I was bored earlier so I started emailing little stories to annoy my friend. I had a few of them but this is the only that I wanted to post. Maybe if you like this one, I'll post the others as separate chapters. This is the only humor one though: there are two romances and one angst. Anywho!

This is a drabble…


Legolas's Outing

Legolas pranced cheerfully through the wood, little pink flowers floating about his feet. His bright eyes glittered and his grin glowed. His voice, clear and soft like a morning's rain, sang out into the forest;

"I feel pretty! Oh so pretty! I feel pretty and witty and gay!" A feminine giggle escaped his lips, "I feel charming! Oh so charming! I feel charming and-"

Suddenly, a stray arrow shot from the trees and pierced the elf in the throat. He fell to the ground, dead, but not before crying out, "Aaah! Woe is me!"

And so passed Legolas Thranduilion.

But that's okay.

He was a bad singer, anyways.


Poor Legolas. Don't get me wrong! I love the elf to death! But this was an attempt to get my friend to appreciate my work. :grin: Hope you liked it!

Until Next Time,