Title: Once Upon A Time (Chapter Three)

Length: 815 words.

Genre: Humour

Rating: U

Characters: Little!Rose, Ten.

Summary: Rose meets the Doctor for a third time and finds him fighting off man-eating moss. Author's Note: More fluffy rubbish! I should probably put a plot in here, somewhere. And get a beta reader.

"How come you're here?" said a small voice from behind the Doctor. He nearly jumped out of his skin, and turned around to stare down at the owner of the voice. "I said," said little Rose irritably. "How come you're here?"

"Who, me? Saving the world," he said matter-of-factly, as if that was the end to the matter, before turning about to go back to tapping on the bricks of the wall he was in front of. "And what're you doing here?"

Rose pointedly ignored his question and instead stood there, arms crossed. "You're tapping bricks. You have leaves in your hair. You don't look like you're saving the world."

"Bricks," the Doctor said, spinning around again and nearly banging his arm into the wall. "Are very dangerous. Eat people, bricks do. You've grown," he added as an afterthought.

"You haven't," Rose noted, peering at him. "You've shrunk."

"Saving the world does that," the Doctor agreed, leaning back against the wall and folding his arms. "It's something about the polarity of the neutron flow. Or I got put in a cauldron by some natives. How old are you, now?"

"Eight and a half," Rose said proudly, standing up straighter. "See? And my hair's long. That moss has teeth," she added, with only faint alarm. "I thought you said it was the bricks that ate people?"

"They both do," the Doctor said, trying to wrestle the moss from the wall with one hand and looking for his sonic screwdriver in his pocket with the other. "It's a conspiracy. Along with the rulers. You know how teachers ask you if you've used a ruler? It's because they snap in half and attack you."

"What's a conspiracy?" Rose asked, watching as the moss tried to bite the Doctor's nose off. It ended up just latching onto his finger.

"Doesn't matter. Are you going to help or are you just going to stand there?"

"It's moss," Rose said, incredulously, but joined in trying to get the thing off his finger. It seemed to be rather adamant on staying on him, and they ended up getting some very odd looks from passers-by on the way to the shops. Eventually, though, Rose ended up flicking it in just the right place, and it dropped off harmlessly.

"There we go," the Doctor said cheerily, stooping to pick up the moss. "Anyway. What are you doing here?"

"Shopping," Rose informed him, as if the whole episode of man-eating plants had been nothing out of the ordinary. She did learn rather fast, considering they'd only met three times. "We need bread and milk and mum said something about her needing a new bloke but I don't think she meant for me to buy that."

"No," the Doctor agreed, frowning as they started to walk. "It wouldn't do, buying men in the shops. They'd fight in the dairy aisle and open all the jars. Why're you out shopping on your own?"

"I'm not," she said, as if it was obvious. "Mum's in the shop already. Where're you from?" She asked abruptly, staring at him with wide eyes.

"Everywhere," she Doctor said, sounding a little preoccupied at the mention of her mother being in the shop, which was just around the corner from where they were now. "I've got some, er, work to do, world to save, all of that.." He said, looking as if he was about to back away.

"Are you scared of my mum?" Rose asked, staring at him. He laughed a little too loudly and a little too quickly.

"No! No, of course not! Hah! Scared of your mum! No, I just have, er, work to do, you see, paperwork, monsters-"

"Rose! Rose!" Cried a horribly familiar voice. The Doctor winced. Too late. He raced over towards a nearby tree, scrabbling up it with impressive speed. "Rose, where are you, sweetheart? Oh! There you are. I told you not to wander off, didn't I?" Jackie scolded her daughter, sauntering over to her. Or strutting. The Doctor wasn't quite sure which one it was, and he was too busy trying not to fall off his branch to care. "You might see that weirdo again, and what did I tell you about him?"

"He's a dirty old man and I'm not to talk to him," Rose rattled off as they started walking back towards the flat, both nattering on about how Rose wasn't to wander off anymore and quite why. Rose only looked back at him the once, giving him a secretive little wave before they turned a corner.

The Doctor waited for a good amount of time until he got down from his perch on a branch. Better safe than sorry, after all. And when he did get down it was because a giant blob of moss was slowly squirming it's way across the road.

Oh well, he thought, and went after it.