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Olivia walked into the church and smiled as she took in her surrounding. The door entrance of the church was decorated with over a few dozen yellow roses and white lilies. It was indeed a beautiful sight. The end of each row was decorated with a dozen white roses. God, this must have been expensive. Nevertheless, it is beautiful. Olivia thought to herself. The alter was decorated with a few dozen red rose and white lilies. Olivia was looking forward to this very day. She walked down the corridor and entered the room at the end of the hall. She stepped inside and shut the door behind her quietly. Casey was sitting on the chase looking out the window. Casey hair was flowing in curls down her back. Half of it was tied back with small flower pins. Her make up was natural. She was glowing.

"You look absolutely beautiful." Olivia said as she took a seat next to Casey.

"I have been waiting for this day for two years now." Casey said softly.

"I love Carrie Underwood." Alex said as she took a sip of her drink.

Olivia laughed. "I would just shoot the car."

Casey and Elliot laughed at Olivia's statement. Carrie Underwood had just performed one of her hits called "Before He Cheats".

Elliot stood up and grabbed Casey's arm. "Come on. Let's go dance."

Casey got up and followed Elliot to the dance floor. Leaving Alex and Olivia at the table. Both had smirks on their faces causing Casey to ponder what they had up their sleeve.

"Ladies and gentlemen, Taylor Swift!" The host announced over the mic.

"Wooo!" Casey yelled and clapped her hands. She was a big fan of Taylor Swift. The girl was a wonderful songwriter and musician.

Taylor stepped onto the stage with her acoustic electric guitar in hand. She had her usual summer dress and cowboy boots on. "Thank you." Taylor sat down in the stool and positioned her guitar on her lap. "We all believe in love stories and fairy tales. Happy birthday, Casey Novak. This song is for you."

Casey looked at Elliot with a smile. Elliot had to admit it was the biggest smile he had ever seen. He laughed and pulled her close to him. They danced slowly as Taylor began to play.

"I like this acoustic version of this song. It's nice." Casey said as she rested her head against Elliot's shoulder.

"We were both young when I first saw you

I close my eyes and the flashback starts

I'm standing there on a balcony in summer air

See the lights see the party the ball gowns

See you make your way through the crowd

And say hello

Little did I know"

Elliot took in the sent of her perfume. Channel Chance. God it smelled good on her. He looked over to his right and saw that Alex was now dancing next to them with a mysterious man and Olivia was to his left, dancing with Agent Porter. She was probably giving him a hard time for being late. Eliot laughed to himself quietly.

"That you were Romeo you were throwing pebbles

And my daddy said stay away from Juliet

And I was crying on the staircase

Begging you, please don't go

And I said"

Elliot looked down at Casey as he heard her begin to sing with the song. "I should start playing guitar."

Elliot laughed as he spun Casey around in a circle. "Yeah? I can teach you." He brought Casey back to him and wrapped his arms around her again.

"Romeo take me somewhere we can be alone

I'll be waiting all there's left to do is run

You'll be the prince and I'll be the princess

It's a love story baby just say yes.

So I'll sneak out to the garden to see you

We keep quiet cause we're dead if they knew

So close your eyes

Escape this town for a little while

Oh cause you were Romeo, I was a scarlet letter

And my daddy said stay away from Juliet

But you were everything to me

I was begging you please don't go

And I said"

Casey made eye contact with Alex and they both smiled at each other. She loved this moment. Being with her friends and the man she loves. Her world was complete.

"Romeo take me somewhere we can be alone

I'll be waiting all there's left to do is run

You'll be the prince and I'll be the princess

It's a love story baby just say yes

Romeo save me they're trying to tell me

How to feel

This love is difficult but it's real

Don't be afraid we'll make it out of this mess

It's a love story baby just say yes

I got tired of waiting

Wondering if you were ever coming around

My faith in you was fading

When I met you on the outskirts of town

And I said"

Elliot pulled away from Casey and took a deep breath. "I love you, Casey."

"I love you too, El." Casey said.

"Romeo save I've been feeling so alone

I keep waiting for you but you never come

Is this in my head I don't know what to think"

Casey tilled her head as Elliot lowered himself to the ground.

"He knelt to the ground and pulled out a ring and said"

Her eyes went wide as Elliot opened a small box revealing the most beautiful ring she had ever seen.

"Marry me Casey you'll never have to be alone

I love you and that's all I really know

I talked to your dad go pick out a white dress

It's a love story baby just say yes"

Casey screamed at the top of her lungs. "Yes!"

Elliot placed the ring on Casey's finger and lifter her up in the air. Everyone had formed a circle around them and were now clapping and cheering for them.

"Oh oh oh, oh oh oh

Cause we were both young when I first saw you"

Casey smiled as replayed that night in her mind. It was amazing. She looked down at the engagement ring that was now on her right hand. A beautiful 1.5 princess cut center diamond on 18k white gold ring. Alex must have helped Elliot pick out the ring. Casey turned to face Olivia and wrapped her arms around her friend. "I'm getting married today!"

"That you are."

Casey and Olivia both turned their attention to the door and greeted their friend with a smile.

"Alex, you shouldn't sneak up on the bride. You wouldn't want to give her a heart attack on the day of her wedding." Olivia joked as she gave Alex a hug.

Alex hugged Casey next. "You are indeed a beautiful bride. Let's get you dressed." Alex was already dressed in her bridesmaid gown. Casey's colors were white, silver, chocolate brown and baby blue. Alex was in a baby blue silk strapless dress. "Liv, you should change also."

Olivia looked down at her jogging pants. "Right."

Alex positioned Casey in front of the mirror. Casey had her dress hanging on the rack next to the mirror. Alex unzipped the bag revealing a beautiful strapless lace white gown. She help Casey put on the mermaid style dress. Alex laced up the back of the corset. "This dress is amazing." The dressed hugged Casey's upper body and flared out at her knees. Alex adjusted the train of the dress and straighten up to get a good look at Casey. She was just absolutely breath taking.

Casey looked at herself in the mirror. She had picked out this dress with Olivia's help. It had taken her about five hours a day for about ten days before she found the perfect dress. "How do I look?" Casey said as she turned around to see the smile on both Olivia's and Alex's face. Olivia had changed into her dress. It was also baby blue like Alex's but Olivia's was sided strap.

"You look beautiful. But you already know that."

Alex and Olivia looked around the room for the source of the voice. Casey's heart skip a beat. She hadn't heard that voice in over a year. She felt a cold breeze pass her carrying the scent she found so relaxing. A whirl of light formed in between all three of them and her best friend appeared before them. Alex and Olivia moved to stand next to Casey as they kept their eyes on Jade. Casey didn't think Alex could get any paler. "Jade."

"Did you think I was going to miss your big day?" Jade said as she stepped closer to Casey. She wasn't in a white suit this time. She was wearing a baby blue dress with a corset top and a mermaid style bottom. She pulled Casey into a hug to show her friend that was there.

Casey tightened the hug. "I haven't had a dream about you in two years."

Jade let go of Casey and adjusted Casey's curls. "Because you didn't need me anymore. You over came your fears and allowed your friends into your heart." Jade looked at Alex and Olivia. "I figured I had to help you convince your friends here that you weren't crazy. However, I feel that Olivia believes you, but Alex seems to be the skeptical one."

Alex cleared her throat. "At this moment, I would have to disagree."

Olivia stepped around Casey and took a hold of Alex's arm. "We're going to go check on the guest."

Casey nodded and watched them leave the room. She turned around and looked at herself in the mirror. She was nervous and excited. Today, she would become Mrs. Casey Stabler. She had her family and her best friends by her side, both alive and dead. She took a deep breath and ran her hands down her dress. "I wish I could capture this moment on camera."

Jade walked over to Casey's bag and pulled out Casey's personal camera. She walked back over to Casey and right arm around Casey's shoulder and held the camera out in front of them with her left. "What do they call this? A "myspace shot"?"

They both laughed. Casey placed her hands on Jade's arms and they both smiled for the picture. Jade handed Casey the camera and placed a kiss on her cheek. "Are you ready to be Mrs. Casey Stabler?"

Elliot stood up at the alter with Dickey at his side. They had just finished seating the rest of the guest. "You have the rings right?"

Dickey patted his father's back and smiled. "Yeah dad, I have the rings."

Elliot looked up to see Alex nodded at him. It was time. He took a deep breath and nodded to the violin player.

The guest all turned to the entrance of the church. Alex was the first to walk down the aisle. She held the bouquet of white roses in her hands. Her walk was graceful and elegant. She wicked at Elliot as she took her place at the alter. Olivia was next to follow. She had a smile on her face as she stood in front of Alex. The music changed and the guest all stood up. Elliot felt his heart racing. He looked at the door way and saw Casey step into the aisle escorted by her father in his army uniform. She had her bouquet of white roses and white lilies in her left hand while her right was on her father's arms. He couldn't help but smile at the sight before him. She the most beautiful woman in the world. Her long hair was flowing gracefully down her back. Her dress fit her beautifully fit body like a lace glove. They made eye contact and she smiled before mouthing a "hi". Elliot returned her smile and mouth, "you look beautiful" to her.

Casey and her father reached the alter. Mr. Novak placed a kiss on Casey's head before taking her hand in his. He handed Elliot Casey's hand and took his seat next to Casey's mother. The priest began the wedding ceremony. Casey and Elliot couldn't take their eyes off each other.

"Elliot, are you ready to read your vows?" The priest asked loudly.

"Casey, you are beautiful inside and out. Until this very day, my heart skips a beat when you walk into a room. Your kindness, your strength and faith in me has made me a better person. You complete my life, you complete my soul. I promise to protect you, to serve you, to love you for all eternity. In life and in death." Elliot placed the ring on Casey's ring finger. He felt a tear fall down his cheek. "With this ring, I thee wed."

"Elliot, I never knew what true love was until I met you. You showed me that it's okay to be weak. You made me feel safe, no matter what the situation was. You taught me to love myself. You're smile melts my heart. When I wake up next to you every morning, I know that my life is complete. I promise to stand by you, to protect you, and to love you for all eternity. In life and in death, I will be with you always," Casey placed the ring on Elliot's ring finger. "With this ring, I thee wed."

"Ladies and gentlemen, allow me the honor to introduce, Mr. Elliot Stabler and Mrs. Casey Stabler." The guests cheered and applaud. "You may now kiss the bride."

Elliot pulled Casey into his arms. "I love you, Mrs. Stabler."

Casey smiled. "I love you, Mr. Stabler."

Elliot leaned Casey over to his side. He leaned over her and kissed her passionately. Today was the begging of their lives together. Forever and Always.

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