Rise Against the Dark Tide

By: SoJoGoGo

Rating: PG-13 might go up to a R

Pairings: W/T, Her/V, G/J, X/C… might be more

Summary: BtVS/HP - AU – OotP, Prophecies will be the death of me. Lily Potter didn't know the truth to her words as her daughter is hidden away because of one. When Willow finds her power and becomes the best friend of the Slayer, the mystical world will never be the same.

Author's Notes: I got this into my head after seeing so many stories that have Buffy as Harry's long lost sister. But you know, the girl can't do magic, and suddenly she can (most of the stories where they can suddenly do magic because they met Dumbledore always confused me). How could Buffy be Harry's sister? Willow I can see. Number one – she's a powerful witch who didn't know it. Two – she looks a bit like what Harry's mother does and she would have James's eyes. Three- they're the same age if you follow the years in the book. Freaky.

Changes to HP – Harry finds another prophecy in the Department of Mysteries. There's more than one wizarding country. Hermione isn't in love with Ron at any time though there is the crush. And yes, I made up other wizarding stuff that doesn't sound familiar.

Changes to BtVS – Shifted everything forward a year. Buffy comes to Sunnydale with her newly divorced mom when she's 15, not 16. They're Freshmen in High School. Willow finds out about magic and her power when she's younger, she just needs some guidance.

Disclaimer: The world of Buffy belongs to Joss Whedon. The world of Harry Potter belongs to J.K. Rowling. I just mess with them, no money being made.


October 7 1980

Lily Evans Potter looked out over the dark of the night in Godric's Hollow as she listened to her husband, two of their best friends and a few of their school mentors argue quietly in the living room.

She couldn't handle the conversation anymore. Prophecies, they would be the death of her she swore to herself. For the most part she didn't believe in them herself. But one was spoken of what could be her infant son Harry, not more than five months ago, about how he would be the one to face Voldemort. The redhead glanced down into the cradle to see her dark headed son sound asleep.

And now this, she shook her head as she closed her eyes and rocked her daughter, twin to her son, against her. Red hair like her own with James's hazel eyes, she was beautiful, perfect. And from this new prophecy, they had no choice.

James came into the room and the two new parents looked to each other making tears well up in Lily's eyes. "This isn't right," she whispered to him.

James came up and kissed her then the top of their daughter's fuzzy red head. "If we want her to live we must, Lil," he whispered back. "Remus will find her a good home."

Sorrow caught in Lily's throat as James took up a small bag with the baby's things in them, he looked through it to make sure that everything was there, he stopped as he pulled out a small bag and looked to Lily who replied with a shrug, he opened it and poured out a pendant, it was gold with a willow tree engraven on it and on the back was a picture of the two of them holding both of the babies, and with a wave of his hand the picture was gone and in its place was her name, her parents name, her brother's and the name Albus Dumbledore and Hogwarts was newly put on.

It was to be a present for her when she was older, but now… James slid it back into the bag. "For good luck then," he told Lily as he took their daughter up. Lily held onto her pressing kiss after kiss into her head and cheeks making the infant wriggle under the pressure. James kissed the baby many times as well until the hazel eyes opened and the two looked to her for a long while until there was a knock and their young friend Remus Lupin came to the door.

Lily wiped away her tears and kissed the baby once more. James wrapped her up and handed the bag and slowly the child to him. Remus nodded as he held her carefully. "I swear," he told them as he tucked the child into his arm. "I will protect her with every breath in my body, with every ounce of my soul."

James nodded to him as Lily clenched her jaw willing herself not to cry as the tears still streamed down her cheeks. Remus left and Lily buried herself in James's chest and he held her tight. "Be safe Willow," James whispered into his wife's hair and looked to his son whose other half was gone. "Be safe."

October 9 1980

It was early evening when Remus Lupin apparated to a small enclosure outside of Seattle, Washington. It was Seabourgh, one of the wizarding cities in the United States with baby Willow in his arm. He had spent two days apparating all over the world so that his trail would be cold if anyone dared to trail him. He found a small herbalist shop there 'Witch Hazel and Vine' and went inside. It was just closing and all the business was done for the day.

"Wilson," he called out.

A man who was much older than the twenty year old came through a small curtain behind the counter. "Remus!" he said with a smile. He hadn't seen the boy for many years. Not since his great aunt had died who was a good friend of his. "I almost didn't recognize you, if not for the owl you sent."

Remus nodded as Wilson saw what was in his arm. "Is this her then?" he asked softly as he came around to see the bundle.

"It is," Remus told him as he carefully handed her over.

Wilson uncovered the little face and there was the beautiful little redheaded girl. "She's beautiful."

Remus nodded as he looked to the product of two of his dearest friends. "I would like to stop in every year or so to see how she is," he told him. Wilson looked his way. "Nothing intrusive," Remus said. "Just to see her."

Wilson looked to the young man. "Remus, is she yours?" he asked.

Remus shook his head. "No, but I am her godfather," he replied. "If I could keep her, I would, but she'll be safer here."

Wilson nodded slowly. "Okay, but I won't give her back. I can't do that to Emily, not after we've tried so hard to have children."

Remus nodded. "I know. I won't." He handed over the bag. "Her name is Willow," he told him. "I would hope you'd keep that."

Wilson smiled. "It's a perfect name for us." He looked to the baby and heard the door to the shop open. He looked up and Remus had gone. He headed into the back room as sleepy hazel eyes opened up. "Emily," he called out softly and the eyes locked onto him. "Emily!" he said a little louder and the baby wriggled in the swaddling about her.

Emily came out from the stock room; she was short and soft with a sweet look to her. "What?" she asked. She looked to the baby in his arms. "Wilson Gale," she started to reprimand him.

Wilson smiled. "A very dear friend needed a home for a little one," he told her. "I said yes." He handed her over and her trembling hands took the baby to her. "You're a mama."

Tears welled up in Emily Gale's eyes as she rocked the baby to her. "It's a day of miracles," she told him. All work was forgotten as Wilson closed the shop and the two headed to their home on the top floor of the shop. Baby Willow Juliet Gale was a welcome addition to their home.

October 31 1981

Wilson Gale smiled to his customer as they heard a baby in the background cry and cry. "Willow, she's beginning to teethe," he told the woman.

"Rosewort, as you know," the customer said. "Works like a charm."

Wilson nodded with a smile as the woman left. He went in the back and found Emily walking Willow up and down the aisle between the bottles of herbs and growing plants. Willow was just over a year and cute as a button, the two couldn't be happier to have her.

"What's wrong?" he asked his wife as he stroked the dark red hair of his child. "Do we need a mediwitch?"

Emily shook her head. "She started crying half an hour ago," she told him as Willow sobbed a little and a tiny thumb went into her mouth. She did not look happy, the other hand clung into Emily's robes and wouldn't let go.

They watched her for a few days until finally she started to sleep regular again. They didn't know what had happened to her.

Over in England James and Lily Potter were found dead. Harry was in his crib crying as Dumbledore and McGonagall came rushing in with Remus not to far behind. They looked to the lightening bolt scar on Harry's head. Remus left without a word to see how little Willow was.

December 21 1981

Auror Cameron Berkin looked over the remains of a fire that had roared through fifteen shops earlier that night. It had been the Bloodfangs, a gang of wizards that wanted power in the Northwest wizarding world. The authorities had killed three of them and caught a handful. Just being one of them sent you to Karavak Prison way out in the Pacific Ocean.

He looked to the smoldering remains of Witch Hazel and Vine. Auror Peri Dunlap came out. She shook her head. "They're both dead, Bloodfangs hexed them," she told him. "There was a crib, but I didn't see any baby, no remains of any either."

Berkin bit on his lip as he looked at the chaos around them. "Make sure," he said. "Get the others to sweep the area and do a locator charm. Maybe they had a niece or nephew over."

Dunlap shrugged. "Could be."


It wasn't, neighbors became distraught over little Willow gone missing. Word went up throughout the Northwest and slowly over the Ministry's line until the national wizarding news put out that Baby Willow Gale had been taken from her home by the notorious Bloodfang gang. A cry went up and the Auror commission went on a headhunt to wipe out the gang.

Five years, then ten and fifteen went by. No one in the wizarding world was ever sure they would see baby Willow again.

December 24 1981

It was a warm California evening as Cally Glover came to a small house in Sunnydale. She was a social worker and had been called on a case where an elderly woman had found an abandoned infant crawling from a garbage heap in her backyard.

Ms. Glover found the little girl to be about a year old, the woman had cleaned her up and fed her what a baby that small could eat. The redheaded child's big hazel eyes bore into her soul as she tottered around in an adult sized t shirt dragging it on the floor as the woman handed Ms. Glover a pendant found clutched in the child's hand. It was of a willow tree.

Five days later Ira and Sheila Rosenberg took their newly adopted daughter Willow home, her pendant put in a safe deposit box for safe keeping and the tale of her being found and adopted to be told when she was older.

August 10 1982

Dumbledore came to the Three Broomsticks to see Remus Lupin sitting at a back table drinking from a glass in one hand with a bottle of firewhiskey in the other. He looked smashed and heartbroken. Madam Rosmerta shook her head at him not knowing what the young man was so upset about to try and drink himself into oblivion.

Dumbledore came over to the table, watery bloodshot eyes looked his way. "I loss her Headmaster," Remus whispered as he stumbled over his words.

Dumbledore sat down next to him looking around to see if any one was about that could cause trouble. "What are you going on about, Remus," he asked him as he put a hand on his former student's shoulder.

"First James and Lily, can't see Harry anymore," Remus said into his glass looking to the last of his whiskey then to Dumbledore. "I went to check on her," he said and Dumbledore nodded knowing of who he was talking about. "The Yank Bloodfangs, they killed ten people, burned down 15 shops last Christmas."

Dumbledore nodded again. "I remember hearing about that."

"That's where I put her," Remus hissed angrily, the alcohol making him more enraged. "I went to check on her at her birthday. They were dead; she was missing not to be found. They're still searching."

Dumbledore went pale as he realized what he was saying. "Did you-," he started.

"Of course I did!" Remus snapped at him. "She's my responsibility! One thing James asked me to watch after and I failed him!" He threw the glass into the fireplace smashing it into pieces the fire roared for a moment then died out. Rosmerta and the other patrons looked their way but Remus buried his face in his hands and wept. "I searched all over, every lead I could find for the past ten days!" he told the Headmaster. "Any Bloodfang that could tell me is dead or in Karavak," Remus said. "No one goes up against those bloody wyverns they have guarding the place."

Dumbledore shook his head. "Remus, the Order will look for her together."

Remus stood up shaking his head. "No, she's my responsibility. I'll find her."

Dumbledore stood up now. "Remus-," he started.

"I have to do one thing right in my life, Albus," Remus said interrupting him. "One thing, I won't rest until I find her." Dumbledore couldn't do anything as Remus apparated away. He sighed as he paid Rosmerta for the drinks and the glass that was shattered. He headed for the school; he needed to inform some people.

To Be Continued…