Olivia sat in her chair thinking back on the days events. This probably had been the worst day this week. First, their perp got them into a high speed chase, then in interrogation he attacked Munch and Elliot, threatened Casey, and his snotty lawyer got the judge to set his bail at only one hundred thousand dollars. Now this perp was out in the world again where he can harm another woman. During interrogation, he punched Elliot hard in the face and got Munch in the stomach. But their worries were with Casey. It was not the first time one of their ADA's was threatened. After what happened to Alex they were not taking it lightly. Elliot walked by and interrupted her thoughts. "Hey, how are you?" She asked as he sat down at his desk.

"I'm fine. Just some bruises." He looked at his watch and it was just about time for Casey to be heading home. They had told her that from now on she would be escorted home, especially now that he is out on bail. They grabbed their jackets and checked their guns before heading out.

"Elliot, I have a bad feeling about this guy. He can't be working alone." Olivia said as they got into the car. Elliot's thoughts drifted back to the interrogation.

"Tell us who you're working for!" Elliot said out loud. He was loosing his patience. He could also sense the frustration coming from Casey and Olivia who were on the other side of the glass.

"If I tell you, well then it would ruin the fun." He said with a laugh.

"This isn't a game. You have 3 woman who pointed you out as their rapist! You're a dead man." Munch said as he put his hands on the table.

He smirked and leaned back in his chair. "Now why would Velez want that?"

Casey put all of her file inside her brief before sitting down in her chair to take a deep breath. Today had been the longest day ever and she just wanted to go home and relax. He rested her elbows on her desk and put her head in her hands. She tried to fight back the headache that was coming. He thoughts drifted back onto the days events leading up to arraignment.

She stood outside the interrogation room watching with Olivia as Elliot and Munch questioned the perp. He was being a smartass during the whole questioning process surprisingly he didn't lawyer up. "There's something going on here."

"Why do you say that?" Cragen asked.

"A man who was pointed out by three woman as their rapist, doesn't lawyer up?" Casey said in a almost smartass tone. "He's not afraid."

"Sit down!" They looked up as Elliot yelled.

"Tell me, how is your new ADA? She had better play nice. You don't want her to end up like Alex, now do you?"

He mind drifted back to reality as she heard two knocks on her door. "Casey, its Liv and Elliot." She heard Olivia's voice from the other side of the door.

"Come in." Casey said as she straightens her self in the chair.

"Hey, you ready to go?" Elliot said as they stepped into her office.

"Yeah, let me grab my coat." She got up and grabbed her things and they headed out of her office. They waited for her to lock her door before heading out to the car. "You know, you guys don't have to do this."

"Casey, you're our friend and we want you to be safe." Olivia said as she put her arm on Casey's shoulder. They smiled at each other.

"Now isn't that cute." Elliot said trying to lighten up the mood.

"Shut up and get in."

The ride to Casey's apartment was quite she had fallen asleep in the back seat. "Elliot, can you carry her up stairs?" He nodded and went to open the back door to get her out of the car. She only moaned as he moved her.

"She much be exhausted." she said as Olivia held the door opened for him. They took the elevator to her apartment. They walked in and Olivia checked the apartment before Elliot laid her down on her bed.

As he took off her shoes, Olivia checked the closet, bathroom and under the bed. "All clear." She said as she walked to the doorway.

They walked back out into the living room and checked around one more time. Elliot went to the window and looked out side. "You think she'll be fine?"

"The coast is clear. But my bet is if he really wanted to go after one of us, he'd go to where it would hurt is most." Elliot said. He looked at Olivia who was yawning.

"Get some rest. You need it." Olivia threw a pillow at him and laughed. A few hours had past and they were fast asleep. Casey woke up and walked into the living room to find Elliot sleeping on the lazy boy and Olivia spread out on the sofa. She laughed and headed back to her room and grabbed a blanket for them. She stopped dead in her tracks when she heard a noise behind her.

"Casey," She heard a whisper and turned around to see Elliot standing there with his gun drawn. He put his fingers to his lips and motioned for her to be quiet. She nodded and sat stood flat against the wall. She saw Olivia who had her gun drawn heading towards her. Elliot pointed to the door, as the knob began to turn. Olivia stood next to Casey. The door opened and a can of some sort rolled in releasing smoke in the entire apartment. Olivia reached for her phone to call for back up when she heard shots being fired.

"Elliot?" She asked worried. She heard footsteps coming towards them and as the smoke died down she saw several men in black. She tried to fire at one of them but stopped when she felt something sharp hit the side of her neck. The last thing she remembered was the sight of Elliot on the floor before everything went black.