Zackwell sneered at Flora. "Even the Aeon's power won't help you, girl," he scoffed. "Why don't you just give up now?"

"I won't give up," she told him, smiling herself. "Don't you remember?"

"Remember what?"

"When the Aeon's give all their power they are summoning the Final Aeon," she replied.

"I see no Aeon."

"That's because," she said charging up the final attack. "I'm the Final Aeon!"

Zackwell stared at her in disbelieve. "You're the Final Aeon?" he exclaimed.

"Yes," she said, getting ready to end this once and for all. "And this is your end! ULTIMA!"

Before the Dark Lord could do anything he was comsumed by the Final Aeon's power. As his body vanished forever he screamed loudly and shrilly. 'NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!" then he was gone.

As the light faded everyone looked into the sky. Flora was slowly floating to the ground. As she descended she held the sword out infront of her anf kept her eyes closed. The sword slowly disintrigrated as well as the Aeons. The Sphere's shone brightly and floated around her except the Sphere of Nature which was still in her body.

When her feet finally touched the ground the sword vanished and her arms dropped to her sides. It's over... and relief spread over her entire body.

"Flora!" a voice shouted.

Hmmm? That voice didn't belong to any of her girl friends. But I thought...


The fairy opened her eyes. She saw someone with long blue hair running toward her. "H...Helia?" she said then ran at him as her fairy costume faded and she was once again in her flowered shirt and jeans. "Helia!"

They met each other halfway and embrased. Flora was so relieved it was over and happy to see he was still alive that she kissed him.

"So, Lord Darkar," Shiva said as her Sphere floated into her hands. "Now since this is over are you going to give up trying to get the Ultimate Power?"

"Are you kidding?" he asked as he sent his Sphere back to Mount Ifirit. "I'm not done yet."

She smiled. "I figured that," she said leaning toward him. "Well then consider this a farewell gift." then she kissed him on the cheek. (Yes, Shiva likes Darkar).

Miranda came back into the Room of Insights. "Darcy's better," she told the Lord of Fire. "Her and her sisters have returned to your realm."

"Then I'll be going," he said then melted into the floor as he parted.

"I'd better be going to," Belzack said.

"I agree," Farore nodded.

The two vanished and Damen also took his leave.

"Hey, Miranda," Leviathan said.


"Do you think Zackwell is gone this time?"

"No doubt," she replied, looking over at him and smiling. "But there's nothing wrong with being on guard... just in case..."

Flora and Helia parted just as the clouds broke up and the sun came out bringing with it a new day.

"I'm glad this is over, Flora," he said as he held her hand. "And I kept my promise. I didn't die."

"No," she said smiling at him. "you didn't."

"Flora!" another voice shouted.

The two looked toward the school. They saw the Winx Club and Mirta running toward them.

I'm glad I was able to save my friends, she thought smiling. She tugged on Helia's hand. "Let's greet them."

"Yes," he said smiling at her. "Lets."

Irisa watched Flora and Helia run toward their friends. She smiled as the wind blew her green hair. I'm glad... she thought. Flora. Good Job. You were the only one and you didn't hesitate.

The Lady of Nature laid her hands over her heart. "We chose well, Master," she whispered. "it's all over now."

Then she faded back into her element as Flora was covered in hugs by her friends.



Well that's it. I hope you all liked it.