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Aelita fell into darkness. As she was falling, random memories rushed into her mind. She saw her father playing the piano. She saw her mother dieing as in bed while she was crying for her mother to come back. She saw herself visiting Lyoko for the first time. Then Aelita saw a bright light flashing and wiping her memories away. She saw herself meeting Jeremie for the very first time and all the strange feelings that came with talking to him that time.

Aelita then found herself alone in what looked like endless fog. Aelita's mother was standing just a few feet away from her.

"Mom!" exclaimed Aelita as she ran closer to her but when Aelita was just about to hug her, the woman disappeared. Aelita then saw her father, Franz Hopper, walking merrily through the fog and this time Aelita touched him, but when she did Franz Hopper disappeared also.

Aelita then saw Jeremie walking through the fog and towards her. She felt her heart almost stop in fear of what might happen to him. This time Aelita stood still, but when he reached her, she grabbed his hand in fear of what might happen to him, Xana's symbol then enveloped his being and Jeremie disappeared with a scream.

Aelita sat up in her bed and screamed. She thanked God it was only a dream, but it had seemed so real.

As Aelita began to calm herself down and had gotten dressed (for even though it was 4 in the morning, Aelita knew she couldn't go back to sleep), when there was a knock on the door.

"Aelita, are you okay," came Jeremie's voice in concern, "I heard you screaming."

"Come in Jeremie," replied Aelita, "I need to talk to you."

Jeremie walked through the door, slightly embarrassed to be in his pajamas and looked at her with concern.

"What happened?" he asked, looking into Aelita's eyes.

A tear rolled down Aelita's cheek, "It was horrible," Aelita sobbed, "I had a nightmare. I was following through darkness and I began to relive some of my memories. Then I was in the middle of some fog. I saw my mother, but when I ran up to her, she disappeared.

Then I saw my father and this time when I ran up to him I touched him and he disappeared. too. Then I saw you, Jeremie. You walked up to me and I grabbed your hand, but Xana's closed in around you and. You disappeared screaming."

Jeremie grabbed Aelita's hand and got her to sit down on her bed, "I'm holding your hand right now Aelita," whispered Jeremie, "And I'm not going anywhere. I will never leave you Aelita."

"Thanks Jeremie," said Aelita as she wiped her tears from her face, "I just can't bare the thought of losing you."

"I wouldn't be able to bare losing you either," replied Jeremie softly.

He then kissed her. It was gentle and short, but it held everything Jeremie felt for her.

"I really like you, Aelita," said Jeremie blushing, "I think I might even love you."

Tears fell down Aelita's face, but this time it was in happiness, "I love you too Jeremie," said Aelita.

She kissed him back, though it was just as short as Jeremie's. Incidentally, Jeremie didn't go back to his room. He and Aelita fell asleep just minutes later, in each others' arms.

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