The Tendo Sisters have noticed their father had become more melancholy than ever. Nodoka's advice was simple. Try to persuade their father back into the dating scene. But since Soun was reluctant to get back to the dating scene, it was up to Nabiki provide the perfect set-up for her father. With the help of her sisters and a little help from Ranma, they might just find someone perfect for their father... Might.


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Warning: This is an Alternate Universe! I repeat an Alternate Universe! With mild cross-over with other anime characters. You have been warned.


Two weeks later…

Nabiki's plans were set in motion, with a very reluctant assistance from Ranma, who really didn't want to have any part of the females' matchmaking schemes. At the moment, Nabiki has just finished watching and editing the video she had created to be sent to the matchmaking agency that Nodoka has suggested. It had been a real ordeal for all them not to mention keeping everything on the down low so that they do not scare their father off.

Nabiki couldn't help but giggle at the original video and had the urge to watch the whole thing all over again when Ranma unceremoniously entered her room.

She was about to protest when Ranma automatically answered her. "I owe you…" As he shut her door and stood back against it.

Those three little words were like magic to Nabiki's ears, enough to sooth her ruffled feathers for now.

"RRRAAANNNMMAAA!" Could be heard from the other side of the door. Confirming Ranma's presence in her room. No doubt Ranma has undoubtedly pissed off her younger sister once again.

"What did you do this time Saotome?" Nabiki asked with quirked eyebrows.

"I didn't…" Was all Ranma could reply, keeping his attention to the other side of the closed door.

"Then why?" Nabiki asked.

"Akane cooked today." Was Ranma's quick reply.

"Ah!" Nabiki replied back as it dawned to her. Akane probably wanted Ranma try her latest concoction today. Which forced the pigtailed youth into hiding.

Ranma sighed a little and removed himself from leaning against Nabiki's door when it was slammed open, crushing Ranma behind it.

"Nabiki have you seen Ranma?" Akane asked from the wide open door, not noticing a twitching body plastered behind the door.

Nabiki was caught in surprise by Akane's sudden intrusion and trying to control herself from laughing at Ranma's expense. But turned serious when she realised that Ranma's imprint was going to be on her wall.

"Don't you knock?" Nabiki irritatedly replied back. Trying to keep her glare at her sister for the time being, she can glare at Ranma later when her little sister's gone.

Akane then turned sheepish. "Sorry Nabiki. So have you seen him?" noticing the glare her sister was giving her, no doubt she will be punished in some monetary way after this.

Nabiki looked at Akane and then at the door that effectively covering the pigtailed martial artist.

"How much?"

Akane sniffed. "Never mind." She replied back before walking out and slamming the door closed.

Nabiki walked over to the flat and imbedded Ranma on her wall. "You'll need to fix that." she informed him with arms across her chest to show she's serious.

Ranma extricated himself from the wall and dusted himself off. "Yeah… I know… I know.."

Nabiki then sat by her bed and began to rewind the tape to watch the video. Ignoring Ranma's presence. She really needs to watch it now to elevate her current mood which was set on annoyed mode at her room's ruined wall panel. Curtesy of Akane and Ranma.

"Mind if I hide out here until she leaves the house to look for me?" Ranma asked Nabiki who was engrossed to watching the portable TV and Video player in her room. Though it was currently blank and the sound of whirring noises indicating the video tape was currently being rewinded.

"Suit yourself but remember that you owe me extra now." Nabiki replied back as she waited for the tape to be fully rewinded.

"What are you watching?" Ranma asked as he sat next to her. Which made Nabiki turn around and quirk an eyebrow at him.

"A little nosy aren't we?" Nabiki asked before hearing the tape stop. Then gave him a mischievous smirk before adding "Porn"

That had a desired response from the pigtailed martial artist as he turned crimson and fell off the bed further amusing her more. Making her giggle in delight at his expense.

Ranma then caught on to Nabiki's trick and recomposed himself, glaring at her slightly. He wouldn't admit it, but Nabiki was kind of cute when she smiles and giggles like that, not that he'll ever admit it to her.

"You still willing to watch it Saotome?" Nabiki grinned.

Ranma just shrugged and watched as the video began to play.

"Hey isn't this?" Ranma questioned.

"Yeah it is."

"Cool." Ranma replied back. He hasn't really seen the video even though he helped filmed it. He began to try and get comfortable on Nabiki's bed.

Ranma's squirming slightly annoyed Nabiki for shifting the bed, but decided that watching the video with someone would be more entertaining so she let it slide for now. She paused the video and got comfortable herself and hit the play button.


Begin Play…

Nabiki's voice was heard as she appears in front of the video.


Tired of the same pot bellied lazy man?"

Camera shoots Mr Saotome in his human form. Lazily sprawled in the couch and was scratching his stomach. Before yawning. She zooms the camera towards his obviously bald head which was covered with a bandanna and then to his enormous girth.

Nabiki was currently hiding behind the door as she filmed this.

"Tired of dirty sleaze bags?"

Camera then shoots Happosai stealing underwear. "WHAT A HAUL! WHAT A HAUL!"

Nabiki filmed the perverted old man, before handing Ranma the camera.

"Go after him Ranma and remember to film everything!" Nabiki ordered to the pigtailed martial artist. Ranma got ready to follow the hentai when he heard Nabiki call out. "AND DON'T YOU DARE DROP THE CAMERA!"

"Or the plain weirdoes?"

Camera then switches to a screen shot of Principal Kuno with scissors and a razor chasing the students around for a much awaited buzz cuts. Then towards Tatewaki Kuno who was sprouting bad poetry in his kendo outfit.

Scene then changes to a very well profiled Dr Tofu.

"Is that Kasumi?" Nabiki said in a nonchalant voice. Already knowing the outcome of what happens whenever her older sister's name was mentioned within the hearing zone of the doctor. He had a fit.

"K-kasumi! W-what are you doing h-here?" Then proceeds to dance with Betty the skeleton while Nabiki ducked for cover. Still taping the destruction the doctor caused.

"Well Ladies your prayers has just been answered!"

Then camera zooms at Soun Tendo.

"His name is Tendo Soun, practitioner of Anything Goes Martial Arts!"

Camera then shows her father in his worn out gi. "Tell me again Nabiki why I have to practice?" Soun asked his middle daughter.

"I just want to test out if the camera's toggles work daddy. Just do your thing." Nabiki answered cheerfully.

Camera then zooms at her father's form and body as he began to go through a series of warm up katas.

"An intellectual man."

Shows a very serious looking Soun playing shoji with Genma.

"LOOK! IT'S SUPERMAN!" Soun called out as he points behind his friend and quickly rearranges his pieces. "Oops my bad. It's only a bird."

"A family man."

Camera then shows Soun with all the Tendo sisters eating.

"Hey Nabiki how come I'm holding this again?" Ranma's whining voice could be heard.

"Because I'm eating and I need a family shot." Nabiki answered.

"But I'm hungry…" Ranma complained, as the camera scene changes to the food that was on the table.

"Don't worry Ranma I made you something." Akane replied back. Then the camera view changed into something black and still bubbling concoction on a bowl which was held by her.

"Never mind I forgot I ate before…" Ranma replied, Before adding in a mumble "I like to stay alive thank you…" Camera picks up and records this.

"What did you say!" Akane began to twitch.

"NOTHING! AKANE! Nothing!" Ranma protested.

"RANMAAA!" Shows Akane begins advancing towards the camera.

"HEY AKANE BE CAREFUL! THAT'S A VERY EXPENSIVE VIDEO CAM!" Warns Nabiki. As the camera begins to shift and gives the impression of someone running while holding the camera (think Blair witch project except during day time).

"A man who is not afraid to cry…"

Shows Soun's water works!

"WAAH! MY POOR BABY!" Soun cried as the water works began spraying.

"For crying out loud daddy, Kasumi just has a cold!" Answered the irate Akane. "Don't worry daddy! I'll cook!" she then added trying to reassure her father.

"WAAH! WERE DOOMED!" Soun continued to cry.

"And let's not forget, a great physique!"

Camera is aimed at a door.

"Why the hell do I have to do this!" Said the very irate Ranma.

"Because you owe me! Besides I'm a girl! I can't go to the furo!" Nabiki answered. Her hands on her waist waiting for Ranma to enter the furo.

"But why do I have to do this?" Ranma whined as he held the camera, it was still recording.

"I'll tell you what if you do this; I'll take it off your tab…" Nabiki continued to urge him.

"But…but…but…"Ranma continued to protest.

"No Buts! At least not yet! Stop wasting time and just get in there!" Nabiki then opens the door and pushes Ranma inside and closes the door behind him.

"WAAIIT!" Ranma protested. Camera shows fog from the steam.

"Ranma? Is that you?" Soun's voice is heard.

"Uhhhmm…" Camera then shows a very wet and very much naked Mr Tendo.

"Ranma what are you doing in here and why are you holding a camera?"

"Uhhhmmm you see…" Ranma sweat drops but was not captured on film because he was behind the camera though you could hear a loud "gulp" noise. But it does shows Mr Tendo in full naked glory as his whole body flushed in embarrassment as he sweat dropped.

"Hey Nabiki what are you doing standing outside of the bath room?" Akane's voice was heard. Their conversation became a mumble before Akane too entered the bathroom.

"Akane wait…" Nabiki's voice could be heard.

Camera begins to look at Akane and then at Soun and then back at Akane. Before finally facing Ranma. "I'm dead." he said to the camera before hearing Akane's battle cry! "RANMA YOU PERVERT!"

The camera just landed with thud on the floor.

A few feet shots.

Finally a dainty set of feet appeared before the camera. The camera then began to move and was now facing Nabiki.

"Let's not forget a very active and exciting household. If your interested drop us a line. My father may just be the man for you." Nabiki then smiles sweetly at the camera as it continues to record.

"Uhmm… Nabiki?"

"Yes daddy?"

"Do you mind stepping out and handing me a towel?"

"Sure daddy!" Nabiki happily replied as she turned the camera to the very embarrassed Soun covering his privates with his hands.

"And could you please stop recording!"

Video stops playing…


Nabiki and Ranma were now holding their stomachs in laughter.

"That was great!" Ranma replied as he continued to laugh. He watched as he saw the middle Tendo in stitches. There were tears from the corner of her eyes.

"I know." Nbaiki replied back.

"So have you finished editing it yet?" Ranma asked.

"Yeah I have." Nabiki replied before, ejecting the original and placing the edited one inside the video player. "Here's the edited version."

She then pressed play.

The two watched the edited version. It was not as entertaining as the first since it didn't have their side comments or the little nuances as the first one, since they were trying to attract women for Soun Tendo.

"So what do you think Saotome?" Nabiki asked as she ejected the edited video.

"I think it's fine. Sort of boring though. Not as funny as the first one."

"It's not meant to. Remember we're trying to find a match for my father, not create a funniest home video." Nabiki replied back.

"I think overall it looks fine. I think." Ranma replied back. Not wanting to add his two cents in. It feels like the edited video was a big hoax. At least the original was accurate enough to warn any woman about the Tendo's current lifestyle as well as what the Tendo household goes through on a day to day basis.

"Good. Tonight I'll show the video to my sister's, then tomorrow you can go with me to this address and drop the video off." Nabiki instructed as she showed him the card of the match-making agency.


The next morning….

Ranma walked in the agency with Nabiki and handed the receptionist the video. Nabiki then began to fill up some forms that were required.

"We will send you the reply in the next couple of days. We will also be sending you the video of women who are interested in meeting your father." The receptionist smiled at them.

"Thank you." Nabiki replied back as she and Ranma stepped out of the agency. Unaware that the video that Ranma had taken from Nabiki's room and handed to the agency was the original video and not the edited one.

He had mistakenly picked up the original and was completely unaware of what he has done. He was just glad he didn't have to assist in this match-making scheme anymore. Not knowing the chaos he has created for the Tendo patriarch.


Soun Tendo felt his skin crawl. Cold chills began to run up and down his spine.

"What's the matter Tendo?" Genma asked his friend.

"I don't know…" Soun honestly replied back. "Have you ever felt like something bad was going to happen to you like for example the master's return?" Soun tried to explain.

"Of course Tendo. We're martial artists! We have sixth sense when it comes to any imminent danger and peril!" Genma replied back. As for the part where one has the capacity to think things thoroughly through, was not part of the regime thus it was never mentioned.

Soun nodded in agreement. "I feel like I've just been enlisted to something evil or something…" Soun replied back cryptically.

"Never fear Tendo. Ranma and I will be here to assist you."

"Thanks old friend I really need that." Soun replied back, but still felt uneasy.



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