Operation: SCYTHE

Stupid new

Clumsy operative



Help Father In Attempt To

Establish a New World Order

Chapter 1: Billy's Usual Boring Day

It was an average day at Billy's house. Billy was sitting on the sofa as bored as ever when Mandy came into the room.

"Hey stupid" said Mandy, "is there anything good on to watch?"

"I'm too bored to pick up the remote" replied Billy, "and besides, these are the same shows I see over and over again and again!"

"Listen you" said Mandy as she grabbed Billy by his sleeve, "you better pick up that remote, because I commanded you to do so."

"Why don't you make me?" asked Billy.

This of course angered Mandy and she began to get into a fight with Billy. Billy tried to overcome Mandy, but Mandy kept at him. As Grim stepped into the room, he was shocked to see that they were fighting, but not so surprised.

"What's wrong with you two!" shouted Grim as he shrieked at them, "Don't you two have anything better to do than to fight each other or make fun of each other?"

"I'm so bored Grim" replied Billy as he dusted himself off.

"The only thing that keeps me busy these days is making fun of Billy and even beating him up occasionally" added Mandy.

"Well, I just have about had it with you two!" shouted Grim, "You're lucky you two forced me into friendship, otherwise I would be going Medieval over you. If you catch my drift."

"So what kind of some fun activity shall we do today?" asked Mandy.

"I know" replied Billy as he had an idea, "what if we can join some sort of secret organization for kids like us?"

"Hmm, now that you think of it" replied Grim, "there is a sort of an organization. But it's a very special organization. And top secret I might add."

"Oh please Grim!" begged Billy as he got on his knees, "Can you take us to the headquarters of that secret organization?"

"Look, if I took you there, it wouldn't be a secret anymore" replied Grim.

"Just do it so that we won't be bored anymore" added Mandy.

"Fine" said Grim as he took out his scythe, "but I warn you about this organization, it has many enemies and the duties of this organization will be very hard on you."

"Whatever" said Mandy, "I'm sure we can handle it. Just do your stuff already."

Grim then aimed his scythe at an empty area and fired and a large portal of some sort opened. The portal then sucked Mandy, Billy and Grim into the portal and as they reached on the other end, they found themselves in a secret moon base of some sort. As Billy and Mandy looked around, they noticed some sort of device that was sitting on the table.

"I think this is the device where you place your DNA into it and be recognized as a member of this organization" said Grim.

"Well, it seems like Mandy doesn't have a nose to do it" said Billy as he was picking some boogers from his nose and placed it into the strange device.

"Please choose a number you wish to be" said a computer voice.

"Uh, uh" said Billy.

"How about negative zero?" asked Mandy.

"Number Negative Zero, welcome to the Kids Next Door" said the computer voice to Billy.

"But that wasn't the number I was going to choose" said Billy.

"Yea Mandy" said Grim, "that number doesn't even exist."

"My turn" said Mandy as she held some of her hair and placed it into the device.

"Please choose your number" said the computer voice.

"I would like to choose Number 666" said Mandy.

"Number 666, welcome to the Kids Next Door" said the computer voice, "you and Number Negative Zero have been placed in Sector V of the Kids Next Door."

"Okay Grim, you heard the computer" said Mandy, "let's get to Sector V."

Grim then aimed his scythe and an empty area and blasted a large wormhole that took them right into the command center of Sector V's tree house. Number 1 came right in and noticed two new operatives and a strange hooded figure standing next to them.

"You two must be the new operatives high command has sent us" said Number 1, "welcome aboard, Numbers Negative Zero and 666. And who is your hooded friend? Is he an adult agent?"

"No" replied Mandy, "to be more precise, he's the Grim Reaper."

"And he's our friend slave!" shouted Billy.

"Well, if he's your slave" said Number 1, "I guess he's no harm to the rest of Sector V."

"So what do we do as our first day as an operative?" asked Mandy to Number 1.

"Well, we are having the KND moon base command that'll setup temporary rooms for you two" said Number 1.

"And the missions?" asked Mandy.

"You'll be assigned to two elite members of Sector V" replied Number 1, "I and Number 5 will evaluate your actions on each of the missions we're on. We might exchange you two so that we can know your behaviors during a mission. Is that clear?"

"Define clear" said Billy.

"Uh" said Number 1, "is this like what he usually is?"

"He's dumber than dirt" said Grim, "you don't have to repeat yourself."

"Well, since you're the Grim Reaper" said Number 1, "I'm putting out an all points protecting bulletin for Sector V to guard your magical scythe. Who knows what powers will be unleashed should it get into the wrong hands. And believe me, I know several wrong hands that are just down the lane."

Meanwhile, back at the Delightful Children's mansion, Father was at his annual meeting with several major villains against the Kids Next Door.

"Now people" said Father, "what sort of plots do you have that will put an end to the Kids Next Door?"

"Spank them?" asked Count Spankula as he raised his hand.

"Give them some dental treatment?" asked Nightbrace as he also raised his hand.

"Isn't there anything new that you people can come up with?" asked Father as he began to light up his flames, "I mean come on. Your ways were good, but those Kids Next Door have foiled them all."

"Well" said Mr. Boss, "I did hear that Sector V, the most despise Sector this group of villainy as ever faced has two new operatives, and their hooded skeleton friend."

"The Grim Reaper?" asked Father in an astonished voice.

"I believe so" replied Mr. Boss, "and I have heard that his scythe can bring us some good."

"So why not we just send in some of you villains and retrieve the scythe" said Father.

"Not that simple" said Mr. Boss, "wish everything could be that simple, otherwise we wouldn't be failing at destroying the Kids Next Door."

"Why isn't it so simple?" asked Father.

"Well, I have heard from some of my spies" replied Mr. Boss, "that the Grim Reaper has been turned into a friend-slave."

"What the heck is a friend-slave?" asked Nightbrace.

"Well, it seems like when the Grim Reaper attempted to reap the soul of a sick hamster" replied Mr. Boss, "he lost to a bet he made with these two new operatives who are now members of Sector V."

"I propose we put pressure on these two new operatives then" said Father, "then when they are exhausted of all energy, we can go and grab the scythe from the Grim Reaper."

"Say, that plan doesn't sound that bad" said Mr. Boss.

"Think of the type of power I would use to force every kid to brush their teeth and force them to acquire dental work on their teeth with that scythe" said Nightbrace.

"Or how I'll be able to spank like I have never spanked before" added Count Spankula.

"You'll all get a chance to taste the power of the scythe" said Father, "but first thing's first. We'll need some of you to come up with some distractions for Sector V of the Kids Next Door and their new operatives."