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Ziva sighed. She was once again, the only person in the NCIS bullpen on her floor, and 0500. She set her purse down on her new desk - Kate's old one - and booted up the computer, before sitting down in the chair.

She didn't feel comfortable. It was like there was something left here, something of the dead agent's. It's the same feeling she had felt last night, when she found Agent Todd's sketchpad. Ziva thought that she had resolved this feeling last night, after she gave Gibbs the pad. But no, here she was, feeling that same feeling.

So she tucked her dark brown curls behind her ear, and began searching. Maybe there was something else that had been left behind. She decided to start with the only drawer she hadn't checked last night - the bottom left drawer. She opened it, and she immediately was immersed in a sense of that this is exactly where she would find an ending to… everything.

But the drawer was empty.

Ziva's eyebrow cocked upwards. Appearances can be deceiving; she had always loved a challenge. Slowly, she began feeling the edges of the drawer, looking for inconsistency. When she reached the back of the drawer, she felt it. A triumphant smile comes on her face, as she rips open the back of the drawer. Six envelops fell into her hand, and she pulled the up to check them out in the light.

Each envelop had a name written on it in neat and tidy writing. The names Ziva recognized as the names of the team - Gibbs, Tony, McGee, Ducky, and Abby. On the last the envelop, was 'My Replacement'.

Her curiosity now completely aroused, Ziva set the five envelops on her desk, and began to tear at the one she presumed addressed to herself. The same writing on the inside stared back at her, and she read carefully.

So, you're as good as Gibbs thinks you are, if you've found these letters. Trust me, if you're on his team, he thinks you're good, even if you're ordered on his team.

Ziva smiled at this first statement, remembering the fuss Gibbs had put up at first when she had been assigned to his team.

I've either quit, or died. I could never stay in one place at one time. I like the change of scenery. You've probably met the team, but don't worry - they'll grow on you.

The image of Tony shaving and brushing his teeth in the morning flew into Ziva's photographic memory, and she let out slight chuckle at his antics.

I'd better explain them to you, so you'll understand them better. Let's start with Tony, shall we? Tony…well Tony's just Tony. He's going to come off as a chauvinistic skirt-chaser, but when worst comes to worst, he's going to be there for you. Always. And he may come off as an overgrown 20-year-old, but he can have his sweet moments.

Who's next… let's say… McGee? Well, nothing to really say about him - he'll be pleased you're here. He won't be the 'Probie' anymore. But, honestly, he'll always be Probie.

Abby is who you'll probably have the most problems with if I'm dead. She'll probably be wearing white. Something about white being the colour the Chinese wear when they grieve… but just be patient. She'll warm up to you. And whatever you do - do NOT suck up to her. She'll just hate you even more.

Ha - Ducky. He'll probably be with McGee on the nice factor to you. He's such a sweetheart. He's going to ask you out, most likely more than once. He's absolutely charming though.

And then that brings us to Gibbs. Gibbs keeps to himself. He's not going to warm up to you… actually, I don't think he'll ever warm up to anyone. But you need to know that if Gibbs' gut tells him something, then you need to listen, because it's rarely ever wrong.

This made Ziva remember the whole case with the little boy and Gibbs' gut. She should have listened, instead of just listening to the evidence. She had learned in her… previous job, that sometimes the evidence is false. That it can be planted just as easily as it can be left unconsciously. And now that she looked back, it just seemed so obvious that he was being set up, now that she looked harder.

You also have to know that Gibbs… well he's going to think of you like a daughter/son. Even if he doesn't act like it all the time. Look at Tony - Gibbs hits Tony upside the head at least once a day. But that doesn't mean that Gibbs wouldn't give his life for Tony.

So I guess that's all you really need to know. As for me, well… I don't really matter. All that matters, is that you know how these incredibly smart, wonderful, loyal, loving people work, so you can get along with them. Because, the first thing you need in a team is trust.


Caitlin Todd

Ziva silently folded up her letter, and set it into the top drawer of her new desk. She'd keep it there until it was time she moved on. Something about this Caitlin Todd seem to interest her. The other five letters lay in front of her on her desk. Slowly, she began to drop them off on their desks, one by one. When she reached the two that didn't have desks on her floor, she walked over to the elevator. Ducky, she could leave on his desk. But Abby's…

Well, she'd have to deliver that one in person.

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