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Chapter One: Not as Expected

The rain . . . It gave the entire world a magical quality, few people could truly say they admired this rain. The cold and the damp that made that time spent inside more precious and bearable while adding a sense of surrealism to the world. It was this tapestry of cloud dimmed sunlight reflected off water on an early afternoon that Shinji Ikari age seven found himself facing two men on his way home from school.

Shinji's Sensei had always told him never to speak to strangers, and these two were most definitely strange. Both were tall by even an average adults standards, clad in black, black cloaks over black suits with black sunglasses. Both held umbrella's, black as well, in one hand, the other invisible within their cloaks.

"Ikari Shinji?" One of the men asked.

Shinji didn't answer his eyes wide, he backed away slowly. "We are looking for an Ikari Shinji, are you he?" The second man asked leaning forward slightly. Shinji nodded nervously, fright compelling him.

The first man smiled evilly. "That's good." In an eye blink he was upon the boy and in a single swift move knocked the young child unconscious. Agent Rico sighed in relief as the kid slumped in his arms. The other man, agent Tanaka shrugged as he came up to the boy and checked him over again. He flipped open a Cell phone and hit a number on speed dial.

"HQ, we've found the candidate, inform the Colonel it was exactly as he predicted." He snapped the phone shut glancing at his partner, he gestured back towards a waiting car. "Lets go."


Hello Shinji . . .

Welcome to MESSIAH . . .

He's bonded with you Shinji, you and the Mark Strife share a common bond now . . .

This is Yumi, the second Candidate, I'm sure you'll be the best of friends . . .

She's different from other girls she's . . .

Don't ever forget my Young Dodo bird your still learning to fly don't feel bad about set backs . . .

The Mark Strife trusts you and thats enough for me . . .

We're defenders of Justice Shinji-Sama! . . .


Shinji Ikari age Fourteen sighed slightly as he placed the phone back on the receiver. "Should I have come?" He asked himself, trying to ignore the evacuation warnings in the background, they weren't much use as they didn't tell where to evacuate to. He heard a breaking sound followed by a slight toneless whistling behind him and turned to see Yumi age fourteen (theoretically), slowly stepping away from a ruined parking meter that had accidentally gotten in the way of one of her tirades about Justice and defending humanity.

"Yumi . . . How many times have you done this, he asked shaking his head as he looked at the wreckage of the parking meter.

"Uuuuhhmmmm, three hundred and seven times. . . Not counting chain reactions." She said after a long thoughtful pause hands in a thinking posture. "OOOOooooohhhh I'm sorry Shinji-Sama!"

"Its . . . Alright, Yu I know you wouldn't do it intentionally." He said smiling. "Though I'm glad nobody was around to see tha . . ."

He stopped as something caught his eye. Not far from where he stood a girl sat at the center of a crosswalk, a very odd girl. Even from here he could tell her hair and eyes were colors that would have been natural if their places had been inverted. Crimson eyes and azure hair definitely would stand out. She stared at him distantly . . . Sadly.

"What'cha looking at Shinji Sama?" Yumi asked turning curiously off of her apologies to see Shinji starring into the distance.

Shinji blinked, and the girl disappeared. "N-nothing." He replied glancing back to Yumi who had come to stand by his side. She was two or three inches taller then him, and still a bit of a beanpole despite her figure beginning to fill out.

She too was odd when he thought about it, someone looking at her would immediately note the four pointed starbursts of herretinas set in her blue/gray eyes, and the bubblegum pink hair almost immediately after. Regardless, she was his fellow pilot and his companion, what's more she was his friend and thoughts of her unusual traits barely ever crossed his mind.

She blinked a few times curiously, before frowning, where was that shrieking . . . "GET DOWN." Shinji shouted, knocking himself and Yumi down flat on the ground as an attack chopper slammed into a building nearby.

A massive foot came down flat on the hapless craft, completing its destruction in wave front of heat and shrapnel. "WHAT THE HELL!" Shinji gasped out as Yumi buried her head deep in his chest in surprise driven fright.

There was a sharp screeching sound of tire against pavement and Shinji looked up, to see that his ride had seemingly finally arrived, a door opened revealing a mauve haired woman wearing a pair of dark tinted wraparound sunglasses. "Misato I presume?" Shinji asked dryly as he pulled Yumi up off the ground.

"You presume correctly, get in." Misato frowned as the kid tossed a small bag in. One, she had never been informed that she was picking up two children, two, he seemed entirely too calm despite the obvious wide eyed shock at what he had just seen. She hit the gas as soon as the door closed.

Shinji glanced back out the back window. "Care to explain what's with the Godzilla knockoff?"

"That is an Angel." Misato explained glancing at Shinji's dumbfounded look. "Hey I don't name them." She defended as she weaved her Alpine through a cloud of falling debris.

"Didn't say a thing." Shinji replied glancing back at Yumi, the girl was thoroughly fascinated, but then again she was like that with most things.

"That reminds me, I was only sent to pick you up who's she?" Misato asked, cocking her head back to the girl in the backseat.

"This is Yumi Toyama." Shinji replied for his hopelessly engrossed comrade. "She's a friend of mine who accompanied me here. I apologize but we weren't expecting this kind of trouble."

"No I understand completely, Misato interjected. Though it's going to make things a little complicated when we get to headquarters." Misato sighed, 'This girl should have been in the shelters, no time to stop now . . .'

"So, you have any clue why my father called for me? I kind of was expecting something more then his secretary if he was going to drag me out here." Shinji asked as they continued to drive, things became considerably more peaceful as they moved away from the monsters immediate vicinity, especially with the city virtually abandoned.

That was until now, Misato's eye twitched slightly as she sent the car careening left and right down the street. "I am . . . A Captain of the . . . UN . . . Not somebody's . . . Secretary." She gritted out with each violent turn of the wheel sending her unlucky passengers bouncing around like beans in a can.

"I . . . I'll take your word for it." Shinji said weekly.

"Ow, ow, ow, ow, ow." Yumi mumbled as she rubbed at her forehead.

"Serves you for not putting your seatbelt on." Shinji commented to the bubblegum haired girl.

Misato stopped the car suddenly sending her passengers into another series of bounces as she pulled out a pair of binoculars and leaned out the driver's side window.

"Oh no, they wouldn't!"

She saw the VTOL's pulling out and knew exactly what was coming next. "N2 MINE!". She launched herself onto Shinji, knocking the poor kid back into the side door moments before a sizeable portion of land around the distant Angel went up in a massive fireball. The shockwave from the laser triggered clean fusion reaction reached even out to the Captains distant Alpine, flipping it like an empty Soda can.

"Ow, ow, ow, ow, ow." Yumi muttered again as she poked her head between the seats. "That was an N2 mine wasn't it." Eyes wide.

"Yeah." Misato replied as she pushed herself off Shinji.

Both females struggled out of the car first, not paying any mind to a poor squished Shinji as he struggled out behind Misato. A considerable feat considering the state of the car sitting on its side.

Misato screamed in near pain as she saw her car. "Nooooooooooooooo! And I still have a whole mess of payments left on it!"

"Hmmmm, too bad." Shinji remarked dryly as he kicked one of the wheels absently. "Hay Yu, mind helping us get this back on its . . . Wheels . . ." Shinji was staring back over his Shoulder toward Yumi who was currently busy staring across the lake at the ruined chunk of land where the N2 mine had been detonated.

A dark shape stood, visible even through the heat wave. 'What kind of monster is that!' Shinji wondered 'Even a Mark Unit wouldn't have shrugged off a direct hit . . .'

"Look like the UN couldn't handle it." Misato muttered as she turned back to her car. "Hey Shinji, Yumi, help me flip the car." Both youths nodded as they came back to help.

"On three, one two . . . Three?" Misato blinked as the car flipped back over from a solid push from Yumi. "It must have been very precariously balanced." The girl laughed cheerfully, fortunately Misato didn't notice how her sneakers were dug close to two inches into the ground.

He sighed. 'Got to talk to her about that.' Yumi wasn't one to be wasteful with her strength, so he usually didn't need to remind her that humans couldn't run at sixty miles an hour or bench half a ton. Still, her mind tended to get side tracked . . . She wasn't so much a ditz as just very sincere and pure in her belief that one should always do their best, and if that meant using her maximum potential so be it.

Misato tried the ignition, and get nothing. "Great . . ." She shook her head, "Hey Shinji I'm going to pop the hood ok."


Well, Shinji had seen worse messes, the battery was a wreck having come lose of its housing. It had been crushed as the car flipped on its side, and it looked like most of the associated equipment was a wreck.

Fortunately they were quite close to a garage, Shinji didn't like where this was going.


Gendo Ikari stood upon the upper tier bridge of Central Dogma studying the Angel on the main screen.

"As we suspected, its regenerating itself." Sub Commander Fuyutsuki commented.

"Without that ability it could not operate without support units." Gendo replied.

The feed from the aircraft disappeared in a flash of light and was replaced in an instant with a ground based camera, the aircraft that had been feeding video to the geo front could be seen as a dissipating fireball in the sky.

"Well quite impressive, it can upgrade its operational parameters." Fuyutsuki noted.

"And its also getting smarter." Gendo added, noting how the Angel had not allowed any of the other aircraft to approach. It wasn't going to let them drop another N2 mine. Even IT hadn't been fully immune to having one dropped on its head.

"It should renew its attack any minute now. . ."

Gendo nodded in agreement.


"Yes. Don't worry. His safety is my top priority. Look, can you get a car train for us, an express of course. Well I did volunteer to pick him up, so it's only my duty to make sure he gets there. See-ya." Misato snapped her phone shut as she sighed.

"This stinks! I just had this car repaired and it's a total wreck already... 33 more payments to go... Plus the cost of repairs…!

And look, my favourite dress is ruined... Ruined…"

"Miss Misato?" Shinji tried to get the woman's attention.

"And I looked so good in it…"

"Excuse me, Misato...?" He tried again.

"Ah, what's that?" Misato finally asked.

"Those batteries . . . isn't that, theft?" Misato blinked and noted the batteries sitting in a pile crammed in next to Yumi in the back seat.

"Ah, don't worry about it. Ah, it's an emergency and we needed a working car right. Ah, I am a government official after all, so everything's going to be perfectly fine, OK! Ok." Misato replied quickly, trying to justify her rather reckless destruction of several vehicles, just to get the batteries, and not just the alleged theft of said power supply.

"Did we really need all of them though?" Yumi asked innocently from the back seat.

"Yeah I don't think anyone's going to buy that excuse." Shinji chimed in.

"Your no fun, you know your not as cute as I thought you were." Misato teased just to get on the boys nerves.

"Is that so . . ." Shinji smiled as he relaxed in his seat. " . . . Well your not as mature as I expected . . . Hey, hey watch out!" Shinji shouted as Misato drove the car roughly for Shinji's comment.

They came riding into what looked like an underground garage, at least until their parking spot began moving. "Car elevator." Shinji noted, 'This place must be pretty big to justify one of these.'

"So this is where my father works?" Shinji asked, trying to strike up conversation.

"Uhuh, NERV, it's a secret organization controlled by the UN." Misato replied as they continued to descend. Yumi sat fascinated in the back seat. She'd never left MESSIAH's Japan branch or the city of Kyoto until just today so it was no surprise . . . At least to Shinji that she was so fascinated by everything around her.

"Don't you know what your father does?" Misato asked curiously. Shinji shook his head.

"Sorry, all I was told is that what he does is important to the future of humanity, I suppose . . . I should be proud of him." Shinji commented distantly. He shook his head of that thought, his father had given up on him. Too bad, he didn't have to give that man a second chance.

"I almost forgot, did your Dad send you an ID card?" Misato asked, the least she could do was make certain to follow protocol considering she had managed to screw up security by bringing the girl along.

"Yeah, here, this is it." He pulled a mass of papers from his bag and handed them to Misato.

"Oh, Thanks." She looked them over before handing Shinji a small, thick manual. "Here, read this." It read Top Secret: Welcome to NERV across its front page. 'Yeah, the top secret in big bold, blood red letters is really welcoming.' Shinji thought dryly.

"So I'll be working for my father? . . . Of course, the bastard wouldn't call for me unless he needed me for something." The bitterness in those words surprised Misato.

"You don't get along with your dad . . . You sound just like me." Misato whispered softly. Shinji looked for some way to change the topic when he got his first glimpse of the GeoFront.

"Waaaaaaahhhhhhhh, Its so big!" Yumi shouted as she pressed her face against the glass of the back window.

Shinji smiled at his companion wonder. "A real GeoFront, sure is impressive", he remarked simply.

"Yeah, this is our secret underground base, NERV central, it's the key to rebuilding our world, a fortress for all mankind."

'Deep stuff', Shinji thought.


Commander Gendo Ikari stood before the UN military committee as the three officer finally came to a decision.

"Command of this operation is being entrusted to you. Don't betray our trust." The Commander in Chief of the UN forces stated coldly.

"Yes, Sir." Was Ikari's only reply, staying calm and to the point was a matter of course for him.

"Mr. Ikari, we've already seen that our weapons seem to have no affect on these things. That's why we're giving you a chance." One of the other UN officers chimed in, his tone of voice making it quite clear that what he meant to say was, "That's 'the only reason' why we're giving you a chance."

"Are you sure that you can beat them?" The Commander in Chief asked.

"That is why Nerv exists."

"I pray your right."

The UN command staff disappeared back down into the GeoFronts lower levels on one of the bridge elevators.

"The target is still stationary. Estimated ability to intercept is only 7.5", one of the bridge officers reported.

"The UN forces are exhausted, what are we going to do." Fuyutsuki asked.

Gendo didn't say anything for several long moments. "Activate Unit-01."


"Uhm, we've been past here before." Shinji Commented, "Are you sure we're not lost."

"Of course not!" Misato replied, "I'm just still getting used to this place." The past through another set of doors and were met with a mild updraft. "Eh, its because of these things I hate to weir a skirt around here." Misato commented pressing the offending piece of clothing down before it got out of hand.

"Shinji is right, inertial co-ordinates show that we have already past this point twice." Yumi chimed in.

"Mmmm? Well, don't worry, these transit things were made to be used after all."

Shinji and Yumi sighed, "She's very persistent." Shinji muttered.

"Uhuh", Yumi nodded in agreement.

The Captain finally decided to try traveling vertically rather then diagonally and ushered her two unlikely companions into an elevator.

It didn't take long for the doors to open on yet another scene of mild embarrassment to Misato.

"Ah hi there Ritsuko . . ." Misato gave a small embarrassed grin to her friend, currently clad in a one piece bathing suit and a lab coat.

"Why are you wasting my time Captain, don't you know we're short on time and manpower?" Ritsuko berated.

"So . . . Is this the boy?" She asked glancing at Shinji.

"Right according to the Marduk report he's the Third Child."

"Hmmm, pleased to meat you . . . And who's this?" Ritsuko asked glancing at the girl behind Shinji. 'What's wrong with her eyes?' Ritsuko thought as she noted the starburst pattern of the girls irises.

"I'm Yumi Toyama." The girl chimed, "I came here to accompany my comrade Shinji." She announced sounding a little proud of herself for getting to come along.

Ritsuko shook her head. "Misato, I shouldn't have to remind you about security procedure why isn't this girl in a shelter!"

"Well erm, she was with Shinji when I picked him up and I couldn't just leaver her, umm, yeah."

Ritsuko sighed in exacerbation as they got off the elevator and took yet another route, this time traveling on a heavy lift elevator heading down even further. Yumi leaned against the rails commenting how awesome his all was. Shinji just shrugged, listening in on the conversation between the two adults. Something about a Unit-01. Whatever, it wasn't his problem.

Their little elevator trip was followed by a short boat ride, why there was a lake underground was beyond Shinji but he hadn't built the place and there was no accounting for style.

"Hey why's it so dark?" Yumi shouted as they walked into a pitch black room.

The lights came on, and revealed something out of a nightmare, a purple grinning deaths head shaped out of armor wicked horn extending above and sealed jaws below.

The response she got actually surprised Ritsuko, Yumi goggled at the massive construct in sheer fascination. But Shinji seemed unfazed. "So . . . Does it come with a drink mixer?" He finally asked.

"I suppose this is my fathers work." He added as he thumbed through the NERV manual.

"You won't find it in there." Ritsuko said. "This is Humanities ultimate weapon, constructed here in secret as weapon to use against the Angels. Evangelion, Unit-01." She said with a slight hint of pride for the work of NERV and its progenitor Gehrin organization.

"Heh, figures, didn't doubt the old fart was color blind. I mean who paints a giant robot that shade ofpurple!" Shinji noticed, but didn't particularly give a damn that his father stood at an observation level far above him.

"It's been awhile, Shinji." Gendo stated coldly.

"Gendo . . . I thought you were dead! And I paid that Chap good money too." Shinji huffed and stared right back at his father, he smirked slightly. "It appears we have the same tastes." He remarked noting his own silver trimmed black jacket, before glancing back up at the older mans almost identical article of clothing with gold trim.

Gendo looked over at Ritsuko ignoring his sons comments, "We're moving out."

"Moving out! But Unit Zero's still in cryo-stasis... Wait a minute your gonna' use Unit One?" Misato sounded shocked.

"There's no other way." Ritsuko replied.

"Now wait! Rei can't do it yet, can she? We don't have a pilot!" Misato argued.

"We just received one." The Commander stated.

Misato's eyes widened. "Your serious?"

Ritsuko turned to Shinji, "Shinji Ikari, you will pilot it."

"I'd rather not." Shinji remarked. There was a long silence.

"Shinji you HAVE to do it, there is nobody else who can." Ritsuko urged.

"Shinji if you don't do it we're all dead, everyone will die." Misato chimed in.

"Meh, Good rittanse and good luck to the next race I'm sure the dolphins will do a fine job with the world."

Yumi stood behind Shinji watching, she couldn't believe this, Shinji had never seemed so cold before as he refused again.

"Shinji you will pilot it and defeat the Angel, or the human race will die here." Gendo stated with cold finality, it was an order. And one that had no affect what so ever on Shinji's attitude.

Shinji looked up at the man and shrugged. "Well then, I suggest you make peace with your dear and fluffy Lord, Gendo, maybe he'll call his little messenger off"

"If you will not pilot it then I have no use for you, leave now." Gendo ordered coldly, Shinji just shrugged.

Gendo was more then a little irritated, Shinji was supposed to be an emotional cripple, not some little arrogant punk! He radioed Fuyutsuki on the GeoFronts closed line network. "Fuyutsuki?"

"Sir?" The Sub Commander asked.

"Wake Rei."

"Can we use her?" Fuyutsuki asked surprised, Rei was in a bad way right now.

"She's not dead yet." Was all Gendo said.


"Yes." The voice was weak and distant.

"Our spare is unusable, you will pilot it again."

The voice gathered a little strength. "Yes Sir."

"Reconfigure Unit-01 for Rei and then activate." Ritsuko shouted as she began directing the work to prepare Unit-01 for its pilot. Shinji ignored them all standing out of the way and looking coldly at his father.

Yumi glanced back and fourth in shock before running to Shinji side. "Shinji Sama, w-why are you doing this, we're protectors of the earth and justice Shinji Sama!" Yumi begged pulling on Shinji's arm. "You heard what your fathe. . ." She was surprised by how sharply Shinji pulled his arm from her grip.

"You don't understand Yu, that bastard only wants to use me. Not only that he was arrogant enough to only call for me when he was desperate. The old fart needs to learn that people aren't his tools."

"But, but even so! Shinji Sama what about the monster!" She whispered, "What if it . . ."

Shinji lowered is head eyes closed, "If these people can't stop it . . . Then . . . I'll summon the Mark Strife and handle it myself."

They both looked up as a group of nurses wheeled a hospital bed in. 'Oh god.' Shinji thought darkly as he saw the girl laying on the bed. She couldn't have been holding on by more then a thread, if she piloted she'd be dead within seconds.

Before he knew what he was doing he was on the move, boot heels clicking smartly against the floor. He forced the medics out of the way, one of the burlier ones, probably used as an enforcer to keep panicking patients at bay tried to block his path, and received a shocking surprise as Shinji withdrew a stun baton from his jacket.

Shinji looked at the Medics now standing in a wide circle in disgust, "You call yourselves Nurses and Doctors when you would treat a patient like this, you sicken me!" He roared.

"Leave now." Gendo ordered from his vantage point far above. His useless son first refused to pilot and then tried to stop him from using Rei.

"Shinji Sama is right!" Another voice shouted up, catching the Commanders attention. Gendo had dismissed the girl for the time being, she was a security breach but not a significant one for the moment, and one that Section Two could clean up later.

"You people are supposed to be protectors of the Earth and Justice, yet you would send an injured girl to fight your battles, how dishonorable!"

" . . . I'll" Shinji began before being cut off.

"And then you expect Shinji Sama to go out there with no previous training in the operation of Unit-01, unforgivable . . ."

"I'll do it!" Shinji shouted out above his companion. "I'll clean up your god damn mess Gendo." Shinji shouted at his father before popping his knuckles.

Gendo smirked, "Very well, configure the Unit for Shinji." Gendo ordered. He didn't notice that his son had never said he would pilot EVA. Shinji looked down at Rei who lay eyes shut tight trying to hold the pain at bay. He smiled weakly even if she couldn't see. "I'm doing this for you, I wont run away, because it is my choice to protect you." He whispered gently before closing his eyes tight.

'Mark Strife . . . Lets go.'

At that instant the Angel Attacked the first of the emplacement directly above the GeoFront. The entire facility shook, the girl, Rei slipped from her bed almost falling to the floor before Shinji caught her and held her close to his chest.

"Shinji Sama!" Looking up Shinji saw the debris falling toward him, he tried to move, but with the girl, light as she was, she still slowed him down. He wrapped himself low to shield her. The debris never fell.

Everyone stared shocked at the arm held protectively over the two children. Ritsuko blinked a few times as she worked out the impossible geometry of the image. Unit-01 still stood completely inactive in its cage. The massive arm that had shielded the two children seemed to extend literally from the wall. "What the!"

Another arm stretched forward seemingly emerging from nowhere, technicians, and medical personnel ran to get out of the way as whatever was emerging came fully through. It fell into the coolant sending a knee high wave across the walkways. Shinji ignored it as he cradled the girl, looking up to his bonded Mark Unit.

Its bone white armor, and black on black underlay, smooth organic lines, wickedly spiked head, and massive lidless, perfectly smooth, solid, blue eyes set one on each side of its head. The first of MESSIAH's Production Mark Units, the Mark Strife.

Even Gendo blanched at the sight. This was utterly impossible. Shinji turned to Yumi, handing Rei off to the girl "Take Care of her" Yumi nodded determinedly. "MARK STRIFE" He shouted up at the machine, it lowered one of its massive arms down to Shinji accepting its bond mate into its hand before lifting him back up. High into the air. Shinji turned to face his father as the Mark strife opened it cockpit assembly, massive layers of armor sliding away to reveal the Diver Pod.

"Understand this Gendo, I don't do this for you, don't ever, EVER, expect anything from me you bastard." With that Shinji stepped off of the Mark Strife's broad hand and onto the lip of the pod.

The entire assembly slipped back into the machines upper chest before being sealed away safely by layers of armor.

The solid blue orbs of the machines eyes flashed to life, its crested head raising to its full height. One huge arm came up and gripped tightly on the upper level of the cage. Fortunately the EVA cages had been designed to contain a berserk EVA if only for a limited time. It allowed Shinji and his Unit the purchase they needed to climb from the still submerged cage up onto the transit line.

Misato was the first to react. "Hey you, Yumi what's going on!" She asked the girl holding Rei. None of the medics had come close after Shinji had handed the girl to her.

Yumi smiled, herpale blue eyesfilled with pride, "Shinji Sama is going to do his job as a member of MESSIAH, as a defender of Justice and mankind." She said simply, She turned to see the Mark Strife still making its way up sharp incline of the EVA lift.

"I have faith in him, and the Mark Strife, they won't let us down."

Misato nodded weakly as the machine continued. "Crap, how's that thing going to reach the surface it won't mate with an EVA lift!"

"I imagine Shinji Sama will use the main vernier jump jets." Yumi replied handing Rei off to a medic.

"Main . . . Vernier . . . Jump jets?" Misato asked., "Damn it!" Misato ran to one of the closed circuit coms and called the bridge. "Listen Hyuga get all the number 3 lift shaft gatesopen NOW! Don't ask just do!"

She sighed slowly, today was far too stressful. Though Ristuko was looking much worse off as she patted a few stray hairs down. "Perhaps . . . We should head to the bridge." She said quietly. Receiving a nod from Misato, Yumi stayed with Rei as much as she wanted to see Shinji fight, she had been told to watch the girl. 'This is the first time an production unit has seen actual combat . . . Please, don't either of you die on us Shinji Sama, Mark Strife . . .'


The Angel Sachiel had expected a final line of defense, it did not expect what had emerged from a shaft two blocks from its position. A massive bone white construct had flown up into view a wash of fire surrounding, and covering its surface for a moment as it settled down before the now superheated shaft it had used to reached the surface.

It was nearly as large as Sachiel, almost as broad, and quite nearly as tall. Still the Angel was confident that this Lilum construct would be of no great concern. They had used their mightiest weapons and still failed to penetrate its AT field, there was no way this thing would . . .

It was true, the punch didn't penetrate the AT field, but all that energy had to go somewhere and even the barrier of the soul was not immune to Newtonian physics. The Angel went bouncing like a ping pong ball down the street as Shinji sat tight in the spherical Diver Pod buried deep within the Mark Strife, there were no complex controls here. Only a pair of butterfly control stick and an omni purpose keyboard that sat before him.

Most control was handled through the machines direct link with Shinij's nervous system through the neuro receptors in the seat.

He drove one fist down hard against the field as he landed heavily on the Angel. He gritted his teeth in feed back pain. He could sense the field weakening through the Strife's all knowing sensor suit which served as a sixth sense through his link. "Die you goddamn bastard!" Shinji shouted angrily as he drove his fist down again and again.

Sachiel was startled and surprised, this was totally unexpected. Not only was this Lilum construct restraining it, it was weakening the AT field with brute force, its unrelenting physical attack slowly degrading the phase space that the brief sharp impacts of ranged projectiles could never hope to breach.

With one final strike the field gave, and Shinji reached down, grabbing Sachiel by its newly formed face, it yanked the monster up, and then kicked . . . Hard . . . Sachiel's bony mask was left dangling in the Strife's hand trailing muscle and tissue as the body went flying, colliding dead on with a nearly evicted apartment building.

'That district looks nearly abandoned, if I fight it there few homes and businesses will be damaged.' Shinji reasoned before charging after the now faceless Angel. Sachiel was in quite a lot of pain, now made worse as Shinji withdrew a combat knife the length of his machines Forearm from its back. Sachiel groped blindly for the monster that was killing it, and received a fresh lance of pain as its left arm was opened clean from wrist to shoulder spraying a mass of blood and the hydraulic fluid its muscles used, everywhere.

The monster gave it no remorse, knocking it to the ground, it pinned Sachiel's other shoulder before ripping the arm out of its socket. Sachiel was totally defenseless now as it felt the agonizing pain, of something smashing into its core, again and again, cracking the outer shell until finally . . . It all . . . Mercifully . . . Blissfully . . . Ended . . .


The bridge crew stared in aw at the massive war machine that stood, armor covered in blood over the thoroughly ruined body of the 3rd Angel. "Its impossible . . ." Ritsuko whispered. "Even without an AT field it was able to degrade the phase space.

"What is that monstrosity." Fuyutsuki asked as he sat back in his chair. Gendo Ikari, looked at him coldly. "It is a threat to the scenario." He replied simply. "We will need to inform the Council." Gendo Ikari stood quietly and walked off the bridge. How could this have happened, all variables had been accounted for, how, how! His mind kept working, gears shifting. Gendo Ikari refused to accept that what had happened went against the Scenario. 'It was unforeseen, very well, we will simply make it work to our own ends.' He decided, smirking slightly. At least, it would leave the old men quite displeased.


"Do you thinkwe've done right with those two?" A black haired woman asked her companion. A tall silver haired man wearing a dark black uniform with MESSIAH in silver above the right breast and a Colonels marks on his collar.

"I think we have." He replied. "The Mark Strife translated from its hangar to Pilot Ikari's position without even a command from us. I think that proves beyond a doubtthat it has bonded."

"But so much power in a normal persons hands . . ."

"He is far from normal, and Yumi is there with him she is a force to be reckoned with even without the Mark Ziel."

"True . . . Still you allowed them both to go. "


"And you think this is right?"

"Yes . . . Yes I do."

"You would leave us defenseless."

"No I would not, we still have the Doll system for the Mark Shrek and Mark Sig. And we still have the Mark Fear."

"Your not as young as you used to be Colonel, both of you are old warriors, you can't keep up if SEELE decided to attack."

"We still have some time before they complete the Mass Production EVA's."

"Even so . . . We're even further from completing our MP units and I can't expect the Slave Corp. to Stop EVA's or Angels."

"True . . . Good or bad judgment its up to them now. I hope Shinji can find happiness, I know his mother would want it that way."

" . . . "


"You . . . Still lover her . . . don't you."

" . . . Of course."


So ends Chapter One, now for some fun technical details.

NERV Mecha

Evangelion Unite 01

Height: 42.1 Meters

Weight: 750 tons.

Power: External, Geo Front Thermal Generators

Weapons: Progressive Knife, Ax, Pallet Rifle, Positron Rifle, Rocket Launcher, N2 mines.

Special Equipment AT field.

Evangelion Unit 00

Height: 40.2 Meters.

Weight: 720 tons.

Power: External, Geo Front Thermal Generators.

Weapons: Progressive Knife, Ax, Pallet Rifle, Positron Rifle, Rocket Launcher, N2 Mines

Special Equipment AT field.


Mark Strife: 1st Generation Production Unit.

Height 45.1 Meters.

Weight: 2500 tons.

Power: Internal, Cold Fusion Reactor, Grid link reverse engineered from Mark Fear.

Internal Weapons: Rapid fire 255mm Chain guns, 50cm Rocket pods, arm mounted combat knives, head mounted pile driver.

External weapons: MESSIAH heavy Assault Rifle, MESSIAH2000 Caliber "20 inch"Revolver Cannon, MESSIAH2500 Caliber "25 inch"Hybrid Sniper Rifle, Messiah High Energy Particle Cannon, Vibration Knife.

Special Equipment: Core AI, EM Affectors (Shamelessly stolen and dumbed down from Ian M. Banks' Culture series.)

Series One, all purpose Synthetic Organism.

Height: 162 Centimeters

Weight: 50 Kilograms

Power: Internal artificial metabolism, external transmissionpower link to Mark Ziel.

Internal Weapons: EM affector, Rider Beam

External Weapons: All man pack weapons.

Special Equipment: Doll interface system.