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Highway 97

Chapter seven

Dean limped as quickly as he could toward the car.

"Sam!" He screamed praying he'd hear an answer.

"Dean!" Sam called weakly relieved that Dean was with him again and if he died he wouldn't be alone. "What's happening?"

"The driver is down here with you." Dean looked around hoping he could see something to indicate where the driver was. He gripped his gun tightly, ready to fire at any moment. "Come on show yourself you son of a bitch!" Dean shouted out into the canyon. There was no response. He slowly closed in on the car. "You okay? How's the leg?" Dean shouted over to the car as he carefully approached it.

Sam looked down at the slowly growing pool of blood beneath his leg and tightened the tourniquet.

"I'm okay." Sam knew that wasn't true. He was slowly bleeding to death.

Dean slowly approached the car knowing at any moment it could slide further into the canyon. He knew if that happened there was no way Sam could survive. He gritted his teeth in pain as he leaned down and carefully crawled in through the shattered window. He gave Sam a reassuring smile.

"Help's coming." When he saw the additional blood beneath Sam's leg he prayed it would come in time. He reached over and gently readjusted the tourniquet around his brother's leg. Sam turned his head to the side and squeezed his eyes shut trying to hide the pain, then looked at his brother.

"Dean…you better get out of here…The car could go at any moment."

Dean squeezed Sam's shoulder reassuringly; he hadn't realized that Sam knew how precarious the situation was. He then saw the note Sam had in his hand.

"What's this?" He took it out of Sam's hand and started to read it but Sam quickly pulled it away from him wrinkled it up and stuck it in his pocket. "What was that….a goodbye note?" Dean swallowed the lump in his throat as he thought of Sam lying here alone writing a note to him in case he didn't make it.

"I just thought…just in case…."

"Look Sam we're going to be fine. Help will be here any minute." Dean lied; he had no idea when help was coming or if it would get there in time.

"What about…." Before Sam could finish he watched in horror as something grabbed Dean's legs and pulled him violently out of the car. "Dean!"

"Arghhhhhhh!" Dean screamed as his injured leg felt like it had been pulled from its socket. He could hear Sam inside the car calling for him but right now he was in too much pain to answer.

"Dean!" Sam screamed. He struggled in vain to free himself. Tears of frustration ran down his face at the thought that that thing might be killing his brother and there was nothing he could do.

Dean reached down at his side for the gun….it wasn't there. He must have dropped it when he was pulled out of the car. He tried to stand up but was punched hard in the stomach then shoved violently away from the car into a large boulder. He cried out as he hit the rock hard.

Sam's heart broke as he listened to Dean being hurt. He grabbed hold of the car seat and took a deep breath. I'm going to die anyway he thought as he yanked as hard as he could and finally pulled his leg free. Blood poured out of the now ripped open wound. He didn't care; at least maybe he could save Dean, then at least one of them would live. He crawled over to the gun Dean had dropped then crawled out of the car fighting to stay conscious. He managed to get to the side of the car and propped himself up against it and watched as Dean was once more tossed violently. As Dean lay on the ground trying to catch his breath Sam could see his brother's arm being jerked up as the driver grabbed hold of it and was about to pick him up and throw him again. Sam took careful aim and fired at the area he thought the phantom would be standing. A horrible scream tore through the canyon as the driver was hit. Both Dean and Sam watched as it slowly began to become visible as the fire from the flare gun slowly engulfed it and the holy water destroyed it. With one last howl of rage and pain it vanished. Sam slowly sank to the ground exhausted. Dean painfully crawled over next to his brother and pulled him into his lap. He once more reached down and tightened the tourniquet praying his brother hadn't already lost too much blood for it to make any difference.

"Sammy?" He said as he brushed Sam's long brown hair out of his eyes. "You did it Sammy….it's gone."

Sam slowly opened his eyes and looked up at him.

"You okay Bro?" He said weakly.

"Couldn't be better."

"Well, you look like hell." Sam gave a little grin then settled back safe in his brother's arms.

"That's almost impossible." Dean grinned back.


Help arrived two hours later and both Dean and Sam were airlifted to the nearest hospital. Sam was immediately given blood transfusions and taken into surgery to repair the deep wound in his leg. Dean was treated for a cracked hip and numerous cuts and bruises. They spent five days in the hospital and then were released with orders to take it easy for the next two weeks.


Both Winchesters stood outside of the storage shed on crutches while Dean opened the door and smiled.

"Boy I missed you….you look beautiful." He said to his Impala, then limped over and kissed its hood.

"Do you two want to be alone?" Sam smiled shaking his head. "I swear Dean you'd marry her if you could."

"Yeah, I think I would." He ran his hand over the fender. "Feel that body… so smooth, so sexy…."

"I've heard enough." Sam said as he turned away. "I'll see you over at the diner if you can pull yourself away from your lady love long enough to join me." Sam shut the door, leaving Dean and his car alone and made his way over to the nearby diner.

The End