Summary: My second fic! Written between chapters of Once Upon A Time.

Disclaimer: If it were mine then there'd have been more than just a kiss.

Rose Tyler is only young, and she already knows all of the secrets in the universe. They all live inside her tiny barely-more-than-ape brain, bumbling about and mixing and confusing. She knows everything.

(I'm the big, bad wolf and I've come to blow your house down. Knock knock knock. I'm coming. Faster and faster.)

Rose Tyler is very old, and she knows nothing. Nothing of substance. No GCSEs. No A-levels. An award for gymnastics. A job in a shop which is about to explode. A meeting with a man with big ears.

(I'm getting closer. Can you feel me? I'm coming for you. Coming for all of you. Come and find me!)

Rose Tyler is just old enough, and she is running, racing, hop-skip-jumping through time and space. Slitheen are nothing and Gelth are only tiny. She's been everywhere she knew about and places that she didn't know about, and all with Him at her side.

(Oh, so close! You're getting warmer. Come closer, Rose. Come closer so I can help you. All I want to do is help you!)

Rose Tyler's world has been turned upside down and a metal monster is chasing her. She's running, running so fast but not quite fast enough. She is caught and it is all over, only it isn't, because the monster doesn't kill her and the Bad Wolf hasn't blown down her house just yet.

(But I will, you know I will, you can feel me now, feel me watching you in the dark, feel the hairs on your neck standing up because what's that, in the corner of your eye? Those words so familiar and so far away?)

Rose Tyler has met her father and saved him and then killed him again. The Doctor is dead and he is alive, and he is there besides her, and now so is Jack, charming and wonderful and everything she ever fancied but not, because what is he against Him?

(Enjoy it while you can, Rose, because I'm so close now you can nearly see me. I'm right here in front of your face and I'm still getting closer. Look for me and see me, because you already see me everywhere)

Rose Tyler is terrified. She has seen such wonders, such horrible things, and the most horrible is back, has been there for so long, waiting in the Dark Space and just as soon as she starts to win she is sent back to the beginning, End Game, but not quite, because..

(Yes! Yes! Open the console! You're there! You've found me! Come on, we don't have time to waste yes we do, we have all the time in the universe, hurry!)

Rose Tyler is as old as the universe and getting older. She sees everything and hears everything, the turn of planets and the tick of an old Grandfather clock. Time is nothing and time is everything, Now is everywhere and nowhere, she is the Bad Wolf and she blows the house down, the Metal Monster dead and her men saved, she could save everyone but she doesn't and then-

(Don't let go! Don't let go! You're everything, you can give life! Don't- let-)

Rose Tyler is amazingly alone in a universe full of people. He is gone- burst into a ball of light but he's not gone, not really, because he's just there, right in front of her face only his face is different. They save the world again and they defeat the alien menace and she still calls him the Doctor, only he isn't, and always there's the nagging, nagging voice in her head-

(Come back. We can change it. We can bring him back!)

Rose Tyler is the Bad Wolf, and if you don't watch out then she'll eat Grandma and blow down your house and just to finish off, she'll save the day.