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Summary: My first Doctor Who fic! A bit of silliness, really, but I might carry it on. The tenth Doctor visits a small Rose for a talk and to play.

"In a galaxy far, far away.."

"That's not how it goes, silly!"

It was a sunny Thursday afternoon and a small girl, one Rose Tyler, was in the park. Her mother had taken her there, spotted one of her many friends and dashed off, leaving little Rose playing in the sandpit.

A man, tall and gangly in a long coat and a pinstriped suit, had just happened to wander through the park on his way to somewhere and something (Rose hadn't asked him what he was doing quite yet, and she supposed she never would). He had seen her on her own in the sand and meandered over, crouching down near to her.

Little Rose remembered her mother warning her not to talk to strangers and definitely not to take sweeties from them, but he had offered her a boiled sweet from his pocket and she had happily accepted. There was something about the tall man that was comforting- he smelled faintly of something that she only recognised as home, but that couldn't be because he smelt nothing like Mum's cheap perfume or chip fat.

He had asked her what she was doing and she had rolled her eyes, because wasn't it obvious that she was making a sandcastle? The castle, to be truthfull, did look just a bit like a large mound of sand with a bit of grass on top for decoration, but the man had immediately seen it and started decorating it with her with sparkling shells from his pockets and stones that Rose had never seen the like of before.

They stayed like that for a while- it could have been ages or it could have been minutes, but Rose, being small, hadn't taken any notice of the time and had eventually coaxed him into telling a story, but he was getting it all wrong.

"How's it supposed to go, then?"

"It's got to be once upon a time! And in a land far away and there has to be a princess!"

"A galaxy is a land far away! You didn't let me get to the bit about the princess!"

"Only 'cos you're rubbish," Rose said, glowering at him, before being distracted by a certain stone which had started flashing different colours, before settling on a bright red.

"Right, so, there's a land far, far away- maybe it's Paris, I dunno- and there's a lovely princess with long golden hair-"

"Like mine?" Rose asked, trying to discourage herself from putting the stone in her mouth. She was supposed to be a big girl now, not a silly little baby- after all, seven was a big number!

"Sort of. But longer. And more golden. Are you going to eat that strawberry or am I going to have to? Anyway. This girl- princess, sorry- she worked in a shop, because, um.."

"Because an evil witch cast a spell on her!" Rose cried as she stuffed what had been a stone and was now a fruit into her mouth with only the briefest of wonders how it had turned into a berry.

"Yeah! And one day she was, er, folding the clothes of the evil witch when she was sent down to the basement to get the old witch's money, and d'you know what happened?"

But the man didn't get to tell her what happened, because her mother was charging towards them both with a murderous look on her face.

"What the 'ell are you doing near my Rose!" Screeched Jackie Tyler as she jogged across the grass as fast as her heeled boots would let her.

"He was telling me a story, mum!" Rose cried as she stood up infront of the bloke, as if protecting him. She liked him. His sandcastle decorations were awfully nice.

"Telling her a story! You ought to be ashamed, you pervert, hanging around parks and talking to little girls! I'll call the police!"

"I was only telling her a story! Look, I'll go, no need to phone the police- and if you do, tell 'em that she was talking to the Doctor."

And with that, the man gave Jackie a wide grin and stood up, brushed the sand from his overcoat and strolled off out of the park, hands in his pockets. Of course, Jackie screamed after him- shouting about him being a pervert and for weeks after she'd be on about him to her friends. She was so het up that Rose got wound up, too, and neither of them noticed that the strange blue box that had been at the end of the street had dissapeared when they were walking back.

The Doctor was gone from Rose's life, for now. But something told her she'd see the odd man again. Somewhere.