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Knowing my rather squishy brain, this is has Yaoi in it, along with some Yuri.

Pairings: MG, KS, LF, HE, RW, ect, ect, ect, more that I'm too lazy to mention.

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"All right, everyone, listen-up!" Ana, the tactician, shouted. "We've had a couple of bad days-"

The entire group cut her off, groaning, in agreement. It had been one attack after the other, with no time to rest and recover, and several members of the group were holding very battered weapons. They hadn't had the chance to restock their weapon supply at all recently.

"-But," Ana continued, raising her voice, "We were lucky that nobody received a serious injury, and, we still have enemies on our tail. So, we need to regroup. Fiora, I want you two to go out and scout for the night. Look for nearby villages, and see if there are any armories nearby."

The pegasai knight nodded, and left the tent.

"Farina, I want you to patrol the area. Check if there are any enemies nearby." Farina nodded, and exited the tent, as well.

Ana continued assigning different members of the group different positions and missions, until there were only about 15 members of the group left.

"As for the rest of you, I want you to rest. I will be using all of you in the next battle."

And with that, she shooed them out of the tent, sighed, and collapsed on her bedroll.

It had been a long day.


Lyn wondered around camp, searching for the other two lords. She, Hector and Eliwood had all been asked to stay behind, along with several other members of their group.

Glancing around, she noticed Lucius and Raven sitting outside their tent. Lucius was reading a Light Tome, and Raven was sharpening his sword.

Glancing in the other direction, she spotted Wil talking to Rath. Rath was lying against a tree, and Wil was sitting next to him, chattering on about something.

"Lyn! Oh, Lyn, I'm so glad I found you!"

She turned around, hearing a familiar call. "Hello, Florina. What-" She suddenly noticed the horrified on the orchid-haired girl's face. "What happened?"

"Lyn, M-Matthew and Guy are in a f-fight, and Matthew c-climbed a t-tree… and then G-Guy tried to climb up a-after him, and he f-fell out, a-and…" she choked, holding back a desperate sob. Tears ran down the girl's cheeks.

"What happened to Guy?" Lyn demanded urgently. She couldn't help but wonder if Guy was all right. Sure, he had fallen out of a tree many times before, but Florina looked hysterical.

"He fell out, and landed on Huey!" (1) Florina burst out, and flung herself on Lyn, sobbing into her shoulder. "Huey didn't… expect him, a-and… h-he sort of…" Florina looked up at Lyn with pleading eyes.

Florina suddenly grabbed Lyn's hand, and ran off toward the tree that Huey was tied up at, dragging Lyn along with her. "We n-need to help him!"

"Why didn't you help him when you first saw this?" Lyn demanded.

"W-well, th-they're both m-men, a-and…" Florina slowed down as they neared the tree.

Spotting the tree, Lyn immediately dashed over to help. Matthew had jumped down out of the tree, and was attempting to grab Huey's reigns, but without much success. He had a snarl on his face, and was shouting something about a stupid pegasai. Guy was on the ground, a look of pure horror on his face as he watched, petrified, as the large pegasai reared up right in front of him…

Lyn jumped into the fray, and flung himself on top of Huey. She jumped up on his back and, doing what she had seen Florina do dozens of times, tugged up as hard as she could on his reigns, and sailed into the sky.

"Lyn, you even know how to ride a pegasai!" Florina screamed up at her, seeing her soar above camp.

"No!" Lyn screamed back sounding horrified, and yelped as Huey soared up even higher into the sky.

By this time, what was left of the camp had all heard or seen what was going on, and was staring, amazed, at what was happening in the sky.

Serra dashed over to Florina. Serra demanded, "Is that LYN up there!"

Florina nodded, terrified, eyes never leaving her pegasai. As he did a flying aerial in midair, she regained her voice.

"Huey! Huey, come down here!" Florina screamed.

Huey seemed to notice her, and began to lazily drift closer toward the ground. When he was about 30 feet in the air, he suddenly dropped, landing on the ground with a loud thud, and Lyn toppled off his back. Huey trotted off to a small patch of grass, and began to graze.

Florina dashed over to Lyn, looking terrified.

"Omigosh Lyn are you all right!" Florina demanded, all in the same breath.

Lyn blinked slowly, taking in her surroundings. She suddenly noticed a distraught Florina standing over her, and gasped, "That… was… AWESOME!"

Florina blinked at her. Then, slowly, a very uncharacteristic grin spread across her shy face. "Really?"

"YES!" Lyn gasped again.

Florina smiled shyly and said, "I can teach you how to ride, if you want…"

Lyn smiled, still windswept, but slowly regaining her composure. "That'd be great, Florina!"

A while off, Hector and Eliwood were inside their tent, probably the only two in the camp oblivious to the chaos outside, as they both had their hands busy.

Eliwood and Hector were locked in a passionate kiss, their arms wrapped around each other in a tight embrace. The pair were so oblivious to their surroundings that they didn't even notice when Lyn walked into their tent, continuing her quest for the two, after her little excursion with Huey.

"OMIGOD!" Lyn shouted, seeing the two.

She dashed out of the tent, and almost ran right into Florina, who heard her shout and came running.

Both Hector and Eliwood burst out of the tent, Eliwood's pale face flushed, and Hector with wide eyes. Both of their clothes and hair were mussed, and Eliwood's shirt was halfway unbuttoned.

Lyn looked from one to the other, blinking, with a mortified expression on her face.

Eliwood grumbled, "I told you she was looking for us…"

Hector mumbled back, "I didn't expect her to come into our tent before asking if we were decent…"

"It's a good thing you were! (2)" Lyn sputtered.

Eliwood gave her a confused look, but Hector flushed, getting her meaning.

Suddenly, a loud cry from Wil broke off the… interesting… conversation.

"Lord Eliwood! Lady Lyndis! Lord Hector!"

"What is it, Wil?" Eliwood asked, his blush still faintly visible.

"The camp… it's under attack!"


The tactician barked orders, and everyone moved into position to face the enemy. This battle would be especially difficult, because they had to protect their tents, as well as themselves.

But luckily, the enemies were few. But the few there were, were mostly magic users.

Eliwood squared off his first enemy, bringing them to the ground with a quick swipe from his Rapier. He glanced toward Hector, who was facing off against an anima mage. He swung with his Wolf Beil, and quickly disposed of his enemy.

Glancing over toward Lyn, Eliwood noticed Florina hovering over her, hurling her Slim Lance at anyone opposing Lyn.

Hearing the tactician's shout and glancing over, he was assigned to move closer to Hector to help him finish off a few shamans. Not that he minded; he was closer to his friend, and lover.

Hector grinned at him as he moved closer, and nearly got blasted by a flux spell.

"Pay attention, Lord Hector!" Eliwood teased, dodging a Nosferatu spell.

"Flirt later!" Lyn shouted at them, and Eliwood flushed, remembering what she had walked in on earlier that day.

"We will!" Hector replied, winking at Eliwood.

Eliwood sighed. Sometimes, this army is too much.


Meanwhile, on the other side of the field, Guy and Matthew were positioned next to each other. Guy had grumbled about it, but was silenced by a glare of pure malice from the tactician. "Don't complain; he's as good an ally as anyone on the battlefield!" She had shouted at him, before moving off to reassign a position to Eliwood.

What she didn't understand was what a horrible ally he was off the field. He taunted him, annoyed him, stole from him…

But, a little voice reminded him, he just saved your life.

"Yeah, well… screw him."

For some reason, he flushed crimson as he grumbled that small sentence to himself.

"Hey, Guy! Pay attention!"

Matthew's shout shook him out of his semi-trance.

He dodged out of the way just as an anima mage let a ball of fire loose. (3)

He gave Matthew a withering glare, and quickly got rid of the mage.

He sighed, and thought, Aaah, this is stupid. This battle is already ours.


Towards the west side were the archer units. Wil and Rath were the only two archers left, as the rest were off on missions of sorts.

Rath fired expertly from his horse, and Wil aimed as accurately as he could from the ground. Wil missed a lot, just because he couldn't see very well. As an anima mage nearly hit Wil, Rath suddenly cracked. He pulled Wil up on the saddle, taking him by surprise.

"I can't go and get you killed," he explained, offering Wil a small, rare smile at his questioning glance.

Wil nodded, flushing slightly, and turned back to the battle.

Needless to say, his aim was much better after that.


Nino sighed, aiming another spell at an enemy mage.

Why don't they just give up?

She dodged another spell.

They'll never win at this pace.

She fired a spell at one of the few nearby swordsmen.

We are clearly winning.

She paused, glancing around for another enemy.

There's not even all that many of them…

She gasped as she felt hot breath on the back of her neck, and whirled around to see an enemy myrmidon about to slit her throat.

She stared into his leering, demonic eyes, her face filled to the brim with fear.

Then, suddenly, his eyes became blank, and he slumped over.

Jaffar was behind him, his dagger bloody, his face expressionless. (4)

Jaffar said quietly, "You need to be more careful… Nino."

With that, he spun around, and faced a new enemy.

Nino wasn't sure why she was breathless. She wasn't sure why her eyes lingered on him for what must have been a full minute after that incident. And she especially wasn't sure why she wished that she could hear his deep, entrancing voice again.


Karel, Lucius, Legault, and Raven were all assigned together to take on a group of shamans. It was going well, mainly because of Lucius. He picked them off, one by one, with his light magic. Karel finished off those who survived Lucius's attacks, and Raven and Legault were simply left to stand and wait for the fight to end.

Needless to say, things were going well.


Sain and Kent, however, weren't doing so well. Kent was heavily injured, but Sain was fully healed, after using a Vulnerary because he had practically fell unconscious from blood loss. So Sain desperately tried to protect Kent, standing in front of him to prevent the mage's attacks from reaching his partner. He tried desperately to keep the mages far back enough so that they couldn't even cast a long range attack, but Kent pushed him forward.

Sain gave him a startled look, and Kent groaned, with a strained smile, "Just get this thing over with…"

Kent grunted, as his partner dashed over to meet the enemy, "Elimine knows, it would be handy to know where Serra was at the moment…"


The Cleric in question was, in fact, at her station, but she was very tied up at the moment. Heath had been badly injured at the beginning of the battle, diving in front of Legault to prevent a Nosferatu spell from hitting him, and suffered a bad wound. He was nearly unconscious by the time Legault had dropped him off. Serra had assured him that Heath would be perfectly fine, just to quell his fears, and to keep him from fearing for his friend more than he should. After all, she thought, If he's distracted, how can he protect the beautiful me?


The battle seems to be going well enough, the tactician thought, as she continued barking orders out at her army. The enemy isn't very strong, and they don't have the advantage of strength in numbers, either, as the ratio is only about 2:1 here…

So, she was very confused as she heard a startled yell that seemed to be coming from Lyn and Florina's direction, and a shout from the other side of the field, from Wil.

Moving quickly to see what was happening, she dashed as fast as her legs could carry her, and was alarmed at what she saw.

A bright blue light enveloping the whole campsite.


Florina gasped. She couldn't believe her eyes.

Lyn had left the battlefield to pick up a new lance for her, as hers was almost broken. After Lyn ran off to the far side of the field, along with the Tactician, she suddenly noticed a presence underneath her. A chanting, black-cloaked presence.

She lunged at the Shaman. He was holding a Nosferatu spell book, and a Restore Staff. As the Shaman fell to the ground, the result of her Slim Lance, she watched, in slow motion, as the restore staff fell to the ground, and shattered.

A bright blue light spread from that point, slowly enveloping the whole camp.

Florina gasped, as the light touched her skin, and washed over her…

She blinked. Nothing had happened.

She shrugged. Oh well, let's just get this thing over with. She felt a surprising burst of confidence as she soared down to meet the enemy.


As the light washed over Wil, he gasped as he felt a tingly sensation in his head. He blinked as the light, and the strange sensation, cleared away. The soldiers and mages around him looked just as confused as he felt. Suddenly, one of the myrmidons on the opposing side shook his head as if to clear away a thought, and charged at Wil and Rath.

He fell short, though, as he fell to the ground, the result of Wil's arrow.

Rath's horse suddenly jumped as an enemy mage aimed a spell at them, and Wil was flung against Rath, who was seated in front of him. He threw his arms around Rath's waist to steady himself, and then he felt the sudden urge to to something rather inappropriate.

Slowly sliding his arms down Rath's waist, he moved his hands lower and lower, until…

Rath squealed, and squeaked, "W-Wil, W-What the h-heck was th-that?" (5)

Wil grinned, and then suddenly blinked, and thought, What the heck am I doing? I'm acting like Legault!

Wil shook his head slowly, and then it dawned on him: "You... You just squeaked! And stuttered!"

Rath turned red, and indignantly squeaked, "W-What the h-h-heck was I s-supposed to d-do!"

Wil giggled. "You're acting like Guy!" (6)

Of course, Wil didn't realize, most of the camp was undergoing a similar situation.


Serra dashed out of the tent at the edge of the battlefield, hearing a yell of "KENT!", and figured that someone was in need of her wonderful talents. It was then that she felt an odd sensation, and realized that a blue light was forming around her.

As the light passed, she felt the sudden urge to frown. So, she did. She huffed away, thinking, Whoever needs my talents can come and find me, if they need me so bad.


Sain stared, horrified, as a mage finally reached his red-haired friend.

The mage began to chant; a dark circle appeared above Kent, spelling out doom for the flame-haired cavalier.

"KENT!" Sain cried, rushing toward him.

Then, suddenly, a blue light enveloped the entire area.

The mage stopped their chant, and the dark circle slowly faded into nothingness.

Everyone in the clearing paused, enemies and allies alike. That was strange. Blue lights didn't just appear like that.

Suddenly, Sain realized that this was his chance to save his friend. He lunged at the Shaman, and quickly finished him off with one ferocious blow.

As Sain glared around the clearing, all of his other enemies fled. There were only 3 left, but there was still something to be said for that. Enemies nearly never flee.

Sain wiped his brow, and glanced over at Kent. He was doing something odd… he was… giggling?

"Kent, what are you ON?" he demanded, giving his friend a "what-the-heck-are-you-thinking" look. Kent just blinked up innocently at him, and then smiled. Sain sighed, thinking, hoping, that it was from blood loss. Otherwise, he would have a very odd situation on his hands.


Matthew blinked as the blue light cleared. That was odd; that certainly didn't happen every day. Oh well, he thought. Back to the situation at hand.

He quickly disposed of the last enemy in the clearing, and glanced over at Guy, who was finishing an enemy off using what Matthew clearly identified as a thief's attack. That was certainly odd, hethought, but was in no mood to question it further. After all, he had ignored an odd blue light; why not ignore something petty as this?

Sighing, Matthew walked over to Guy, who tossed him a roguish grin over his shoulder. Another oddity, he thought.

Guy slowed down to allow Matthew to catch up, and then grinned again. "Not a bad battle, eh?" he asked.

"Guy, what is wrong with you?" Matthew asked, exasperatedly.

Guy punched him, rather roughly, on his arm, and without thinking, Matthew shouted, "Guy, you lout!"

Then, he covered his mouth. Had he just said lout?

He was seriously starting to doubt his sanity when he spotted Kent, lying on the ground, giggling.

Now, he knew he was insane.


(1)For those of you who don't know, Huey is Florina's Pegasus.

(2)Do you get it? Do ya? Do ya? No, of course I'm not on crack. --shifty eyes--

(3)Heh… they seem to be doing that a lot. Dodging just in time… Oh well, it wouldn't be any fun if they died! --snicker--

(4)Hahaha, I couldn't resist! Jaffar, the knight in shining armor… oh, how sweet!

(5)Haha. Rath, you know what it was. --leer--

(6)You catching on?

Heh… I had a hard time figuring out how to switch their personalities without making it sound weird… and somehow… I didn't succeed. --;;

Ehm… The little Huey idea was just a random thing that I thought up. It was just such a funny mental picture, Matthew attempting to save Guy from Florina's crazed Pegasus. Don't ask me how I got the idea; it just came to me in small bits as I started writing. ;;