Veronica Mars

Pairing- Logan/Veronica

Summary- Different take on LoVe season 1, it was always Logan and Veronica, it had just tooken them a while to realize it.

Disclaimer- Everything Veronica Mars related belongs to Rob Thomas and YADA YADA YADA.

Spoilers- All of Season 1 just to be safe

Chapter 1 Late Night Visitor

Logan Echolls knocked on the door to the apartment shifting nervously. He had on a pair of dark blue designer jeans, a plain dark green t-shirt, brown unzipped sweater, and his ever present shell necklace.

He heard loud barking from on the other side of the thin wooden door and Veronica's sharp command "Down Back-Up"

The door opened to reveal an evidently drowsy Veronica Mars dressed for comfort in a pair of short, worn red and black boxer shorts and a white Playboy bunny top. Her short blond hair was touseled and her eyes were heavy wiith sleep and slightly dazed.

After taking that all in Logan noticeed the chargeed taser held loosely in her right hand ready, if the need arose, for action. Just last week that same taser had been used to force a confession out of a dog napper and had been returned safely to its capable owners care.

"Logan?" Veronica said surprised and Back-Up started wagging his tail furioussly in greeting. She shook her head in confusion sending her blond hair in further disarray. "What are you doing here " she locked back at a clock "at one o'clock in the morning?" there was more than a trace of annoyance in her voice. Hearing it Logan bit back a grin and said softly "Look I'm sorry if I woke you, or your dad..." Veronica cut him off firmly " I needed to wake up anyway, sleeping in a chhair not the most restful and my dad is in Mexico tracking down a pair of runaways. Won't be back for a week or two."

"OH" Logan mused softly his eyes raking her body quickly.

"So?" Veronica questioned her throat going suddenly dry " Why are you here?'

Logan rubbed the back of his neck " I just... wanted... how are you doing/" he finished lamely stumbling over his words unable to find the right ones.

Veronica raised her eyebrows in disbelief "So you come by at one the morning to see how I'm doing?" Her voice held just the right trace of sarcasm annd distrust of his actions. Her hand gripped the door knob tighter.

Logaan stuudied her intensely as a moment hung suspended in time and in a split second he moved forward pulling her into his arms bendind down to devour her mouth fiiercly in an abject and searing hunger.

Veronicas arms instinctively wrapped around his neck and she returned the kiss just as passionately.

Logan pushed her into the house and closed the door behind him grappiling wiith the lock. The bar slid into place andd his lips moved down her neck whispering

"This is why I came."

"Oh" Veronica nodded dizzily "okay" her voice ragged.

Logans lips returned to hers and Veronica willing parted her own welcoming his deep invasion of her mouth. With both of her hannds moving over his soullders she slipped off his sweater and his hands skimmed beneath the hem of her shirt onto her bare skin.

"We can't do this" Veronica moaned softly and regretfully broke the kiss pulling away from the seductive warmth of his body.

"Yeah" Logan nodded understanding still disoriented from the kiss his heart beating furiously and his breathing was erratic. " I'll go" he muttered and grabbed his sweater off the floor turning to leave.

She debated with herself for a moment and when his hand reached for the door she rushed forward "Don't go." He looked at her surprised a poignant question in her in his eyes. Veronica held his hand with hers gloring in the contact and decided softly "Stay with me... tonight." Logan was stunned and a cocky grin slipped across his face letting out a breath of relief and bent forward to kiss her softly whispering against her lips

"Didnt want to leave anyway."

Verronica smiled and bent down to turn off the lamp shadows filling the room his hand still clasped firmly in hers. She lllllead him into her room closing the door softly behind them. Logan stripped off his shirt tossing both that and the sweater onto to her desk and sat down on the edge of her bed to take off his socks and shoes.

Veronica took a deep breath and pulled back the covers settling into the bed on one side Logan slipping in beside her.

He drew her into his arms and Veronica's hand settled on his bare skin over his heart her head cradled on his shoulder. Logan looked down at her golden head blown away by her trust in him and his hand drew soothing circles on her on her arm as he held her close to him

"Night Logan" Veronica whispered softly in the dark her breath hot on his bare chest from how close she was pressed against him.

" Goodnight Ronnie" Logan smirked oddly content, perfectly at peace with her in his arms. His best friends ex-girlfriend.