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Chapter One: Vacation With You!

It was usual mayhem at NG Records. Sakano was whirling around, panicking and freaking out. K was shooting randomly at the ceiling, not minding who he killed on the upper floor. Hiro just grinned and tested his guitar as if it was the most normal thing in the world. Shuichi was again, daydreaming about Yuki and what they would do when he got home. It was then Shuichi noticed Suguru surrounded by a glum aura.

"Fujisaki, is something wrong? You're not being as productive as you usually are," Shuichi asked. Suguru just sighed and turned away from Shuichi, moping. Shuichi mused for a while. "Ah, I understand! You're-in-Love!" Shuichi teased but Suguru stiffened at the mere mention.

"Looks like you're right this time, Shuichi. Do you feel like sharing with us?" Hiro patted the teenager. Suguru murmured a 'No' and slumped down over the table. Shuichi watched Suguru closely. "Fujisaki, come with me. I need to talk to you." Without waiting for a reply, Shuichi dragged Suguru out of the studio and rushed to the elevator. Suguru blinked as the sunlight blinded his eyes momentarily. "…Shindou-san, why did you bring me here?"

Shuichi spun around, arms outstretched and smiled. The light breeze brushed through his hair. "Fujisaki, isn't the wind nice up here? I thought it might make you lighten up a bit. You know, if it's about love, I might be able to help. After all, I'm married to one of the world's biggest bastard who's just having problems expressing his emotions," Shuichi said with a tiny chuckle at the thought. Somewhere else, Yuki Eiri sneezed.

Suguru hesitated for a while. But…it DID concern Shuichi in a way, and he is quite correct. Who better to ask advice from than someone who's gone through the worst and…maybe knows how to deal with it? "Shindou-san…I'm sixteen. And I'm getting those dreams…And the person in it is not who I quite expected…" Suguru started with a light blush. Shuichi stared at him with an incredulous look and started laughing. "Fujisaki-chan has raging hormones now! Who used to say I indulge in my hormones?" Shuichi said in a sing-song voice. Suguru blushed harder.

"Shindou-san, you're supposed to help me!"

Shuichi cleared his throat. "I mean, I'm sorry. So, who's the lucky girl who's got your attention?" "U-Um…It's a guy…" Suguru mumbled, feeling his face grow hot. "What! Wow, then you should have spoke up sooner! You know I'm the one to talk to! So, who is it?" Shuichi asked.

Suguru muttered one word and looked away. The embarrassment will give him jitter-induced insomnia soon, he knew it! "Huh? Didn't quite catch you there," Shuichi replied.


Silence prevailed for thirty seconds as a random pigeon flew over their heads. "You what! Omigod! No wonder you refused to tell us! I understand how you feel!" Shuichi declared. "You do?" Suguru asked, genuinely surprised. "Yes, you need a vacation! And during that period I shall teach you how to capture Seguchi-san's heart! It'll be hundred percent foolproof, I assure you!" Shuichi stated.

Suguru paled. "A vacation with you! No, you're crazy! What do you mean by teaching me how to…"

He never finished his sentence. Someone suddenly grabbed him from the back and he was lifted into the air. "K-san! What are you doing! When did you get a helicopter!" K grinned. "Shuichi has spoken! Now let's get going!" Suguru could see Hiro haul Shuichi into the helicopter as he got tossed in as well. "Where are we going! How come I didn't know you planned this?" Shuichi asked in true shock. Okay, so Shuichi was not the mastermind behind this. He wasn't that smart anyway.

"I have you bugged. As soon as we heard your suggestion, we decided to hop into action!" This female voice could only belong to one person… "No! Not you! A vacation with anyone but you!" Shuichi screamed horror as he saw Rage at the cockpit manoeuvring the helicopter. "Let's go! Bill is waiting with my Panda!"

Tohma was frowning slightly. Sakano was late with his monthly report about Bad Luck's progress. Sakano, bumbling and silly he may be, was never late. Just then, Sakano came in with a bleeding head. Tohma supposed it was K's work. "S-Shacho, K-san has kidnapped Bad Luck with the crazy girl manager called Rage!" Sakano reported, panicked. Tohma perked up lightly at the mention. "What is he trying to do this time?" Tohma asked.

"He said something about parting Shindou-san from Yuki-san and forcing Fujisaki-kun into something before he shot me," Sakano replied. Tohma twitched. The next moment, Sakano was holding Tohma back while dialling the emergency number, in other words, Yuki Eiri. Yuki was working on his latest novel when his phone rang. Expecting Shuichi, he was surprised to hear Sakano.

"What do you want?"

"Please come to NG Records immediately! Shacho is losing control!" Sakano pleaded. "And that has something to do with me because?" Yuki asked. "K-san's kidnapped Shindou-san and he's with the crazy manager Rage! He'll be living sacrifice!" Sakano yelled, starting to lose control. The phone went dead straight away.

"Yuki-san? Yuki-san?"

In half an hour, Yuki was already in Tohma's office. Tohma calmed down at the sight of Yuki, but it was Yuki who started to lose control. "Eiri-san, we're going to rescue them!" Tohma suddenly declared. Sakano had to get an extinguisher to put out all the flames behind his shacho. "Do you have any idea where they are?" Yuki asked flatly.

"Fufufufu…you underestimate me, Eiri-san. I always keep track of my adorable Suguru-chan! Don't worry; your beloved cousin will come to your rescue!" Tohma exclaimed. Yuki stared as if Tohma got another head. "…Hey, looks like you and I are the most normal characters in the fic," Yuki commented. Sakano just sobbed loudly.

"…Forget what I said."

Shuichi was running around in circles in the panda robot. "Where are you taking us! I haven't even said goodbye to Yuki yet! We haven't even got our clothes!" Rage chuckled evilly. "You're a superstar! You can pay for anything you need once we land! Even better, make some beautifully sexy and irresistibly adorable faces to the shopkeepers to give it to you for free!"

"We ain't gonna give out free lust-inducing looks to closet perverts out there!" K yelled. "The only reason I'm working with you now Claude is because your wife promised me a mansion with beautiful boys to serve my every need!" Rage answered huffily. "Then what's our next move on schedule?" Hiro asked, strangely unperturbed by all the irregularities around him. "Hiro, you've been infected with the K disease!" Shuichi yelled, horrified that his best friend wasn't reacting towards the weird things happening around them.

"We'll be landing in America soon and…Wait a minute, we've got pursuers!" Bill announced. A jet was right behind the panda and someone climbed out from the top hatch. It was Tohma. "K-san, I demand you to return Bad Luck to NG Records immediately! Surrender before we hit you!" Tohma announced through a loudspeaker. "Your artists need to get away from slave drivers like you for some time!" K yelled back.

"…Isn't he a slave driver himself?" Shuichi wondered aloud. His bandmates nodded.

Then another blonde came out. "Oh, Yuki's come to save me!" Shuichi shouted in joy, eyes sparkling. Until he noticed the bazooka in his lover's hand. "…Don't tell me…" From a distance, he looked at Yuki crouch, take aim and…

"Everyone, duck!"

Shuichi got to cover just as the shot hit the panda. Rage giggled evilly. "Poor Shuichi, your lover knew full well you are on board and still tried to shoot us down…And he's cheating on you with your boss, to add salt to the wound." That sentence hit two nerves. Two very sensitive nerves. K was pushed back down into the panda as Shuichi and Suguru surfaced, looking very mad, both carrying bazookas and missile launchers.

"Tohma you bastard!" Shuichi yelled firing the bazooka, as Suguru aimed with the missile launcher, "Eiri-san, you're going down!" Both fired at the jet. K whistled. "Seems like they've caught on the Rage disease to me." "Claude, I'm dropping you now! Lose them in the crowd below!" Rage stated, activating the trapdoor. Thus the load was dropped…from a hundred feet in the air.

"AAAAGGGGHHHH, WE'RE GONNA DIE!" Suguru screamed. To his amazement, they lived…by landing on a large Kumagoro balloon figure. K grinned. "Great, this is just the place they won't find you! Get into these costumes now!" Tohma and Yuki landed looking around for Shuichi and Suguru. Their jet already exploded from the attack. "I hate bloody conventions. It makes all the searching tougher," Yuki grumbled. "Worse still, it's a cosplay convention. They might be in disguises," Tohma mused.

Unwittingly, they walked past a group of cosplayers dressed as half animals. K grinned as he watched Tohma and Yuki walk further away. "…K-san, why did you dress me up as a cat? I'll never live down the shame if Seguchi-san saw me like this," Suguru mumbled. He had cat ears, a long tail and furry paws, not to mention the skin tight shirt only reached mid-riff. He was only in ultra SHORT shorts, for Bad Luck's sake! "You look cute that way. Besides, you remind me of the main character in Loveless," K replied cheerfully.

"Then…why the sheep outfit?" Shuichi sniffed. He was being surrounded by many drooling men now. K shot them all down and pulled Shuichi close. "Rage gave me the outfit, don't complain," K answered as he shot three more random people. Shuichi had a chute headgear with tiny horns. He wore little hoof pads on his hands and feet. The rest of his outfit was similar to Suguru, just that his was white and fleecy. "Right, then I must look like a dog," Hiro mumbled. "Nope, just wanted to dress you up as Inuyasha!" K stated.

"There they are!" Tohma yelled. "Oh, must've heard my gunshots. Oh well!" K threw down a smoke bomb and secured the band into a random taxi, throwing the driver out. He sped away, leaving Tohma with an extremely insincere smile it made even Yuki tremble.

"All right, K-san. If it's a war you want, it's a war you'll get."

A/N: How was it? About the cosplay part, Suguru was cosplaying as Ritsuka from Loveless, Shuichi no one in particular and Hiro as Inuyasha! If you don't know, Bill and Rage are from the manga. Bill serves Rage who's position is similar to Sakano but they're from different companies. Rage works at XMR at America.Please review!