Title: Cold
Series: Frozen in Time
Author: Jinni FR15
Disclaimer: All things BtVS and all things Firefly belong to Joss Whedon, et al.
Prompt 6 – Cold – at joss100
Claim: X/Kaylee
Wordcount: 429

x x x x

It was cold the day that they put him into stasis with the others. That much he remembered, even through the haze of terror that had descended on his brain. The Council was once again betraying them. Betraying all of them. Buffy, Willow…even Dawnie. The Council, different than what it had been under Giles' watchful hand, had decided that they, once again, knew what was best for the world.

And that was to keep its protectors safe for another time, now that things had settled down in this one.

Watchers. Slayers. Confidants and researchers. They were rounded up one and all – and frozen at that moment in time. Not even a decade after they defeated The First and destroyed Sunnyhell.


Come to find out, they were kept safe. Secret and guarded in the Council's inner sanctum.

They were kept safe… for a time.

But things changed on Earth. A lot of things. The more years that went by, the more the Earth's resources were taken up. And the worries of the Council turned to more mundane matters and away from the supernatural. The demons had fled this dimension once they saw that humans were doing a far better job of destroying themselves than they ever could.

And so the heroes were forgotten for a time.

Found hundreds of years later, by collectors, they were all separated and passed from hand to hand.

Most were taken off of Earth-That-Was.


They were show pieces – see the humans, frozen in time, the last remnants of those that lived on Earth-That-Was. Genuine relics of the twenty-first century. Oddities. Freaks. Rare and valuable….items – not people in stasis, still preserved and waiting to be woken – they were nothing more than decorations in the homes of the wealthy. The famous.

But decorations change hands. Times come and go.

And so it was that Xander Harris opened his eyes for the first time in over five hundred years, gasping for breath, cold and shivering. He blinked his one, good eye at the woman that stood in front of him with a worried look on her face.

"Cap'n?" she called out, presumably to someone that he couldn't see. His ears felt clogged and he was panicking – something he could judge by the ever increasing speed of his heart.

"What, little Kaylee?"

Kaylee. That was the name of this angel standing in front of him. The one that had woken him up after only God knew how long in the Council's little coffin o' fun.

"I think I might have…accidentally…woken our cargo up."

Wait a second.


x x End Ficlet x x