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Chapter 1

Hi. I'm Mogu, and I'm a red Mog. You may not have heard of me, so I'll explain. I'm Mog and Moga's brother, so I have experience with them. I don't live too far from them, even though I live in a separate house.

Anyway, one day I heard of this SBAM League from Moga. She said she's found many friends there. She also said that all the members play something called Bust-a-Move. Since both of my siblings are in this league, I decided to join, even though I have no idea how to play this game.

From their advice, I drove to their house and knocked on the door. It opened to reveal a blue Bobblesaur that I've only heard of from my sisters' accounts. That Bobblesaur was quite enthusiastic, as he bounced around when he greeted me.

"Hi, welcome!" he greeted. "Are you just visiting, or are you thinking of joining?"

I cleared my throat and responded. "Actually, I'd like to join this league of yours."

"Good!" the blue Bobblesaur cheerfully replied. "I'll get out the records. What's your name?"

"Mogu," I responded, and he wrote it down. Then I asked, "What's yours?"

"Bobblun," he answered. "Oh, and do you have experience with playing Bust-a-Move?"

"No," I answered. "I don't even know how to play it. Can you please show me?"

"Of course!" Bobblun replied. "I'll show you, and I'll pit you against Yam for a trial run. You'll be going through everyone for exhibition rounds afterward."

He led me to a weird machine with a winch and a pointer. I wasn't too sure what any of the gizmos on it were for.

"This pointer aims your bubble, which will be here." The Bobblesaur pointed to the base of the pointer. "You turn the pointer with this winch. Clockwise is right. Anticlockwise goes the other way. Want to try?"

I put my right hand on the winch and turned it clockwise. The pointer also went to the right.

"The bubbles come from here," Bobblun said as he stood to the right part of the machine. "Bubblun or I might be blowing them, or we might be using a bubble machine. Anyway, you can see what bubbles you'll be getting one bubble in advance."

"What's the point of this game?" I asked.

"Oh, yes! You shoot the bubbles at each other, and they settle at the top. If three or more bubbles of the same colour come together, they'll all pop. If there's any bubbles below them, they might fall, too. You shoot the bubbles by pulling this switch." He pointed to a little lever near the winch.

"Okay," I replied. "How many bubbles do you shoot at one time?"

"One," the Bobblesaur responded. "I thought it was obvious."

"Oh. What colours of bubbles are there?"

"Ah, there's red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, black, grey, rainbow, star, and hindrance! Then again, you won't be seeing black and grey too often."

"What are those rainbow, star, and hindrance bubbles? And are black and grey colours?"

"Black and grey are colours, and I'll explain those other bubbles now. Rainbow bubbles adopt the colour of any popping groups that are adjacent to them. Star bubbles are like colour bombs: they pop all bubbles of the same colour as any new bubbles that hit them. And the hindrance bubbles aren't exactly bubbles. We tend to call them hindrance blocks, and they'll get in the way. You can't get rid of them until you get rid of all the bubbles next to them."

"And I'm supposed to win by…"

"Since we mainly do versus, you're supposed to make your opponent lose. You lose by having your pile of bubbles go past this line." He pointed to a horizontal line just above the pointer. "You can make the other guy lose by sending out your attack pattern."

"What's that?"

"Whenever you drop additional bubbles (as in you remove all the bubbles adjacent to them), you'll send the bubbles making your attack pattern to them. They might settle at the top or bottom of their pile, depending on your pattern. Individual bubbles will fall on them if you do a small attack, and whole rows of them will settle if you do a big attack."

"What are those types of attacks?"

"You'll do a small attack if you only drop a few bubbles. If you drop a ton, you'll do a big attack. Anyway, want to select your attack pattern?"

"Yes, but do you have any examples?"

"Of course, we have tons! You could do your sisters' styles: they both send the opponent's attack pattern back at them, only from below. Or you could try Pinky and Winky's: they only use rainbow bubbles. Maybe Catch and Reichu's attack pattern might do, as they're like Mog and Moga but they do it from the top. Or perhaps you could try red, green, and yellow bubbles like Tom, Yam, Bom, and Sam…"

"All right, cut the suggestions. I might need to think for a while."

Indeed, I did think for a while. Unfortunately, I also wanted an attack pattern that wasn't like anyone else's, so I asked Bobblun for everyone else's attack patterns.

"Ah, you want the rest, don't you? Well, the Wolo twins do stuff like your sisters, except they do it from both top and bottom. The Delfins' and the Kazes' attack patterns all use rainbow, star, and regular bubbles, but those patterns aren't the same. Pukadon and Kame use hindrance blocks in their attack patterns, but they use normal bubbles otherwise. Mr. At and Blackup are much like the four Izzards in their attack patterns, except both the robots use blue bubbles, too. And Fungila and Fungilo use black bubbles along with their regular mix. Oh, by the way, if I'm specifying the types of bubbles they use, they're loading the bottom of the opponent's pile."

"That's long," I replied, and then I thought some more. I eventually settled on an attack pattern that was much like Mr. At and Blackup's, but only from the top.

"Hmm, that's creative…anyway, want to try your luck against Yam? He isn't too good, but Tom'll accompany him, so at least the tyke will be more confident."

"Guess so, since now I know how to play and I've already decided on my attack pattern."

Bobblun revealed another Bust-a-Move machine just like mine, which was next to it. Then he went away, returning with another green Bobblesaur and two Izzards. One of them looked older than the other, who was currently huddled into the elder's body.

"Yam, you can come out now," I heard the elder Izzard say.

The younger Izzard (who I assumed was Yam) peeked out of the older one's legs and at the machine. He hobbled towards it, as if he was a bit afraid of it.

"Fine, I'll go too," the older Izzard grunted as he also walked to his machine. The younger Izzard became substantially faster after that.

"And I'll be providing the bubbles for them, Bobblun," the green Bobblesaur declared.

"Okay, Bubblun," the blue Bobblesaur replied, then spat a series of bubbles in my area.

"Hey! What are you doing?" I cried, even though I noticed that neither Izzard thought this was unusual.

"We're stocking the start bubbles for you to shoot at," Bobblun responded as he spat another bubble.

"Okay," I replied. There was only a short pause until Bobblun shouted, "Start!"

Yam didn't look too confident as he turned his winch, so I didn't feel so bad. I turned my winch slowly, constantly checked the pointer and its current bubble, and occasionally pulled the trigger when I thought the alignment was right. I noticed Yam did it just as slowly as I did.

It took me a while for me to do what Bobblun called a "small attack", and even then the blue Bobblesaur restrained me.

"You can't do it now!" he exclaimed.

"Why?" I innocently asked.

"You picked a top-attacking strategy, so you fill the opponent's area with whole rows only. You can't do a small attack, but you can accumulate a couple of them to form a big attack."

"Sorry," I replied, and continued with my playing.

After a while, I had an opportunity to do a big attack, so I did. When I did my achievement dance (Bobblun told me to do it), I saw that Yam's field was being filled with red, blue, green, and yellow bubbles from the top, just like I had selected. Poor Yam was looking distraught, but then he managed to drop a few bubbles.

After that, I saw a couple of red bubbles fly up towards my area. I was a bit perplexed, but then I remembered that the enemy had an attack pattern, too. I continued with my game. Soon, I got faster and more accurate.

After a long while and a couple other big attacks, I finally won. Bobblun congratulated me, but wasn't surprised.

"Yam's bad at this, but get Tom to play and he's much better. You should try playing against everyone in this league, so you'll go through exhibition matches against everyone. You'll try against Wolo next. He should be done with his game soon."

From what I heard from Bobblun's summary, Wolo might be a rather tricky character to play against. I would try my luck in a few minutes…