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The King and Queen Diaries

Chapter One: Impure (Fuketsu)


City of Versai

I could see them. They were so close, I could almost touch them.

I have been watching them for a very long time now. Ever since that day where Bulma banished me from her room, so she could protect me from Vegeta. She had known that Vegeta would have killed me without hesitation, for she knew what kind of a disgusting beast he was.

Vegeta did not deserve to touch her. She was an angel, above normal humanoids. Her beauty astounded everyone, men and women alike. You just could not help staring at her. Her gorgeous azure eyes, the way they sparkled and showed so much emotion, so much passion. The way she would let her amazing hair down, letting it tumble around her graceful white shoulders. Her body was magnificent...her breasts, so full, so soft. The way her flat stomach met with her round, curvy hips, the way her long, elegant legs moved with her stunning body, the way that they wrapped so passionately around his hips...

How do I know all this? Oh, the answer is simple. I spy on her...on them. She has no clue...they have no clue. She is sheltered so completely by Vegeta, she thinks that no harm will come to her. She thinks that everything will always be perfect, that nothing will ever go wrong, because she has Vegeta. Of course, she does not know that she is so very, very wrong.

I am watching them now. They have no idea because I am a genius. I am only a mere foot away from them. They are hidden in a secluded area of the palace, near the guest rooms in fact, where they think no one will hear or see them. But here I am, concealed behind thick red curtains, the perfect hiding place. I do not move, I do not breathe, I don't even so much as blink. I have become so good at spying on them, they do not even know that I watch them at every moment, every second. I watch them when they fuck, I watch them when they bathe, kiss, touch each other. I watch them when they sleep, oh yes, most especially then, for that is when they are the most vulnerable. I get so close to them sometimes that I can feel their breath upon my skin; sometimes I even dare to touch their hair. I see everything that they do together; I see things that they wouldn't want me to see. I even witness the vile King show ever-so pretty parts of his personality to his wife that no one would ever guess when they are alone. I see every moment of love they share, every moment of utter worship...and every moment I am disgusted by it.

I hear a soft, feminine moan. I want to groan myself, at the unfairness of it all. Bulma should have been mine, not Vegeta's. The new king should have died out in space, where he deserved to be. He should not have been the one holding her, kissing her luscious lips, touching her gorgeous, graceful body. He is a horrible, repulsive creature, not fit to be married to the angel in his arms, or to be King. He has killed too much, he has hurt too much. He is sickening to me, and no doubt to everyone else.

I watch Bulma wrap her silken limbs around Vegeta, and I want to reach out and touch her, but I dare not to. No matter how much watching them arouses me, I never dare to make a sound or movement. I have to wait until I go back to my hidden place inside the palace, where no one has a clue where I am. I am protected there, and no one will ever find me. I plot and scheme there, to plan their demise.

They have completely forgotten that I exist as they bask in each other's evil lust. I watch as Vegeta's hand slips under her billowing blue dress, to find her most secret spot. Her head falls back against the strong arm supporting her, sure that he will hold her, her full lips parting in a silent seductive moan. Her stunning blue eyes are closed, but that does not stop me from jumping back behind the curtains. If her eyes had opened, she would have seen me. It is moments like this that I know that I am getting too cocky, and I have to be more careful.

My breathing accelerates with hers, and I fight the urge to touch myself. I can hear her breathy pants and moans; I can hear Vegeta murmur words that I cannot decipher against her long, elegant throat. No doubts words of love, words of encouragement, words that make me want to hurl, because they sound so fake coming from the weak King.

I slink to a more strategic spot behind the curtains that line the walls. I move so that I am behind Vegeta, and I can feel sweat bead on my forehead as I watch them. She is so wanton, so passionate when Vegeta touches her. I can see her long, pale leg wrapped around his hip to help support her weight, I can see Vegeta's hand, barely visible, pleasuring her between her thighs. The sight of her head thrown back, her loose aquamarine hair touching the marble floor with its magnificent length arouses me unlike anything I have ever seen. I have always wanted to wrap handfuls of her hair in my fist and drag her against me, pleasure her just the way that Vegeta, the dirty, abominable king is now.

I can see her throat work and her eyes fly open, and I just know that she is about to come. I know her body almost as well as Vegeta does, just by watching them. I can hear Vegeta chuckle devilishly at the look of bliss on her face, and he knows too. My hands fist as her mouth opens, preparing for her telltale cries of pleasure. Just before her loud moans fill the air, Vegeta stops, depriving her of her pleasure. She gasps, her body trembling weakly against his, her eyes filling with tears. He chuckles again, and then pushes her roughly against the wall. His mouth covers hers as he frees his hard length from his pants, and thrusts inside her. By the gods, the way she throws her head back and screams hoarsely is almost too much. I can see her hands grip his arms until her fingers turn white, her trembling legs becoming weak against the onslaught of ecstasy. She comes only seconds later, while Vegeta holds her against the wall, his face buried in the crook of her neck. I hear Vegeta exclaim something the moment she orgasms, and I laugh to myself when he follows right after her. The weak-willed fool, he cannot even control himself.

They quiet a few moments later, Bulma's body weak and limp in her pathetic husband's arms. He kisses her gently one more time on her swollen lips, and I cover my mouth to stifle a groan when I see the wet trails of desire running down her legs, visible to me briefly when Vegeta helps to adjust her dress. I ask myself how one man could be so lucky, but it just makes me want to make Vegeta suffer all the more. One day I will make him pay.

I growl to myself as Vegeta straightens his wife's clothing and hair once again just in case, and they slowly make their way back to their suite to continue their dirty escapades. I feel rage build deep within me, and I want to punish them. No one should be lucky enough; no one should have that much happiness. I should be the one enjoying all that pleasure, all that delight.

I will see to it that they both pay, most especially Vegeta. It might not be now, it might not be tomorrow...but it will happen, even if it takes years to plan, because it will be so perfect.

My sinister laugh echoes through the halls, but no one hears it.

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