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Author's Note

Hi there! Girl Got Game is one of my favourite manga comics and I finally dug up the courage to actually write some kind of fan fiction for it. But, there's a note for you if you recognise the first few chapters as part of the actual story.

That's why we have an author's note, duh

I usually get a little carried away with the introductions so I apologise if the content in the first two chapters is similar to the actual storyline, but there is a twist I promise!

There's a good thing in all this. You can see Kyo's POV deeper than what the manga proposes, I guess.

So, now that's all over and done with – let's get on the road of the actual story which will start… on the next page .

Disclaimer: I will type this once and once only. I do not own any of the characters that I have included in my story. They all rightfully belong to Shizuru Seino, so don't complain to me if you think you recognise these characters – because that's the point of fan fiction.