Disclaimer: I do not own Harry Potter of Severus Snape, nor the wizarding world, these all belong to the beautiful JKR.

The battle raged for hours and I battled hard, the people around me dieing constantly, I cast the Killing Curse so many time that I feared that I could no longer cast another type of spell. I constantly dodged return curses from my once comrades and every now and then the battle around me would lull enough for me to look for you so I do. You're always making your way to the Dark Lord, slowly but surely, your green eyes glow with power, and you kill the Death Eaters that get in your way, another curse comes at me so I turn away again and battle for my life.

The battle has raged another three hours when suddenly everyone stops, I hear a voice roar into the sky "The Dark Lord is dead! His reign of terror is at and end, all those who supported him die tonight!" with that a wave of power so strong rolls over those still standing and Death Eaters left and right drop like flies, but the power doesn't touch me, I don't know weather to be grateful for that or not, but all I can feel is a burning in my arm and I roll up my sleeves to see the mark that was branded into my arm all those years ago fading, the ink is seeping out of my skin and I just stare at it.

I feel someone touch my hair and I look up at you from the ground where I have kneeled "Your free Severus, May the rest of your life bring you happiness. It's too bad that I won't live to see it, so give me one last moment." And with that you leaned down and covered my lips with yours is a swift but loving kiss, and, as you started to move away I pulled you close and kissed you with every ounce of love I held in my heart. Slowly you pulled away from me and smiled a small smile and I started to say something but you covered my mouth with a finger.

"Severus," you said "I love you and I always will, and I will wait for you for all of eternity, but I used all my strength battling, my death approaches in moments and all I have, I give to you, may you find happiness and peace in your time that is left. My magic is almost used up and it's the only thing keeping me alive. Goodbye my love." And with that you collapsed in my arms your beautiful, death colored eyes, staring at nothing, as the last bit of life and magic drained out of you.

"Harry…" I said "I will wait for my time so that I may join you, for I love you as well." And with that said I closed your eyes and gently kissed you one last time.

My time now approaches, It has been fifty years since your death and I find that I cant wait to see you again, I know I will die early but I have lived my life to the fullest, Our child that I was carrying when you died now has children of his own which will carry on our name, I have lived as much as I can without you, so as my body draws its last breath and my soul leaves I go in search of you, for I will follow you to the end of time my dearest Harry.