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The Last Man in My Life

Prologue: Blood

She ran, and ran. Fear was incredibly visible in her now pale face. She let the wind play with her pink hair. A scream, a very familiar scream from her dearest friend, erupted once more from her destination. She sped up her steps; ignoring the bleeding wound that sliced the delicate skin on her shoulder. The fear swelled, becoming even greater in her chest. Making her blood race wildly in her veins. She had to find them.

Please… Please… Don't let anything bad happen to them… please…

She had defeated her opponent. As soon as she chopped through the stout neck of the enemy, disassembling his head from his body, she dashed to where Naruto and Kakashi fought.

Damn, they're two on one, for god's sake… They should be okay.

But she knew. She knew that they were fighting an Uchiha, which only made the matters worse. The strongest one of the bloodline. Uchiha Itachi. The one who had slaughtered his own strong clan.

"Trust me, sensei, Naruto. I will be okay. You two just need to fight that man together. I can handle his friend alone just fine. You all know I can do it."

They had trusted her. But… could she trust them? Sure, she believed in her team-mate. It's the opponent was the one who crushed her trust.

She jumped. Finally she reached them. Her eyes widened.

Blood. Blood splattered on the ground, painting the trees, grass, and flowers with crimson red colour. The very same pigment had also washed those three men—one standing straight, while the other two, the ones she cared about, collapsed against the trees—with its dreadfulness.

Blood. Blood. So much blood, it was everywhere.

The mere sight alone lured a loud shriek from her lungs. She couldn't even recognize her own voice. Their opponent lifted his head, and slowly moved towards her.

Kakashi and Naruto were both unconscious… or worse, dead. She threw herself between the Uchiha and her team mates. Quickly, she examined Naruto and Kakashi. She pressed her fingers to Kakashi's neck, then Naruto's.

She knew that she shouldn't worry about Naruto's life just yet, since the Akatsuki wanted the monster in him, they wouldn't kill him yet.

They were still alive. Their condition was far from good. But they were still alive.

But she knew better, just from looking at their condition. She could heal the wounds on his skin, she could heal the internal wounds in his stomach and lungs, but she couldn't heal Naruto's eyes.

Naruto was blind. Naruto—the cheerful blond, who always slurped his ramen messily, who always made her irritated because of his idiotic performance—had lost his sight. The mere thought already sent her to the verge of tears.

And Kakashi was no better. When she pumped her chakra to his body on purpose to avoid the worst, the chakra didn't reach his legs. Kakashi could hardly walk from now on. She knew that. Sakura whipped her head to the Uchiha.

"Leave us alone. Don't fight again. You don't want to waste your time with a useless fight, do you?" she demanded, her voice was raw, the pain could be heard in between her words. His sharp sharingan eyes caught that her emerald green eyes were glimmering with tears of anger and sadness.

"Well, kunoichi. I can't go back to Akatsuki with nothing." He explained coldly to her.

Her eyes narrowed angrily. But then she replied with equal iciness. "You're right. You won't." She tossed something to the Akatsuki mukenin.

Reflectively, the Uchiha caught the thing. His eyes widened at the sight.

Kisame's head. She threw Kisame's head. She had killed Kisame, the shark man, his friend—no, company. Haruno Sakura, the mere medical nin, had killed one of the strongest Akatsuki.

When he lifted his head again, the team had already vanished. Sakura had taken them away from him.

He gave an inaudible sigh at the sight, and walked towards the Akatsuki lair, reporting the unpleasant result.

But he just couldn't shove from his mind that look, those eyes, that ferocity. The sight of the angry, beautiful, emerald green eyes… framed with soft silky pink hair that blew around her like it was part of the wind. Or those delicate hands clenching tighter and tighter at her sides, scarlet dripping down those slender fingers. He couldn't shove the picture of her standing in front of her team-mates, her soul clearly wishing to break lose and kill him, but her voice remaining as cold as the winter rain. He simply couldn't forget Sakura Haruno.


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