.

Sasuke sat in his desk only looking out the window; he listened to his mp3 player ignoring the world around. He blocked out the teacher's words, the stares he was getting from his peers especially the girls'. He waited for the ring of the bell to set him free and there it was. Everyone rushed out of the room, when he was about to step out of the room.

"Sasuke Uchiha" The teenager in question rolled his black eyes; he turned around to face his teacher.

"Sasuke, can you please explain your behavior and the result of the test?" She asked in her French accent. She waited for an answer but none came. "Well?"

"Madame Yuuhi, I didn't study." Sasuke said with bored tone, "Is that all?"

Kurenai rolled her red eyes at the boy's behavior, "Do you understand that you need to pass this class in order to get your diploma. You might think French is not important but you need it to pass." She continued saying, "Sasuke I don't want to see any of my students failing including you. You started the year perfectly but now your grades are falling. Are there any problems?"

"No, there are not. Now are we done?" Sasuke said wanting to get the hell out of the room.

Kurenai gave up, she nodded her head. The seventeen year old boy walked away, if he didn't about his grades maybe his parents did. She went over to her desk and looked through each info card she made her students fillout at the beginning of the year. Once she spotted his card, she recorded down the number.


"Yo, Sasuke!"

The blond boy waved his hands in the air as he spotted his dark haired friend. Everyone in the halls looked strangely at the teen but he ignored their looks.

Sasuke sighed to himself, asking how the hell he became friends with that idiot, "When are you trying out for cheerleading?" He asked as he reached the blond.

Naruto instantly glared at Sasuke, "Ahahaha that was so funny!" He said sarcastically, "Anyways, what did you get on that French test? Ino was screaming in happiness as she walked out of the room…" Naruto said as he walked into the lunchroom. The loud noise of room hit the two like a wave. Each walking to their table, they sat down and were greeted by the rest of the guys. To answer Naruto's question, Sasuke held out his test to the boy.

Naruto's blue eyes widen as they landed upon the paper, "You know I never thought Sasuke Uchiha would get an F. This is too good to be true." Naruto laughed at the grade in return he received a punch from the Uchiha.

"You got an F?" Sasuke glared at the chocolate haired boy who held smirk on his pale face. "It seems that Sasuke is going to be the down fall of the Uchiha Empire." Neji said mockingly.

The Uchiha family was a top family in the city of Konoha. Each member had a special talent which made them known through the land. Each one making a large sum of money, building up the Uchiha name. Sasuke, who was the heir of the famous family, had to live up to the name like his older brother did. Itachi, the eldest of the brothers worked at a law firm at only the young age of twenty one. Sasuke cursed as he remembered his brother. There was always a sense of rivalry between the two of them. Sasuke turned his attention back to the white eyed boy.

"Shut it, Hyuuga." Sasuke hissed

"Did I hit a soft spot?" The smirk still hung on Neji's lips.

Sasuke didn't seem too happy about his words.

Naruto sensed the tension between the two boys, there was only one thing this was leading to...



"Allô…Monsieur Uchiha?" Kurenai stood in main office, holding the phone to close to her ear. She smiled sweetly at the passing students and her staff members.

"Yes, this is him." Fugaku answered on the other line.

"This is your son's French teacher; I only would like to inform you of your son's process here at Leaf High."

"I don't need to know, I fully know that my son is doing well in his classes." He said, not interested in what she has to say. He knows that his son is doing well, what else is there to know?

"I'm sorry to say but your son has been failing his tests and lacks of work in the class." She said, her ear caught a curse from other, "The school year is coming to an end and I don't wish to see your child being left back. He's an honor student and doing very well in his other classes and I don't want this to be a trouble for the young man."

"He's failing a class!" There was a slight bit of rage in his voice, "No I will no accept that…"

"No parent wants their child failing. I would like to suggest that Sasuke comes after school to the tutoring lessons the school holds. I'm sure that- " But the woman was interrupted by the other one.

"No, I will see to it myself that this matter is handed. Thank you for informing me. Now if you don't mind I have to get back to work." With that said Fugaku hung up the phone. Kurenai sighed to herself, now she knows where Sasuke got his attitude from.


Fugaku rubbed his temples as he sat back in the leather chair. This was not acceptable; his son cannot be failing a class. He is an Uchiha! His fingers tapped against the wooden desk, he thought back to what the woman said, tutoring…

Maybe that wasn't sure a bad idea. But those teachers in the school didn't know anything. It was their fault that he was failing, they didn't teach him anything. Fugaku refused to believe that his son was failing. Sasuke has to be like his brother, the new heir that will keep the name alive. He needs someone that knows the language by heart; he needs someone that can make his son learn. What better than to get someone from the country itself?

Fugaku thought, he needs a French tutor one that will greatly teach his son. Did he know anyone?


He thought back to his old business partner. She lived in France didn't she? The blond woman, she was an excellent business woman as well a teacher. Didn't she have a daughter? Maybe Sasuke can learn from someone of his age? These were the questions that ran through his mind as opened a drawer, he took out an old book. He flipped through the pages trying to find the number. Once it was found, he quickly dialed the number. After waiting, someone finally picked up.


"Tsunade, I need a favor…"


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