Disclaimer: The character of Rabies belongs to Tony Robinson and most definitely not to me. I'm just having a bit of fun with him.

Author's Notes: This is from the show Maid Marian and Her Merry Men, which is an absolutely brilliant British comedy, about the 'true story' of the Robin Hood legend- Maid Marian is the leader of the gang, and Robin is a vain and cowardly tailor. It's hilariously funny, and involves a lot of songs, which characters randomly burst into. If you like Red Dwarf or Blackadder or Robin Hood Men in Tights in particular, or are just looking for a good britcom, (it's designed for early to mid teens, but trust me, it's great for adults), then go and do a search for it. Anyway, in one of the episodes, Rabies, (one of the Merry Men, who is tall, strong, and very very thick) falls in love with a woman called "Fergie". And writes hideous poetry (Marian calls it 'drivel') and pins it to trees. By the end of the episode, he loves a woman called Margaret The Thatcher. He liked both of these women because they were really strong. So, here's some of the horrible poetry he may have written about Margaret. Enjoy! And review!

Oh darling darling Margaret

You are my target-et

And you I'll never farget.

You thatch so pretty

Best in the city

And you're really strong and you can lift stuff and I like you a lot.

Margaret, Margaret

You Thatch

I watch

You're my Margaret The Thatcher

Margie Marge I love you.