Title: A Time For All Things

Author: Ohtori Akio

Pairing: YamatoSakura

Rating: PG

A Time For All Things

No one saw what she saw that day, walking home from a hard mission. A crisp Autumn day, the leaves covering the road and crunching under her feet.

Sakura thought about equations and romantic literature. Sakura saw the sky grow dark with impending night. And then, quick as a flash, someone darted around the corner—a man—Sakura swore for years and years to come that something…or someone was chasing that man.

She took off after the man, a wild, impulsive force taking over her body, turning her normally weak bones into steel. But the man was gone, the street empty as always at this time of the evening.

Sakura looked to the ground and saw, hidden within a sea of dust, bright red flower petals. They made a trail, a trail that Sakura had followed—forgetting to go home—and led her to see something that no one else saw that day.

A man on the ground, wounded and a mournful masked jounin.

"One day you will get your chance…" The silver haired jounin spoke.

Sakura ended up home once more, not knowing how she got there and a rose laid on her bed, but she didn't know where it came from.

Sakura was sure that she was forgetting something vastly important.