This is just a short little fic I came up with.

Highway 97

Dean and Sam stood in front of the car rental shop checking out the cars available for rent.

"This is going to cost a fortune." Sam said as they looked around trying to find the cheapest car on the lot. He turned up his collar and put his hands in his pockets trying to stay warm against the cold Colorado December.

"It's worth it. There's no way I'm driving my car on that highway. I want my baby safe and sound."

They had read reports in the paper of a mysterious highway in Colorado which had been the location of more then the average number of deaths in the last few months. Cars with seasoned drivers had inadvertently swerved off the road and ended up in the canyon below the highway. Most of the occupants of the cars were killed. The few who had survived told of being forced off the highway by a black pickup truck which suddenly appeared out of no where and chased them. The police wrote it off as a case of road rage. But it had caught the Winchester's interest. They had been involved in a similar case like this years ago and were wondering if this case might be the same A phantom driver who would suddenly appear out of no where and force drivers off the road. It was never determined what caused the phantom to attack or how his victims were chosen, but their dad had eventually figured out that the only way to destroy one was with a combination of holy water and fire. Through out the years reports of phantoms drivers had turned up around the country and since this one was in their vicinity they decided to investigate it and if it was determined to indeed be a phantom driver, destroy it.

They finally picked out a cheap older model car and signed it out for the week. They also paid for extra insurance; they knew if the phantom showed itself there was a good chance the car would be coming back damaged. Now all they could do was cruise the highway and hope that the black truck showed up. Dean also rented a storage shed for the week to keep his own car safe. He took a suitcase out of the trunk then patted the car lovingly on the hood before locking the storage shed's door.

"Why didn't you just kiss it and tell it how much you love it?" Sam said grinning as they walked to the rental car.

"You just don't understand. That car is a thing of beauty, meant to be admired, meant to be treated with love and respect."

"It's a car Dean, not a woman." Sam shook his head and gave a little laugh.

"I know it's a car jerk….Ah forget it you just don't understand."

"I understand you need to see a psychiatrist about your love affair with that car."

"Ah shut up." Dean opened the suitcase and took a gun like device out, he then put the suitcase in the back seat of the rental car.

They jumped in the car and started toward Highway 97 which ran over treacherous canyon roads. Even without a car chasing you the highway was dangerous especially in winter; sharp curves and falling rocks caused numerous accidents on portions of the highway. It was easy to see how a car could careen off the road and down into the steep canyon. Dean handed the gun to Sam.

"Okay, if that thing comes after us you need to shoot into the cab of the truck. This has a double barrel attached to it." He pointed to the two tube like devices fitted under the gun. "One shoots the holy water and the other the flare." He looked at Sam and smiled. "Pretty cool huh? The last time we encountered one of these drivers we had to shoot two guns remember, one with the holy water and then the flare gun? Well Dad and I designed this beauty. Now you can deliver the water and the flare at the same time."

Sam smiled over at his brother.

"You really get off on all these contraptions don't you?"

"Hell yeah I do. Hey, someone's got to do it and ….what can I say, we're good at it."

"What if I miss?" Sam said checking out the gun.

"Well don't."

"Well what if I do?"

"I have more canisters in the case and I'd suggest you keep a bunch of them up front here with you. You miss; you load up quick and fire again. I'll try to stay next to it as long as I can but if it knows what you're trying to do it might take off and we'll never get a second chance."

"Hey, you're better with guns then I am why don't I drive and you shoot?"

"Because I'm also a better driver then you."

"That's your opinion."

"Hey I have four more years driving experience then you do, that makes me a better driver."

Sam gave a little laugh and shook his head and looked out the side window.

"Look I'm not going to argue with you, I won't win."

"About time you learn that Bro." Dean grinned over at his brother.


They had been driving for about two hours when Sam suddenly reached over and hit Dean on his arm.

"Dean." He said softly and when Dean looked at him he nodded toward his side window. On a road directly below him a black pickup had come from a side road and was closely following a red station wagon.

"Hold on!" Dean said as he put his foot down on the accelerator and sped toward the two vehicles.

Sam braced himself as the car flew down the road skidding on patches of ice.

"Hey, take it easy Dean you're going to kill us before we even get there."

"Just hold on." Dean said as he swerved around a curve and chased after the truck.

Sam glared at Dean as he lost his balance and almost slid off the seat. He quickly put on his seat belt.

Soon they were behind the truck, they slowed down and stayed behind it so they could keep an eye on it. For all they knew maybe this wasn't even the truck they were looking for.

They had followed it for awhile and were beginning to think it wasn't the right one when suddenly the truck pulled up next to the station wagon and began moving closer and closer to it forcing the driver to move closer to the edge of the road. Dean floored the accelerator and pulled up right behind the truck. He began bumping it trying to distract it away from the car. It didn't work. The pickup began pushing the car closer and closer to the edge."

"Dean you got to stop him!" Sam said as he loaded the gun.

Dean kept hitting the truck harder and harder trying to draw its attention away from the car.

"Come on you son of a bitch!" Dean got right behind the truck and tried to jump his car onto its bumper figuring he could brake and hopefully hold the truck back giving the car time to get away. "Shoot it!" He yelled to Sam when his attempt failed.

"Try to hold it steady!" Sam said as he leaned out the window and aimed the gun. But the road was bumpy and full of ruts and the cartridge hit below the pickup truck's window. He got back in the car and reloaded, but before he could aim they watched in horror as the station wagon sailed off the road and into the canyon below.