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First it started with As then Bs and now Fs. This is unacceptable for the heir of the Uchiha family, Sasuke cannot be failing a class! Not in senior year. It's time to call in the experts, Sasuke say hello to Sakura your French tutor. Sakura x Sasuke

French Kiss

Chapitre Huit


"Remember tomorrow first draft!" Kurenai quickly said over her noisy students who were getting ready to leave. The woman sighed as she received no reply. These children don't have any manners.

Really! They don't respect their elders. Sometimes she wondered why she became a teacher.

She sat back into her seat and allowed her eyes to wander around the room. Her students were already packed up and waiting for the bell to ring. Maybe she should be like Anko and just keep the working students until the last second.

Her ruby eyes continued to look over the room. They landed on the new girl, Sakura. Kurenai couldn't help, but allow a smile grace her face. The pink haired volunteer was currently being surrounded by a few boys who were "asking" for help on their essay. The whole period the girl wasn't left alone. She had someone calling her over mainly a boy asking for help. A laugh threatened to escape the teacher's lips.

Help? Please! Even though she was older than these kids she knew why those boys were around Sakura-chan. These little boys only want to stare at the girl's pretty face and maybe win her heart for a date.

Sudden memories of her high school years came into mind. Her days at Leaf High….things were much different.

Ring! Ring!

"Sakura!" The blond grabbed her bag and ran towards the pink haired tutor. "Are you coming to lunch?" Ino asked the other girl who was organizing the pieces of paper she received some various guys. Each little scrap of paper had their numbers. Sakura was a bit annoyed. She told them that she wasn't interested in a boyfriend, but they still insisted and gave her their number.

The French girl shrugged, not knowing how to answer. Was there another French class after this? Did Kurenai-sensei need her help in anything?

As if reading the younger one's mind, Kurenai told her not to worry. "There's no class this period. You can go."

Sakura bowed, "Thank you!"

"You know Sakura…" Ino started saying as she waited for the French girl. "Maybe you can help me with my essay." The blond smiled.

Sakura walked out of the classroom behind Ino. "You mean write it out for you?" She pushed her way through the packed hallway, keeping the blond in sight.

Ino turned around and winked playfully. "How did you know?" She laughed.

The other returned the gesture and gave a smile of her own. "Not a chance Missy."

The girls' voices faded away as they walked down the crowded halls. However, not to far from them from was Sasuke.


"Yo-you extend this vowel when you sa-say it." Hinata pointed at the mark over the a. Her shy pearl eyes looked up at the blond. Her eyes widen as she noticed how close he was. A blush threatened to break out. Hinata prayed it didn't.

Naruto blinked a few times as he looked down at the worksheet. He leaned in closer as he read over the word. He was suppose to be give a presentation in Spanish class (that he completely forgot about until Hinata mentioned it in Chemistry last period). He was having problems with pronouncing a few words. Luckily for him, Hinata was willingly to help him a bit.

Though, deep down inside he was hoping for Sakura-chan, but she was too busy. 'Probably with Sasuke…' Naruto's mind added in. Yet, it wasn't to say that he wasn't enjoying his time with Hinata.

Before the blond could say the word out aloud a familiar voice spoke out.

"Hinata-san, you shouldn't be wasting your time teaching this thing."

Naruto growled, "Shut up!" He glared at Neji who only smirked expecting such a reaction from the other.

"Sit, boy. Or I'll have to take you to Kida to get properly trained." The chocolate haired young man took a seat across from the blond. He ignored the heated glared he got from Naruto and turned towards his cousin. "Why are you helping him?" He narrowed his eyes.

The girl shivered under her cousin's gaze.

"I asked her!" Naruto shouted. "Is there a problem?"

Hinata nodded. "Neji-kun, I'm just helping." She said in her timid voice.

Neji rolled his eyes, "Hinata-san, you are just too nice. This idiot-" The said boy growled again, "is nothing, but-"

"Hinata!" Neji was certain his ears would bleed. Even in the noisy lunchroom that voice was still strong and loud. He looked over his shoulder ready to chew off the head of that other annoying blond, Ino. Yet, his murderous thoughts vanished when he saw who Ino was accompanied by and who was trailing behind them. He allowed a smirk to grace his handsome face.

"Sakura-chan!" Naruto was out of his seat and over at the girl's side in a mere seconds.

The petal haired girl was taken back by the hyper blond. "Naruto-kun, you have lunch?"

He nodded and nodded and nodded. Sakura wondered if his head was going to fall off.

"I'm so happy you're here!" He took her hand and led her to the table. "Maybe you can help me with my Spanish!"

"Nope." Ino answered for Sakura. She knew the tutor was probably going to say yes. "Please Naruto it's her lunchtime. Give her a break." She sat in between Sakura and Naruto. She gave a little shove pushing Naruto to the corner of the bench.


"Yamanaka is right." Neji purred out and turned his attention towards Sakura. "Nice to see you again mademoiselle." Sakura nodded in return feeling some butterflies in her stomach. She never had such attention from a boy like Neji. Though, there was Gaara…

Sakura couldn't help, but wonder what he was doing now. 'Probably enjoying the winter recess up in the mountains skiing…'

"I'm sure you have dealt with enough idiots in your last class." The male French student continued giving Sakura a teasing smile. "And speaking of idiots…" Neji didn't bother to turn around. He already knew who was behind him. "…aren't you going take a seat?"

Sakura raised an eyebrow. How long was Sasuke there? She didn't have time to think any longer as she was pulled by Ino into a conversation with Hinata and Naruto.

"Don't you think so too, Sakura?"

"No no don't believe her Sakura-chan!"

Sasuke clenched his fist. "That was such an original insult." He answered sarcastically. Oh, how badly he wanted to strike the other boy. Oh, how badly did he want to see the other in pain. Yet, he controlled himself. Plus it was going to be a hassle to wipe blood off his clothes. He walked over and much to his dismay he took a seat next to Neji.

"I was hope you don't mind-" The Hyuuga didn't take his eyes off the cherry blossom. "that I take Sakura out this weekend." He was going to beat around the bushes, but decided against it. It was much better to just get to the point and see the other blow up.

The Uchiha twitched. So it was true. Neji had the nerve to ask his tutor out. This was just great. He had the sex hungry retards in his class drooling over his tutor and now this one. "That's not a problem." Yet his tone of voice told the other the opposite.

"But…" Neji raised an eyebrow and Sasuke smirked. The wheels in his head were turning. "You might want to reschedule. As you mentioned, I am an idiot and will need a lot of help with my French. It's atrocious you know?" Sasuke continued in a false thoughtful tone. "So I might be taking up a lot of her time."

Yes, he was planning to have her busy. Sakura was his tutor no? She should attend him and only him. "Sorry."

"Are you guys coming?" Naruto asked as he and the others got up. The studying and talking about birds or something about feathers with the girls was getting him hungry. "Or going to continue with the war?" He didn't know what was going on between Sasuke and Neji, but it always was an argument that normally lead to a fight.

"Sasuke-san is definitely coming." Sakura looked over her shoulder. Her green eyes glanced at Sasuke, "You missed breakfast. You should really eat something."

Surprisingly, he wasn't afraid to hide the small grin. Sasuke nodded. "Yes, you're right." He followed along leaving a dumbstruck Neji.


Sakura sighed as she leaned against the wall. The freshmen…the freshmen! They had the memory span of a goldfish! The whole period was spent reviewing over household items and there were only ten to remember. The forty minutes were focused on ten easy words. Sakura definitely crossed teacher off her list of future careers.

"A tiring first day I presume?" Sakura jumped at the voice. She turned to meet the smiling face which could only belong to Sai.

Sakura wanted to wipe that grin off his face. "Oh you have no idea."

Sai chuckled. "Get use to it."

"Tell me Sai…" Sakura packed her stuff, though, it wasn't much. "…why are you such a jerk?"

The dark haired boy shrugged. "I don't know, but I'm not complaining. I like it."

Sakura made no comment, she just laughed. Lovely, no? They started out insulting each other this morning and now acting like old friends.

"Do you mind showing me the exit of this wonderful maze?" Sakura asked as they walked down the hallway. By now, the students had already rushed home. Once that last bell rang, they wasted no time to leave. "My mind is still wrapped up with appareils ménagers." (household items)

"I don't think I'll have too." Sai smiled like a fox. He wasn't expecting such a bold move from Sasuke. He was expecting him to be more in denial and very stubborn about it. Yet, it looks like he has matured a little or maybe it was a phase.

"Sasuke-kun is already waiting for you." He tilted his head towards the stairway, where a certain boy stood.

Yes, the great Sasuke Uchiha, the heartbreaker of Leaf High, was actually waiting for a girl.

'Yet, Sakura-san isn't just any girl…she's his tutor.' Sai actually wanted to laugh at the speechless look on the Sakura's face. She wasn't expecting it either it seems.

"Are you going to stand there or what?"

Sakura kept her face heat up. She was blushing?! "Yes…!"


"Bastard, I won't be able to walk home with you today." Naruto walked towards Sasuke's locker.

Sasuke didn't hide the little happiness he felt. "Isn't that a shame?"

"Shut up!" He knew he was being mocked. "I have to work on my presentation with Hinata. I was lucky that I didn't go today." Naruto said off to the side. Someone up in the heavens must love him to spare him the embarrassment well at least the failing grade. "Look, I just wanted to tell you, the bet is off." He got to the point.

Sasuke was confused for a moment until it dong on him. "You chicken out?" He was actually thankfully for this.

"Think what you want. I just don't want Sakura-chan gone."

And he didn't want that either…but of course Sasuke Uchiha wasn't ready to admit that aloud yet.

"So…" The feminine voice beside took Sasuke out of his little world. His dark eyes looked over at the French girl who admired the clear blue sky.

Sakura didn't like the awkward silence. It was like that since they left school...and it was weird. She tried to say something, but the words died in her mouth. She was hoping he'll say something, but that an impossible wish.

"Before dinner we can work on an outline for your essay." She suggested. Sakura turned her green eyes on him.


"Madame Yuuhi said that she wanted it to be simple…just to name the main points."

Again, there was an hm from Sasuke.

Sakura was hoping for some words, not just a sound. "Your quote is bit hard. You might want to explore both of the topics, love and war."

"Hm…" And once again there was silence.

"I have a better chance of talking to a wooden log…" Sakura whispered to herself. Really, what was she thinking talking to him? Since morning he was acting like prick. He was picking fights with Neji or any guy that came near her. During French class, he was off in the corner glaring at thin air. Though, she didn't have much time to talk to him during that class…damn those boys.

"Ils sont ennuyeux. Il est ennuyeux." (They are annoying…He's annoying.)

Sasuke's ears perked up at the comment. "Excuse me?" Oh! The boy speaks!

He decided to talk now?! "Oh nothing…I was just saying it's going to be a wonderful time teaching a wooden log." The girl snapped back.

He noticed the venom in her voice. "Really? I just thought you said I was annoying."

Sakura bit back her laugh. "Oh no, I would never think you are annoying Sasuke-san." Her voice laced with sarcasm.

"You know, I thought the French were friendly people." Sasuke feigned hurt in his voice. "Not backstabbers." Sasuke claimed victory as he saw her face flare up. She didn't say anything. It was fun getting her angry. Heck, it was fun getting anyone angry and just taunting them about it at least for Sasuke.

"I…" Sakura took in a breath. "I will be civil and ignore that." She wanted to slap him, but… 'Control your temper…Remember what mère said.'

"And your little civil act will last only for five minutes." Sasuke went up the stairs to his house. He turned back at the girl who was once again was turning red. It was sort of cute. 'She's sort of cute…' He'll smack himself later for that thought.

Sasuke opened the door and spoke before she could. "We'll work on the essay in the living room." He walked in leaving Sakura to wonder.

'There is something wrong with this boy…' Sakura sighed. "He's more moody than a girl PMSing. Maybe he is…"

"Maybe we should give him some tampons." A snort followed the comment.

Sakura grinned as she looked up at Ayame and Ton Ton who were waiting by the door. "That's a good idea."


Itachi leaned back into the chair and allowed a yawn to escape his lips. His tired eyes wondered over to the clock in his father's office. The hands of the clock showed that it was five thirty. The man blinked, not believing he spent three hours working on the files.

'And this is suppose to be my vacation.' The older Uchiha thought as he organized his papers. He wasn't suppose to be doing much work, only working on the Hyuuga case. Yet, that wasn't suppose to be much, just a petty case on law suit. However, he ended up doing some of his father's work as well and was never anything small.

A knock on the door snapped Itachi out of his thoughts. "Yes, come in."

The maid bowed. "Itachi-san, your father called saying he won't come back for dinner."

"Really?" Itachi asked. His father left earlier in the day to attend to some business with his uncle. However, it was unlike him to ever miss dinner. "Did he give a reason?"

Ayame shook her head. "He was very short."

Itachi crossed his arms. "I see. Where are Sasuke and Sakura?"

At this the brunette giggled a bit. "They are in the living room. Sakura-san is tutoring Sasuke." More like they're arguing than actually learning something. And Ayame found that cute. Ah, to be young and in lo-…wait could she say love? Ayame observed that there was indeed an attraction between the two of them, yet was it love? Ayame shrugged only time will tell.

The older brother noticed her reaction. "Good." He sudden thought came into mind. "Don't bother to make dinner. I'll take Sasuke and Sakura out for dinner."

The maid lit up at this. It means less work for her tonight and that's something to be happy about. "Very well."

"Ayame." He stopped the maid before she could leave. "Do you know any good places for a vegetarian?"


The pencil was so close in meeting its end. Sakura's grip on it was so tight that it was going to break in half any second now.

"Sasuke-san, you don't say it like that." She said calmly releasing her deadly grip on the poor pencil.

Sasuke raised an eyebrow. "But didn't you just say to extend the vowels?" He was only listening to what she said.

The pink haired girl wanted to smash her head against the coffee table. "Yes, but not for ten seconds!" It took him almost one minute to say one word!

The Uchiha bit back his chuckle. "You should have said so." He managed to say without laughing. Oh, Sasuke was having fun messing around with his tutor. He wasn't going to get rid of her, but toy her with her a bit.

Sakura moved the worksheets aside. "Let's get started on the outline now." She said and waited for him to give her his class work.

The French girl hoped to start their lesson with a simple exercise to get him warmed up. She got some worksheets from Madame Yuuhi. The work was easy it should have been review for Sasuke. She just asked him to say aloud the terms. She was hoping to have him speak in French during their lessons. However, that proved to be quite difficult. Either Sasuke-san was truly horrible in pronunciation or he was acting. Sakura was sure it was the latter one. Anyways, they wasted an hour on the so called easy exercise.

"Here, sensei…Pardon, I meant enseignante." (Teacher) The young man handled his notes with an obvious fake smile.

Sakura resisted the urge to smack him over the hand. "Merci…" Her green eyes read over his notes. "Can you at least say your quote without taking five minutes?"

"I will try." Sasuke actually considered saying it correctly this time. "En am-amour comme à la g-guerre, tou-us les coups sont per-mmis."

Sakura wanted to clap. "Ok, so from your notes you got the general concept of the quote."

The dark haired teenager rested on the carpet. "Yeah…" He yawned. "In both war and love all hits are permitted." He translated the saying.

"Meaning?" Sakura moved over to get closer to the laying boy.

Sasuke turned to face her. He shifted on his side. "Meaning that in war all tricked are allowed. You can do anything to kill your opponent and claim victory. Tu peux tricher, mentir, et trahir. Tu dois gagner à tout prix." (You can cheat, lie, and betray. You must win at all costs.)

"Tu comprends." (You understand.) Sakura didn't like his answer, but it had some truth to it. "So in love…?"

Sasuke paused. "I don't know."

Sakura snorted at that. "You understand war, but not love."

"Well, sorry…" Sasuke got up. "I never have been in love."

The cherry blossom thought about it for a moment. "Then pretend!"


Sakura moved closer. "Pretend you have a petite amie (girlfriend). Or think of a past one. I'm sure someone as beau (handsome) as you had a girlfriend in the past." There was some mischief tangled in her voice. "Don't think I didn't notice your affect on the girls in school today."

Sakura didn't notice the blush that threatened to color Sasuke's face. He was use to girls commenting on his features, yet something about the way Sakura said it made him blush.

The girl continued, "Think about your relationship with her. Think how much you love her. Think of the happy moments. Think about your heart fluttering when you see her. Wouldn't you want to keep that?" Sakura smiled. She was thinking about it. She was thinking what it would be like to have a boyfriend. "Would you risk everything for that person? To see that smile that makes your heart melt." Her voice drifted off.

Sasuke didn't answer her question. He instead was staring at her and her dreamy expression. (Also noticed how close she was.) It was apparent that his tutor wasn't on planet Earth anymore, but in Lala land. Dare he said it or even think it…his tutor looked adorable.

It was the second or maybe third time that day he thought of the same thing. There must be something wrong with him to think such a way about this annoying girl. Sasuke shook away the thought and clear his throat.

"Yea…I guess."

Sakura lit up. She was getting through to him. "So, would you do anything get her by your side? Fend off other men? Be her prince charming."

In Sasuke eyes he saw a little excited girl. He nodded. "Yea, if I love her enough."

"Wait…what?" Both Sakura and Sasuke jumped at the voice. They turned towards the entrance. "My brother is in love?" Itachi came into view.

Sasuke instantly narrowed his eyes. "It's rude to eavesdrop, brother." He hissed at the older Uchiha.

Itachi feigned a face of hurt. "I would never do that. I was just walking here and heard the last thing you said." He looked over at the tutor, "You believe me Sakura-chan?"

The young woman didn't want to get caught in the middle. However, she had to answer. Those black eyes of his were casting a spell on her to answer. "Um…yes."

Itachi smiled. "I take it you guys were talking about homework?" He received a nodded from Sakura and nothing from Sasuke as expected. "Well, you can end it tonight. We are going out for dinner."


"The restaurant isn't too far." Itachi opened the car door for Sakura. On the other side, Sasuke got out. He tried to talk his way out of dinner, saying he'll stay home, but Itachi and Sakura insisted. Plus, the idea of his brother alone with his Sakura er I mean his tutor didn't sit well with him.

Itachi continued, "It is two blocks down." He led the way with the two teenagers following behind. Luckily, the weather wasn't so bad. It was a little chilly, but not too cold that one would freeze. It was good for a stroll.

Sakura hugged her jacket as the wind dance around her. She looked up at the city streets. She assumed that they were in the heart of the city. There were flashing lights, cars racing down the streets, and some shoppers. The city was alive.

Her emerald eyes sparked with curiosity. "What's over there?"

The two brothers turned to where she pointed. "It's a street fair." Sasuke answered and continued walking.

"You want to go?" Itachi asked noticing Sakura's interest. The girl didn't answer. "Don't worry, the reservations aren't until six thirty. We have some time."


Sasuke rolled his eyes as he walked down the street vendors. He would rather be in literature class learning about some boring book then walking and listening to the shouting street sellers. He looked up at the girl in front of him. Her short pink hair bounced as she walked.

'Pink…' He thought as he admired her, 'Who has pink hair?' It was a random question, but he made him wonder. It was a strange and rare hair color, but it suited her. It went well with her green eyes. Not that he noticed her eyes…you know he was just saying…(Ha! Keep telling yourself that Sasuke.)

Sakura stopped in front of a booth that was selling little charms. She thought they would make nice gifts for Tsunade and Shizune. "How much?"

The old woman behind the booth smiled at the girl, "480 yen" (around five dollars)

"That's a rip off." Sasuke stood behind Sakura. He looked down at disgust at the items. "Hurry, lets go." He looked around and saw no sight of Itachi. Damn it, they must have gotten separated in the crowd.

"They are all handmade and I use special material." The woman answered.

In return Sasuke rolled his eyes and Sakura mumbled an apology in behalf of Sasuke. Really, why did he have to be so rude?

"Don't worry, dear." The woman said. "And just to show I don't have any hard feelings, here's a little charm for you and your boyfriend."

Sakura's eyes widen at the words. Her face colored up and a rosy red blush graced her face. She shook her head to correct the woman. Yet, she couldn't say anything as she was pulled away from a blushing Sasuke.

'What?!' Sasuke's mind was screaming. 'Girlfriend?! His tutor?!' No, that thought was impossible. However as the woman's words echoed in his mind…the idea isn't sound so bad. Sakura wasn't like the other girls who carved his attention. 'No!' Sasuke had to put an end to such thoughts.

Sasuke pushed through the crowd of people getting back to the main street. However, he almost was pushed down when he bumped into another boy. He glared at the red haired he had bumped into. His dark eyes met icy cold blue-green eyes.

"Watch where you're going." The red head said in an accent. He narrowed his eyes at Sasuke, but that quickly changed when he saw who Sasuke was holding by the hand. "Saku-"

Sasuke was well aware at who the red head was staring at. 'Great! Another pervert drooling over my tutor.' He didn't reply back nor waited to stay any longer. He ran off again with Sakura in hand.

Sakura was so thankful that they stopped. They stopped on the main street at the entrance of the fair. She took in deep breaths to calm her racing heart. Her head was spinning with certain thoughts.

First…Why did Sasuke take off running? And why was he still holding her hand? Not that she was complaining. Despite his cold attitude Sasuke had warm hands. And she liked them.

Second or third…was that Gaara?

'Impossible, he's in France.'

"Sasuke! Sakura!" Both teenagers turned around and saw Itachi walking towards them. "I thought I lost you two."