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One hundred and fifty years of history changed in the course of one night; on one incidental night in which two youths traveled through the realms of time to go back and change one event that would steadfastly alter their destinies, their fate, their lives.

Their mission?

To venture into the past and save the life of one particular ghost. Both had their reasons for doing it, but the ultimate result was one and the same: they succeeded, and the ghost lived out a long happy life, changing the future as it was once known.

When the both of them returned to their timeline, they resumed life, unaware of the changes that occurred. But deep inside, they both held the knowledge of what had once been, and where exactly their lives had changed.

Everything altered in that instant when the natural order of things was disrupted. What should have been never was. By granting that ghost a chance at life, the equilibrium shifted. Life had to continue–but in different ways.

And a new universe formed to better suit the needs of a new timeline.

The illusionary world created mirrored the one they knew. Events reflected one another; the outcome almost always the same. But the differences are evident. If they would simply open their eyes to the truth, they could see that the world they live in is not where they are meant to be.

Regardless, the two youths still stumbled across one another in this new world; their meeting was destined to happen, regardless of the time.

It was also destined that they both had to, at some point meet the ghost of the one hundred twenty year old soul.

The responsibility of a mediator comes with grave expectations. Individuals wielding the power are required to make a great sacrifice.

And without knowing it, they both sacrificed themselves in order to go assist the ghost. They traveled through time and warned him of his nearing death.

They succeeded in warning him. However, they didn't succeed in saving the soul they knew in the future. When they returned, everything changed. His body had not been pulled through time.

Both events were charted in time; they had to happen at one point or another.

The result, however, was different.

The young girl needed to carry his body through time with her, so the ghost could occupy his body and be given life one hundred and fifty years later. Instead, she lost a hold of him. If she'd held on just that much tighter, everything would be as it is meant to be.

She would have moved to California, and would have been greeted by the ghost in her bedroom. She would have fallen in love with him, and he with her.

Well, the girl still ended up moving to California, moving into the house that should have been haunted by the ghost. She occupied the same room, but he wasn't there to welcome her. The minute she had set foot in that room, she had been expecting something, someone, but it never came. Her biggest concern was that such a huge room would be too vast for her to be the sole occupant of; she needed the extra company that wasn't there to welcome her. As for the window seat her stepfather lovingly built, she stayed far away from it, afraid that, silly as it may sound, even to her, that it was haunted. The window seat remained desolate and alone. She could never bring herself to sit there.

Every day, her eyes drift to the window seat, hoping for a glimpse of something that isn't there. She doesn't understand what her strange fixation with the window seat is about, but she stays away from it at all costs.

She had not lived long in beautiful California when she met him, the boy who would soon become much more than just a boy in her life. A magnetic attraction blossomed between the two of them. They were bound by a powerful force. Although they didn't know it, they already knew each other. But their memories had been distorted and events differed, and they had no recollection of ever having met.

They met in the same place, under the same circumstances. Forced to get a summer job, she babysat the boy's younger brother. When his eyes lay on her, he couldn't get enough of her and trailed along behind her and his brother, just to be in her company. Flattered, but annoyed, the girl didn't mind too much. She couldn't understand however, if he spent all that time with her and his brother, why his parents even bothered hiring a hotel babysitter. They could have just had the boy take care of her charge.

In the short week they spent together, watching his younger brother, a friendship of sorts developed. When he returned to his home in Seattle, they stayed in touch through emails, and even weekly telephone calls. Then, the best of things happened; his family was bound to move to Carmel. Now they could both be together.

Without the obstacle the ghost had originally caused the first time they met, their relationship deepened.

It lasted a whole of two weeks. They were inseparable in that time.

New memories were made and shared. And their hearts were bound.

But, the girl felt like something was missing, that he wasn't the one for her. She was convinced she loved him, but her feelings were mysteriously clouded over. He was the first boy she had ever let close to her; or rather, the first to have ever asked her out because he genuinely liked her. He, on the other hand, had never felt this way about anyone before.

Before he'd known what had happened, he had fallen in love.

He got scared.

It hit them so suddenly they did not know what to do.

But at the same time both were thrilled by the prospect they had found love. Long ago, they had been told that they would have one true love. One love that would last forever. Could it be that they met so soon? Or were there hearts just playing tricks on them? They'd never been strong believers in fate, or true love.

None of it made sense.





What did any of that mean? The four words have a common meaning, and are usually associated with one another. How could they ever truly distinguish the true emotion that caused them such tumult?

They would never admit it to each other. What they felt, that is. But they knew. They felt it when they were together; the pure ecstasy of being in each other's arms, kissing, enjoying each other's presence.

So where did it all go wrong?

At first, they blamed the other for what happened. Eventually, the denial wore away and they accepted that the relationship had ended. The feelings are still there, so they can't understand why they are simply not together.

The heartache, I suppose is too much for both of them to handle. Not even two invincible shifters should be put through the turmoil that is heartbreak.

Now they try to avoid each other at all costs. If they can convince themselves the other doesn't exist, then it is easier to pretend nothing ever happened. That their lives can continue without needing each other.


As for the ghost, he lived a long prosperous life. The life he got was well deserved. But, now that he is back as a restless spirit roaming the realm of the spirits, he has to correct what has been wronged. Restore the order to the universe.

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