From here to Eternity

The Other place.

? Hours

I sigh as my wounded essence floats though the chaos of the other place.


What can I say? He had surprised me. I don't know what made him change his heart, but I was glad. I was alive, he was dead. Gone. Oblivion.

As always.

Humans die. We endure. It was the nature of things. For once, I admit, I was sad. In the last few seconds, I had seen Ptolemy in him.

But then, he was dead and gone too.

My thoughts drift again, soon they land on another topic.


Two thousand and forty seven years since Ptolemy died; and someone finally dusted off his apocrypha and continued his noble work. Out of desperation, as a last choice, probably; but it matters not. She followed him; dispelled my thought that it was all for nothing.

Thank you. What else is there to say?

My thoughts wander again. Another unwarranted thought drifts into my essence. I try to avoid for a couple of minutes. I sigh and secede. What the hell? He was dead.


How long did our tryst last? Four thousand years? We often clashed over the millennia. You sought a way to overthrow the magicians. In the end you became one.

Profound irony there. Perhaps in the end you finally saw it. Or maybe the spasm just shook you too much. I'll never know.

Please, Faquarl, at least now, forgive my debts.

I float about. The whole irrelevance of the whole thing hits me. The magicians will rise again, I will be summoned again. From here to eternity, they have just given me another form to weather the ages.

Perhaps in another two thousand forty seven years… we'll see. What's 2000 years in an eternity of pain?

Inspired by the fics Forgive our debts, Gratitude and Not in a million years. Hope it wasn't too rambling.