Peace hung over the dark countryside. The night air filled with sounds of sleepy creatures returning to their nests and dens for the night. A cool night breeze shook the leaves of the trees. Everything was calm and quiet.

The students of Alfea school of Magix were all in bed and asleep. Each girl having their own secret dreams. Peace filled the mind of every student...

Every student that is but one...

She'd fallen asleep reading a book about botany. The book lay open across her chest. Her pixy, who's finally stopped talking for once, lay sleeping in a small bed on a shelf above the fairy's head.

As she slept, her mind began to fill with dark images. She dreamt of fire and pain. Of darkness covering the sun and killing all life. She dreamt of walking through a ruin of a planet searching for her friends and family, but finding neither.

"Hello," she called, looking around the rocky plain. "Is anyone there? Hello?"

She received no reply and kept on walking.

Suddenly she spotted a figure laying on the ground. It was somebody she knew and cared deeply for.

She called his name and ran to him. She said his name again as she knelt down to look at his face. It was pale in death and cold to the touch.

She gasped and cried out his name again but discovered she had no voice. She started to cry, wanting desperately to help him but knowing there was nothing she could do. He was gone. He would never come back.

Suddenly a black shadow slowly blanketed the whole area. Haunting laughter filled her mind and echoed off the rocks around her. Her heart filled with fear and she ran. She ran for all she was worth but it was not use. A smothering blackness enveloped her, muting any screams she tried to let out...

The girl woke gasping for breath. She sat up and looked around herself. She spotted her room mate sleeping peacefully in her bed, her little bunny friend snuggled up next to her. The girl got up and checked on the others. They were fine. Everything was fine.

Sighing in relief she headed back to her own bed and flopped onto it. "It was only a dream," she said to herself, resting the back of her hand against her forehead as she stared at the ceiling. "Only a dream..."

But.. was it really?


I just wanted to say this whole fic (meaning this chapter and the ones to come)was inspired by a Winx Club dream I had awhile back. The dream seemed cool so I decided to write about it.