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Chapter 11

Alex tried to open his eyes, fighting the anaesthetic but then he heard the gentle whispers. "Rest Alex, you're safe. The surgery went well." Lex, Xander, was with him so he did as he said and let the remaining drugs pull him back under.

Xander sat back as Alex slipped into a deeper sleep again even as a nurse entered to check his IV. She smiled at him and nodded, everything was fine, before leaving him alone with his sleeping…..what was Alex to him? Friend? Definitely. Lover? Well that was what Xander like to think but he wasn't positive how the older man felt about him. Xander took Alex's hand in his and squeezed gently, being careful not to dislodge the IV. He hated hospitals, even this small one on the outskirts of London that was owned by the Council. Alex had been moved to it once his surgery was complete as it was far more secure. Xander wasn't taking any risks that someone would find Alex while he was vulnerable.

Alex finally managed to force his eyes open to find himself looking up at a white ceiling. His arm, what was left of it was throbbing in agony and he could feel the IV in his remaining hand. He lifted his head groggily to find he was in a private room, nicely decorated but obviously not a normal hospital room. The door opened and he tensed but then relaxed as he saw Lex walk in and grin when he saw Alex was awake. "Welcome back." Xander picked up a cup of ice chips and Alex greedily sucked on them.

"How long?"

"You've been in and out for three days thanks to all the painkillers they have you on. It's safe here, this place in Council owned and run, well hidden and defended. Had you moved here once the surgeon okayed it." Alex blinked at the rushed explanation but then nodded tiredly. "How's the pain?"

"Bareable." Alex answered and Xander glared. "I don't want more drugs, I hate feeling so vulnerable." Xander sighed but nodded, settling into the chair beside the bed to keep him company.

"Hi Mulder. How's the US?"

"Fine Xander. Where are you anyway?"

"England again. Got a friend in the hospital post-surgery so I'll be here awhile."

Hope you're friend will be okay." Mulder told him and Xander grimaced, knowing he would feel differently if he knew who the friend was.


Xander watched as Alex went through physiotherapy, glad it wasn't him having to do that. It looked….painful but if it would help him heal and use his new arm then it was worth it. Alex caught him watching and managed a smile so Xander walked over to play cheering squad.


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