Wanted: Perfect Mother

The Tendo Sisters have noticed their father had become more melancholy than ever. Nodoka's advice was simple. Try to persuade their father back into the dating scene. But since Soun was reluctant to get back to the dating scene, it was up to Nabiki provide the perfect set-up for her father. With the help of her sisters and a little help from Ranma, they might just find someone perfect for their father. Might.

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Soun sighed once again, enraptured by the photo he held. It was the photo of his dearly departed wife. Every year it seems it just kept getting harder and harder for him to get out of bed. His daughters were grown up now and can take care of themselves. He sometimes wished that he had actively participated in their growth, but the damage was already done. Another burden he has to carry.

"I swear to you Kimiko, I will make sure that our daughters will be well taken care off." He spoke to the photo as he absently touched the woman in it. That's one of the reasons why he pushed for Ranma and Akane's engagement. He knew Ranma would take care of Akane. He only needs to find Kasumi and Nabiki's match.

Soun wished that Kimiko was still here beside him. So he was able to touch her, to feel her, to hold her and show how much he loved her. But all he could do was cry. To dwell in the memories of his lost love.

Unbeknownst to Soun, Kasumi was standing by the door. She saw how much sadness and misery her father displayed and it tore her heart apart. Her father was a good man. He may not be a responsible man but he is a good man. He deserved someone to share his heart to. Someone to comfort him. Someone that understands him. Kasumi knew she and her sisters will never be able to replace their mother or their mother's love but she knew they don't want their father to be lonely.

Kasumi reluctantly withdrew from her father's bedchambers. While she was glad that her father remained loyal to their mother all this time, she worried about her father's emotional state. He had always been a very passionate and caring man. He needed someone who understands him and would be able to love him as much as he loved their mother.

Kasumi reluctantly walked back to the kitchen to begin serving everyone their breakfast. She can already hear the Saotomes' father and son, begin their morning ritual. She can hear their training regime which consists of various insults and exchange of blows. While she was busy gathering the comestibles, she realised she was no longer alone in the kitchen. Rather her younger sister had walked sluggishly towards her, still rubbing her eyes to erase the last remaining trace of sleepiness before she can be fully awaken by her daily dose of caffeine. Namely her morning coffee.

Nabiki, even at her morning state was still able to function and had been able to pick up her older sister's concern.

"He's at it again?" She simply asked. As she made her way towards the kettle and began heating up water for her coffee.

Kasumi suppressed the urge to frown. Not really approving of her sister's speech nor her morning habits. She preferred Nabiki to drink tea or juice in the morning not that horrid black substance.

Nabiki in the other hand only smirked as she could already tell her sister's reaction. She knew Kasumi never really approved of her drinking coffee in the morning but if she didn't, Nabiki would end up like Ranma and would probably sleep in class. She was never a morning person and this was the quickest way for her to wake up. That and a really cold shower. She needed to be alert and ready. To be able to function at the best of her abilities and she can't do those things if she's still half way to dream land now can she?

Kasumi just sighed. No matter what she does, she will never manage to sway her sister to give up her vice. Kasumi then decided to simply answer her sister's question.


Nabiki just shook her head. She was familiar with her father's morning ritual. After all, they sometimes took turns in waking their father and informing him of breakfast. And every time he does the same thing. He stares blankly at the picture of their mother and spends a couple of minutes alone in his little world.

Nabiki knew her father was devoted to their mother. She just wished he wasn't that devoted to her. Maybe if he was, then he would have noticed that they needed him during those trying times. But it was already too late. The damage has been done and their better off with it.

Nabiki had already dealt with the hand that she was given and so has her sisters. They have all became more mature and stronger from it with a couple of minor exceptions.

"Seriously sis, this has to stop." Nabiki replied back as she poured herself a cup of coffee.

"I know." Kasumi sighed again.

Just then, Akane burst in the room. Her body pumping with adrenalin and endorphins from her morning jog.

"Hey guys! What's up?" She greeted her two sisters perkily.

Kasumi smiled at her younger sister's exuberance while Nabiki winced. Nabiki never was a morning person and cannot deal with people who are very perky at such times.

It was rare for the Tendo sisters to socialise with each other even though they lived together. Their personalities at best could be described as contrasted against each other. The age difference also contributed as well as the other people living with them. But what drew these sisters together was not only by blood but their bond to look after and care for one another. Just like they did for the past couple of years before the Saotomes even showed up. But right now that bond called up to them, to discuss their concern with their father. A person they all still loved and cared about deeply even though one or two would not admit it out loud.

"Daddy's up." Nabiki replied back.

"Again?" Akane asked.

"I believe so." Kasumi sighed as she resume setting up their breakfast. As if on que, both her sisters began to help out. Akane began to set the plates and chopsticks at the table while Nabiki set up the cups and drinks. Kasumi then began to place food on the table.

It was the weekend therefore there was no need to rush. But as soon as the food was set on the table or rather when the Saotomes caught whiffed of the food, they appeared by the table almost in a flash. Albeit comically. One wet panda and a rather annoyed and soaked red head graced the table.

Finally the Tendo patriarch arrived. Still quiet and melancholy. The sisters shared a concern look at one another as they gazed at their father, while their other two guests just stared at the food or rather inhaled the food.

Breakfast resumed as normal. With Ranma, Genma (panda) and Akane being the most well spoken as they exchanged insults and criticisms at each other. Of course the main object of those conversation or rather so called discussion was aimed more at Ranma who's mouth bit more than he can chew as Akane finished her argument by sending him to LEO. Much to the dismay of everyone at the table:

- Soun and Genma because of their plans of trying to set their two offsprings together,

- Kasumi's concern for Ranma and her sister and

- Nabiki's concern over the repair bills.

After the conclusion of the so called breakfast, the two fathers decided to play their never ending battle of shoji while the Tendo sisters were left alone by themselves. Free to discuss their main concern, Their Father.

Sitting at the now empty and cleaned dinning room, the sisters took the opportunity to discuss their father.

"I feel so sorry for father." Kasumi sighed.

"Me too." Akane chimed.

"Ditto." Nabiki agreed.

"But what could we do?" Akane asked. She was really getting concerned by their father's constant depression and his emotional outbursts are getting more and more uncontrollable as of late.

All three sisters began to ponder a way to get their father up from the current funk he was in. There was a moment of silence.

"What daddy really needs is to get laid…" Nabiki replied back casually which shocked her two sisters. Breaking the silence.

"OH MY!"


Both girls cried in unison. Both blushing at the same time. Nabiki could be so crude at times.

Nabiki just looked at her two sisters nonchalantly. "What? You both know I'm right. Besides I know both of you were already thinking about it. I was the only one who voiced it out."

Akane was about to protest that she was not thinking such a thing when Kasumi cut her off.

"Even so… Couldn't you put it more eloquently?" Kasumi reproached Nabiki. Making her blush even more. While Akane could not believe her sweet older sister was thinking of such a thing and about their father no less!

Nabiki just gave out an unladylike snort.

"I agree." Another feminine voice spoke, surprising the Tendo sisters. Making Nabiki and Akane almost jump from their seat while eliciting an "Oh My!" from Kasumi.

"I'm sorry to intrude on your conversation. I did knock and no one answered but the door was open. I thought you girls were preoccupied and I let myself in to see if you girls needed my help in anything." Nodoka apologised.

"It is alright Aunty. You just surprised out that is all." Kasumi assured the Saotome matriarch. As she invited the Saotome to sit down and offered her some tea.

"I take it from what I just heard that you are all worried about you father?" Nodoka asked.

The Tendo sisters all nodded in response.

Nodoka smiled.

Such wonderful girls, Kimiko's daughters are. She thought.

They will make such great wives one day and will make such a great match to my Ranma!

Oh what great children they will produce! And just then Nodoka's train of thought began to derail, at the thought of little children around the Tendo household. Running around with their little feet and laughing merrily while she doted on them.

The Tendo sisters only watched the Saotome Matriarch as they began to see the daze look in her eyes and stars began to appear in them.

Nabiki and Akane both began to sweat drop while Kasumi tried to get Nodoka's attention.

"Oh My aunty. Are you alright?" Kasumi asked.

Nodoka meanwhile was brought out of her daze and quickly recompose herself. "I'm sorry dear. I kind of drifted there for a while. I'm just touched at the concern you girls show to your father. I wonder if Ranma ever worries about me." Nodoka replied back. As her tone began to sadden at the mention of her son.

"I'm sure he thinks and worries about you a lot aunty." Akane replied back honestly as both of her sisters nodded their heads in agreement. Ranma had always thought and worried about his mother constantly and they all knew how hard it was for him to try and keep his distance from Nodoka especially with the Sepukku pact in place. Trying so hard as to not reveal his curse but at the same time try and be close to his mother as best as he can even if it means he had to be cursed to be able to spend time with her.

"Thank you Akane. Thank you girls for being kind and considerate to myself." Nodoka beamed at them. Feeling much better at the assurances the Tendo sisters provided. Now was the time to repay them for their kindness.

"Back at the subject at hand, I do believe Nabiki has a point." Which made Kasumi blush and Akane frown.

"But I think the solution needs to be more permanent than just a quick fix." Nodoka explained which got the Tendo sisters full attention.

"What do you mean Aunty?"

"I propose that your father needs someone more permanent. Someone to talk to and share his feelings with. Your father is still by far a handsome and young man. Why, If I wasn't attached. I would ride your father like a pony and…." Nodoka began to derail again.

"AUNTY!" "OH MY!" The Tendo sisters all cried out in unison. While Nabiki muttered "Too much information…" under her breath.

"Oh I'm sorry. I'm doing it again aren't I? Anyways, What I propose is to try and get you father back into the dating scene again. To once again awaken his youthful self." Nodoka advised.

The Tendo sisters began to contemplate Nodoka's advise. Nodoka does have a point. With their father occupied he will no longer be depressed and will no longer be lonely. Perhaps he will even regain his old self. Like when their mother was alive.

Akane seems to be the only one who had trouble with this whole idea. To her, another woman will never replace their mother. In the other hand it will be good for Kasumi if their father married again, so that Kasumi can again resume her studies and try and practice medicine, which was her childhood dream.

"I don't think dad marrying will solve the problem." Akane voiced out her concern. "We should think of something else."

"Akane, what aunty meant is for daddy to be more sociable again. We won't force him to marry if he doesn't want to." Nabiki explained.

"That is right dear. He will just go for dates. He doesn't necessarily have to marry any of the women." Nodoka replied back.

"But what if they're just gold diggers? Only after Dad for money?" Akane again began to protest.

Nabiki scoffed at the idea. No one knows their financial standing than she does and she will not allow some trollop to try and drain their funds. Not if they want to face the Ice Queen of Nerima.

"Akane does have a point. How do we know that the woman father courts will be good for him?" Kasumi replied back. Making Akane smile at the thought that at least Kasumi shares her concerns.

"I think you Girls should decide what type of woman you would like your father to be with. Actually I know a friend of mine who owns the local matchmaking service perhaps you should give her a call." Nodoka then gave them her friend's business card. "You can then screen the women and choose the ones you think will be good for your father." She added.

Nabiki took the business card. Both Akane and Kasumi read over her shoulder to read the card.

Love Happens. Where Destiny meets Reality. The card read. At the back was the business' address and telephone number.

Akane still remained sceptical. "But what if…."

"Relax Akane. Just think of it this way. This will be an ideal payback for daddy for always forcing the engagement between you and Saotome." Nabiki whispered to her younger sister.

With that Akane found herself agreeing to Nodoka's solution. The four women then began to discuss how to set their plans in motion.

Meanwhile outside…

Soun visibly shivered. His cursed friend noticed this.

"What is wrong Tendo?" The sign read.

"I don't know. I feel worried somehow." Soun replied back.


"So are we all in?" Nabiki asked her sisters.

"I guess so…" Akane replied back as she looked at Kasumi for confirmation.

"THAT'S GREAT! Now dears if you'd be so kind to let me know how are my husband and my son?" Nodoka asked the Tendo sisters.

But before any of the girls could reply, a very angry red head burst into the kitchen.

"Stupid Tomboy… Not my fault if she's not cute…" The red head mumbled not noticing the four women who were seated at the table while she began to heat up some water.

"Uhm… Ranko?" Nabiki called out.

"Ranko? What the hell is up Na…bi…ki…?" Ranko replied back as she turned around and realised that his mother was in the dining room as well as a very pissed off Akane who probably heard her earlier grumbling.

"M-mom? I mean Aunty! So glad of you to come and visit! What are you doing here?" Replied Ranma who was flabbergasted.

"It's so nice to see you again Ranko, though you shouldn't run around in wet clothes…" Nodoka replied back "It just makes you seem like an exhibitionist."

"You may also need some work with your language. Such a feisty young woman. I'm sure Ranma would love to have this one as his mistress." Nodoka thought.

The other occupants of the room simply sweat dropped as they saw Nodoka's eyes became large and had turned glassy not knowing it was from the though of her manly son having so many wives, mistresses and grandchildren.

While her sisters where preoccupied in watching Nodoka's comical expression, Nabiki took the initiative to explain to Ranma about Nodoka's presence.

"So she's only here to visit us?" Ranma replied back somewhat sadly. He wanted so much to reveal to his mother about the truth but not until his sure that the sepukku pact was not looming over his and his stupid father's head.

"Somewhat…" Nabiki replied back.

"What do you mean?" Ranma asked confused. Seeing as Kasumi and Akane was now trying to get Ranma's mother out of the stupor that she was now having.

Nabiki decided to give Ranma brief summary of their conversation in regards about their father's love life. In Ranma's honest opinion. Women were trouble with a capital "T". He doesn't see why the Tendo sisters are interested in making their father's life hell, but shrugged it off. Well it would be a suitable payback for all the times Mr Tendo schemed with his father about him and Akane.

Nabiki then had a brilliant epiphany. She just got a brilliant idea. She smirked. Which immediately made Ranma shiver. Whenever he saw that patented smirk, he knew something was up and by the way she's looking at him it involved him.

It was then that Soun entered the dining room. "Why Nodoka-san! So nice to see you!" Soun cried out with surprise. Thanking his lucky stars that his friend stayed in his cursed form at the moment.

The panda on the other hand tried to look cute and innocent while sporting another sign that read. "Nice to see you pretty Lady whom I never met before."

That was enough to bring Nodoka out of her fantasy land and pay attention to her surroundings. "Why hello Soun! Your looking good today." Nodoka replied back. Then eyed the Panda curiously. Before squealing "KAWAII!"

It was around late lunchtime, till Nodoka made her farewell. Thanking the Tendo's for their hospitality before making her own way home. Even though Kasumi had asked the woman to stay for dinner. Which Soun politely seconded. Earning a glare from their pet panda.

The Tendo Household resume their daily activities. It was only after dinner, did Nabiki ask her sisters and Ranma to meet her in her room. To resume their earlier conversation.

Meanwhile, Soun couldn't help but feel uneasy. He felt as though something was about to change and something was not quite right. He felt goosebumps on his skin as he felt a sudden shiver run up and down his spine. But he doesn't have a reason to be worried right? Right?

A feeling of foreboding loomed over him. Not knowing that the cause of those feelings are right above his head. Discussing their plans in the comfort of his own home. His own daughters.

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