by Gunman

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Shinji Ikari walked through the front door of the apartment, his prize secured firmly in his hands.

"Hey, Asuka, I got those concert tickets you wanted." the fifteen year old boy called out.

"Great! Thank you, Shinji. You're such a good friend."

Yeah, good friend. He thought glumly. There was a part of him that while he enjoyed being Asuka's friend, instead of her punching bag, had wanted to be more to the beautiful redhead. He figured now was a good a time as any. "So, when should we go?" he asked her.

"Well, here's the thing." Asuka suddenly said as she drew closer to him. "I told Hikari about the concert this morning, and she begged me to go. Can we possibly get her another ticket?"

Shinji froze a second, the happy look on his face melting away. "Another ticket? Uh...these are the last ones. They're all sold out. I was lucky to get these when I did."

Asuka frowned, her sadness evident. "Well...Shinji I can't leave Hikari alone. She's my best friend. She'll be so disappointed. What am I going to tell her?"

Shinji mused that over for awhile. A short while.

"You and Hikari go then." he said.


"Yeah. I mean, Hikari works hard everyday at school. She deserves to have some fun too." he smiled at the German girl.

"Oh, Thank You, Shinji! Hikari and I won't forget this concert! Thanks again!" she cried, jumping up and down with excitement as she snatched the tickets up and ran to her room.

"Any time, Asuka. Anytime." he said in a whisper.

Though disappointed he wouldn't be going with her, he took solace in the fact that he was doing a good deed for a good person.


Shinji looked at the clock on the wall. It read 9:06 PM.

The concerts been underway for at least an hour now. Shinji thought as he sat in the kitchen doing his homework. I hope Asuka and Hikari are having a good time. He thought glumly as the phone rang.

Misato was out with Ritsuko and wouldn't be back until late. Shinji picked up the phone.

"Hello, Katsuragi residence." Shinji said.

Shinji? Hi, it's Hikari. the voice said.

Hikari? Why would she be calling me? And right now? "Hey, Hikari. How's the concert going?"

Concert? What concert?

"Aren't you at the Ram's-head Concert with Asuka?" he asked, wondering why it was so quiet where she was.

There was a long pause on the other end of the phone. Shinji...I'm at home. My home. I called to see if Asuka got her assignment done for Monday.

Shinji felt his heart fall into his stomach. "Assignment? And you're at home?"


"But...Asuka said that she talked to you this morning and that you wanted to go to the concert, and that you'd be disappointed if you didn't go."

Shinji, I didn't talk to Asuka this...oh Shinji. Oh, Shinji I'm so sorry.

If not going with Asuka to the concert was a disappointment, having the truth laid out before him hurt even more.

Asuka lied to me. I spent six hours in line, five months of my allowance on those tickets, hoping it would be worth it to spend time with her...and she...she...

Tears streamed down his face as he realized the obviousness of it all.

Shinji? Shinji-kun are you there? Hikari's voice sounded on the other end of the phone.

"Uh, yeah. Yeah, Hikari, I'm-I'm fine." his voice was breaking. "I...need to finish my homework, so I'll let you get back to yours."


"Goodnight, Hikari." he said sadly as he hung up the phone.


Hikari Horaki looked at the phone for a few stunned seconds. Her heart was pounding and she didn't like it.

Asuka lied to him. Used him to get those concert tickets. Left him home alone. And worse, she made me an accomplice!

Hikari was well aware of Shinji's lack of confidence, his shy and gentle nature. Realizing that he had just found out he'd been used wouldn't help his already fragile ego.

He could go the other way. She thought in a panic and hurried threw her shoes and jacket on.

"Kodama! I'm going out!" she called to her big sister.

"Out? Where?"

"To see a friend! If you need me I'll be at Asuka's apartment. You have the number."

"Alright. Be careful!" the older girl said as the pigtailed girl rushed out.


Author's Notes:

Hope everyone likes this story. I kinda wrote it fast, so hope no one gets upset for that.

This is my second Shinji/Hikari story and I hope you like the direction I'm take with it. (My other story, Hot Rain, is taking a little longer to finish than I expected)

Basically, Asuka has used Shinji's kind and gentle nature for her own ends, so that she could go out on a date, to a concert, and not spend any of her own money. I figure that's how Asuka is. I've got nothing against her personally, I just don't think her ego would allow her to actually be nice to Shinji on purpose, or without extremely good reason.

So, hope everyone likes this, please read and review, and then go directly to chapter 2.