by Gunman

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shinji the good sharer: That's a little harsh, labeling Asuka that school gangbang slut for dating Toji and Kensuke? If worst, she'd have sex with Toji and Kensuke would be filming it. He's a freak but not enough to go after Asuka. Toji might go after her.

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Shinji and Hikari were at Hikari's house working diligently on their Mozart assignment. Shinji was doing the musical history part while Hikari was working on the personal history.

Rei was at NERV doing another training/punishment session with Asuka.

It was late afternoon when Hikari spoke up.

"I'm going to get us something to eat. Would you like anything?"

"Uh... just something to drink would be good." he replied.


Hikari left and went to the kitchen to prepare them a snack. While she did, she vaguely wondered why Shinji being so distant to her.

It had only been a couple days since their 'triple' date with Rei and after enduring a bit of teasing from her sister about that, had spent only a brief time with both her boyfriend and the blue-haired girl. It was that thought that sparked a strange conversation they had had the other day.



"What are you suggesting, Ms Horaki?" Rei asked the pigtailed girl.

"I'm willing to share Shinji-kun with you." Hikari said.

"Share him?"

"Yes. I'm sure he'd like the idea. I know he likes me, but he cares about you too."

The blue-haired girl looked at the class rep for confirmation.

"I love Shinji-kun. He's the best thing to ever happen to me. But I'm not so blind that I haven't noticed the looks of affection he has for you."

Rei continued to stare at her, and Hikari decided to try a new approach.

"Rei... do you care about Shinji-kun?"

Rei turned her head from the girl, looking deep in thought.

"He is the only one who has ever been... kind to me."

Satisfied with that answer, for now, Hikari continued.

"Rei, if it came down to a choice between you and me, I'm sure Shinji would choose you." Hikari said.

"He would?" she asked, turning back to the class rep.

"Yes. Shinji isn't the type to hurt anyone, and even if I have kissed him before you did, I'm sure that he still finds you more interesting than he would me. If we both went after him, in a contest of sorts, I know he'd choose you. So, instead of losing him completely, I'm willing to share him with you."

Rei pondered that for a long time. About a full minute, until she said,

"That is... acceptable."



Hikari was bought out of her reminiscing by a gentle hand upon her shoulder.

"Hikari-chan." he said.

"Shinji-kun." she said.

"Hikari... why did you say that?"

"Say what?" she asked, confused.

"Rei told me about your proposal to her." he stated.

"She what?" the girl gasped.

"Why did you say that?"

Hikari now realized why Shinji had been so distant to her all day. "Which part are you referring to?" she asked, knowing full well what he was referring to.

"The part where I'd choose Rei over you in a contest."

"Oh. That." she said as she looked at the ground sadly. "It's just... that's what it would have been."


"I'm a realist Shinji." she declared. "I try to be as realistic as possible. Compared to Rei, I'm sure I seem ordinary and plain. Heck, compared to Asuka I'm sure I'm plain."

"Hikari..." he tried to say.

"It's the truth Shinji." she interrupted. "And I just have to accept that. So instead of losing you to Rei, I decided that we would share you. Half of you is better than nothing, right?"

"No." he declared.

"What?" she asked.

"Hikari... I admit that Asuka is very pretty, and Rei is the most exotic girl I've ever met. I care about Rei, and even to some extent Asuka, but that doesn't mean I would give you up for either of them."

She smiled softly. "That's sweet Shinji. But I know you're saying that just to make me feel better."

"I'm not."


"I'm Not!" he said forcefully, which caught her off-guard. "Hikari..." he said, gently caressing her cheek. "Everything you've done for me, even just spending time to help make me feel better, has meant more to me than you could know. I've been alone, for a long time. And yes, I've known Rei and Asuka longer and more extensively than you, but they never gave me the attention that you did. You cared enough about me to come over to make sure I hadn't done anything rash to myself when I got drunk. You took me out on a picnic. Invited me over to your house to play video games and you kissed me because you wanted to. How could I simply cast you aside for Asuka or even Rei?"

"Oh, Shinji!" she cried as she buried herself into his chest, the boy hugging her back.

"I'm going to be honest with you, Hikari-chan. Asuka and I will never be more than Eva-pilots to each other. And I consider Rei my friend. A good friend. But you're my girlfriend, the one I care about, because you cared about me. So please, don't say that there's nothing special about you."

She felt her heart swell up in her chest in anticipation for what was to come. What she hoped would come.

"Because you're nothing but special to me." he finished.

Tears streamed down her eyes as she thrust her lips against the boys mouth, hugging him fiercely around the neck as he held tightly to her around her torso.

"And you are pretty, Hikari-chan. Never think differently." he whispered to her as soon as their lips had parted for air, not an inch from the other.

"I won't, Shinji-kun. I promise." the girl smiled as she pressed her forehead against his.

"I love you, Hikari-chan."

"I love you, Shinji-kun."

Off to the side, unseen and holding a camera, Kodama was grinning like a Cheshire cat.

OHHHHH! I wish I had a good man to tell me that! Kodama mentally pouted. Misato is so going to enjoy this.

Suddenly, her ears caught another bit of their conversation.

"But, Shinji-kun... I already made a promise to Rei." Hikari said.

"I know. I'm not opposed to having Rei join us, but you're my girlfriend first. So... we'll both take care of Rei-chan. She definitely need us. Alright?"

Hikari smiled at the boy kindness before kissing him again.


(Meanwhile, inside NERV...)

"I still don't see the point of this!" Asuka roared from her Eva cockpit.

"It's to help Rei develop her battle instincts." Ritsuko stated from the control room.

"But hanging me and Unit 02 up by a cable and have a blindfolded Rei swing at us with the butt end of a rifle?" she growled.

"So?" Misato asked, having just joined the pair.

"You've turned me into a Pinata!" the redhead roared.

"Let's go, Rei. Use the Force!" Maya shouted.

"There will be sufficient force in my attacks, if I manage to strike her." Rei stated.

"We'll help you." Ritsuko stated.

"HEY!" Asuka shouted as Rei swung and missed, Misato was at the hoist controls, swinging Asuka back and forth, up and down. "ARGH! DAMN IT! I'LL GET YOU FOR THIS!!!"

"Party-favor don't talk!" Ritsuko laughed as Rei swung and missed again.


Three hours later...

"Hey, Asuka." Toji said as the grumbling redhead walked up to the jock and his otaku friend.

"Is everything alright?" Kensuke asked.

"Do you think I'm a cold-hearted, selfish, manipulative bitch?" she asked the pair.

The pair looked stunned, then looked at each other, then back to the girl.

"Well... I wouldn't say... all that." Toji said, trying to be delicate.

"It's just, you're... well... rather hard to get close to." Kensuke remarked.

Asuka sighed. "So it's true, then."

"Well... after what you did to Shinji..." Kensuke said, getting an elbow from the other boy.

"And I'm Sorry For That!" she snapped, startling the boys. "I just... I never thought about anyone's feelings before and now that I've really hurt him, and Hikari too..." she started crying as she ran off suddenly.

"Damn it!" Toji groaned as he suddenly.

Toji managed to catch up with the crying girl, who was sobbing in an alleyway several blocks down.

"Asuka? Are you..."

"Just leave me alone!"

However, Toji held his ground. In fact, he sat down next to the girl who was crying into her knees.

"Just one question." he said delicately.

"What?" she huffed.

"Are you sorry about what you did to Shinji?"

A few sobs were heard before she answered. "Yes. I am sorry I ever used him for my own needs." she cried.

That was really all Toji needed to hear.

"Then come on!" he declared as he grabbed the girls arm and helped her stand up.

"What?" she asked as Kensuke finally caught up to the faster pair.

"Let's get you cheered up." he grinned like the idiot he was.

Despite herself, Asuka smile a little as the jock lead her down the street.

"Wha... cheer her... but I just... oh man!" Kensuke huffed as he proceeded after them.


Author's Notes:

And here is another short little snippet of a chapter in which Asuka gets more punishment while Hikari and Shinji cement their own relationship and add Rei to their romantic equation.

I know it seems as if I've got Shinji choosing Hikari over Rei, and just adding Rei to spare her the pain of rejection, but you have to understand that while Shinji does care about Rei, Hikari was the one to care for him first, and that means a great deal to Shinji. He does care for Rei, but to be honest, Hikari got to him first.

And I also hope no one minds that I've pretty much gone ahead and solidified Asuka and Toji as a couple, with Kensuke being the hanger-on as it were. I'm not really done with her torture, but I thought it best to try and give her at least a little happiness.

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