Pink. Abby's second favourite colour, and the colour of her iPod mini that was in her hand, playing back Helena by My Chemical Romance. Good song. She lip synched the lyrics to the chorus, as she pushed her way through the glass lab doors, taking a sip of her first Caf-Pow of the day. She turned her iPod off, and set it down on the lab counter along with her drink, as she took off her long black coat and walked over to the glass doors that separated the lab from her desk and coat hanger. Just as she flicked on the lights to the office, she jumped back.

Ziva gave her a slight smile, as she sat on the chair in front of Abby's desk. Abby narrowed her eyes, and hung up her coat professionally. She turned back to Ziva, and put one hand on her hip. "What can I do for you, Agent Davide?"

Ziva stood up, sighing. "Do you really need to call me 'Agent Davide'?"

Abby turned on her heel, and walked out of her office, back into the lab. "That's your name and rank, isn't it?"

Ziva followed Abby into the lab, and watched as she booted up her computer. "Yes, but you don't call Tony 'Agent DiNozzo', or McGee 'Agent McGee'."

Abby stood up, and turned on her heel, her face inches away from Ziva's, and glaring. "That's a completely different situation, Agent Davide."

Ziva rolled her eyes and let out an aggravated sigh, before looking Abby in the eyes again. Abby turned around from Ziva again, and bent down to boot up her other computer. Ziva tried to sympathize with her. "Abby, I know that you and Kate were-"

"Don't you dare talk about Kate like you knew her!" Abby whirled around, and pointed in Ziva's face angrily. "You didn't know her!"

Ziva stepped back from Abby, ignoring her instincts to step up closer to Abby and take her up on the non-verbal challenge. "I know, I never had the pleasure-"

"Why are you here? If you're trying to make me like you, if you're trying to replace Kate, then don't even try." Abby snapped.

Ziva raised her eyes. What was it about her that always made the worst of people come out? Here was a normally cheerful person, yelling at her like she was the worst person in the world. "Look," Ziva started, taking a deep breath. "I'm not trying to replace her, I'm just." Ziva stopped herself, and rethought that statement. Deciding that it was better off to just give Abby the letter, than to tell the woman that Ziva was trying to help her move on from Kate, she started again. "I'm just trying to give you this letter." Ziva passed Abby the letter addressed to her from Kate.

Abby took the letter stonily, and looked up at Ziva with wide, curious eyes. "Where did you get this? This is Kate's writing."

Ziva nodded. "I found it in my desk. There were others, addressed to the rest of the team."

Abby's stony glare softened, as tears welled up in her eyes. She sniffed, and blinked them back, looking up at Ziva. "What?" she asked, as she set the letter down on the desk of her computer.

Ziva was never one to loose herself. She never got angry quickly. And she honestly didn't know why Abby not liking her bugged her so much. "Abby, I'm not trying to replace Kate – no one ever could." Abby opened her mouth to reply, but Ziva put her hand up, and narrowed her eyes. "I'm not finished. I'm also not trying to make you move on faster than you should, because you should do that at your own pace. I'm just trying to convince you not to take your anger from Kate's death out on me."

Abby opened her mouth to say that she wasn't taking her anger out on anyone, when she stopped. Why did she hate Ziva? Was it only because that her presence here at NCIS was making it all more real? Abby didn't really hate Ziva, she just hated… Kate. Abby's chocolate brown eyes darted over to the letter, lying on the desk staring up at her. She hated Kate because she had the nerve to die on her. When Abby looked back up at Ziva, she was gone, and the lab door was shutting. Abby chewed on her bottom lip, as she picked up the letter and opened it.


I love you. You're my best friend, and I swear that if I've just left NCIS, we are still going to hang out like always.

But if I'm dead… God Abby, I am so sorry. I mean, you're one of the greatest, most original, kindest people I know. And I know that in your heart, you'll forgive me for dying, and leaving you behind.

Do you remember that hat we made and tricked McGee with? Don't ever loose that, girl. It's one of the best moments I had with you. Make sure you keep taking care of the rest of the team for me, like always. And never loose your spunk – it's what kept me going on a few cases.

Now, about this new agent. Don't you dare be mean to them. They don't deserve it, because they just got here. Try and make friends, you never know – you could end up liking them more than me. Just please don't turn into the person you never wanted to be. Don't forget about me, just let me go and move on.



PS: You're the greatest friend a girl could ever ask for.

Abby folded up the letter, and slipped it back into the envelope. Instead of crying, she was smiling. Kate was right, as usual. And as she folded up the letter and slipped it into her back pocket, she decided to give this Ziva chick one chance – only one. If she blew that one, then she can just say goodbye to NCIS, because Abby could get her fired in ways that no one could even imagine of.

She walked into her office with her Caf-Pow in hand, and smiled at the dress skirt and jacket still hanging her office.

Kate would have peed her pants seeing her in that outfit.


A/N: Well... that's the end. Hope you enjoyed reading it. Mwah