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The rest of the week went pretty shitty for Nathan but it was now Friday and he was excited to be seeing Haley.

She hadn't really talked to him all week and so he was hoping to figure out what was going on when she came over for dinner that night.

His Calc teacher was giving him an even harder time and Nathan couldn't figure out why but at least Molly had been a lot of help and so he was able to answer some of the questions correctly.

And then there was basketball. With Lucas not being able to give 110 that meant that Nathan had to work even harder to keep the team up where they should be. Overall he was just exhausted.

As Nathan walked into the apartment he couldn't help but be relieved that Saturday practice was cancelled which meant….that's right Nathan Scott would get to sleep in.

"Hey Nate how did today go?" Molly asked from her spot at the sink.

"Oh you know the same old. Although I did get most of the questions right in calc today so maybe Mrs. Baker will leave me alone about it all." He said with a smile.

Molly frowned. "She's still giving you problems."

"Nah not really don't worry about it LeeLee. I got this one." Nathan smirked.

"Alright well Haley called and said that she can't make it for dinner because she has plans with Taylor." Molly said knowing that it was going to upset her brother.

"Are you kidding me? When the heck am I supposed to see my girlfriend?" Nathan asked getting pissed off that Haley was avoiding him.

"I don't know. You should give her a call Nate because I really don't know what's going on with her. I finished all of my songs for our project and she hasn't given me any new ones of hers. Something is really not right." She said finishing up that last dish.

Nathan just nodded and went to his room to call Haley. It rang a couple of times before a female voice answered. However it was not Haley.

"Haley's phone how can I help you." Taylor James asked already knowing that it was Nathan.

"Hey Taylor its Nathan I was wondering if Haley was there." He asked.

"Umm yeah I think she's in the shower." Taylor said.

"Hey bub it's Nathan on the phone for you." He could hear in the background.

"She said that she'll call you back later Nathan." Taylor said sadly.

"Oh umm ok well just let her know that dinner will be ready at 7 if she changes her mind. You can come to Taylor if you want." Nathan said thinking that maybe Haley would come if Taylor was too.

"Alright I'll let her know. Thanks Nate." Taylor said hanging up the phone.

Taylor turned and looked at her sister.

"What the heck is going on Hay?"

"I just want to spend time with you that's all." Haley said looking at her hands.

"Haley look at me. I appreciate it really I do. You've been here for me the whole time but one night with your boyfriend is not going to change anything. You need to be with your friend Haley before you loose them. Trust me I have been pushing people away my whole life and that's what you're doing now."

"No I'm not I just I just want to spend time with my sister what is so bad about that." Haley asked getting angry.

"Nothing but my lord your killing us both. I mean I haven't gotten to spend anytime with Tim and you haven't seen Nathan in god knows how long. If you keep pushing them away you're going to lose them and Haley Nathan is the best thing that ever happened to you. You can't just let go of that because I'm sick." Taylor said trying to make her understand.

"If you don't want me around Taylor you should have just said so." Haley said taking the defensive.

"Oh get off it Haley you know that's not what I mean I love having you around and getting to know you better but Jesus have you own life too. I don't know how long I have left and what are you going to do when I'm gone huh….I'll tell you nothing because you won't have anyone left. Now get your skinny little ass over to his place right now and have dinner with your boyfriend. He misses you Hay and I can tell that you miss him too." Taylor said sitting next to her sister.

"I just. I don't know Tay I just feel like no one understands but you. And I don't want their pity ok."

"You really think that Nathan is going to pity you. You know what Hay if that's what you think then maybe your not who I thought you were. You need to stop all of this that boy loves you and all he wants is for you to let him in. Is that really so hard."

"I don't know ask Nathan he's the king of pushing people away."

"Yeah well if you were a guy you would be giving him a run for his money. Now I mean it get your ass over there and let your boyfriend know that you need him." Taylor said pushing her up.

"Fine but I'm going to be back in 2 hours." Haley said.

"Well then you'll be alone because I am going to be over at Tim's house all weekend." Taylor said smiling.

"Tay do you really think that's a good idea. I mean what if something happens."

"I have cancer Hay I'm not dead and as long as I still have a breath left I am going to enjoy myself you should really do the same." Taylor said getting her keys and walking out the door.

Haley sat there and thought about what her sister had said. She did need Nathan but she just didn't know if she wanted him right now. And was it fair to him if she just dumped all of her problems on him. It's not like he didn't already have enough to worry about. And she knew that Molly was ticked at her for being behind on the project. But she just couldn't bring herself to care about any of that stuff. Not when he sister was dieing. Taylor was right though she needed her friends and eventually she would have to face them. And the thought of dinner seemed much nicer then spending the weekend by herself.

Nathan and Molly had sat down for dinner when there was a knock on the door.

"I got it." Molly said thinking that it was probably Lucas. He had been coming over a lot since the whole HCM thing. However she was very surprised.

"Haley." She said taking the girl into a hug. "It's good to see you I've been missing my best friend." Molly said taking a step back to look at the girl.

"Yeah I know I'm just I don't know busy I guess." She said looking around the room.

"I know that's fine don't worry about it. I'm just glad that you decided to come over Nathan has been sulking all week." Molly laughed.

Nathan who had heard Haley's voice came to stand by his sister.

"You decided to come." Nathan said smiling at her.

"Yeah well Taylor was going to be gone so I figured that I would come here instead." Haley said once again looking at her hands.

Nathan was kind of sad that she had only come because Taylor was gone but at least she had decided to come.

"Well you're just in time for dinner come on in." Nathan said closing the door behind her.

"Oh I'm not really that hungry." Haley said.

"What no way. There is no way in this world that my girl Haley James is not hungry not get your skinny little as in here before I force feed you." Molly said linking arms with the girl.

Nathan laughed at the two girls as they went to the table. But he couldn't help but notice the sadness in Haley's eyes. And at that moment he wanted nothing more then to take it all away for her.