A.N.: Yep, this is what happens when one watches a marathon and falls head over heels for the show. This is my first fic, so I apologize if everyone is a little OOC. Forgive me, I tried. Oh, and this first chapter is just a prelude, more to follow. Also, I'm not sure where BHH is, but even if it is somewhere where it doesn't snow, just think of this as a, um, "effect" of the wormhole.

Victor Pearson glared angrily through the window in Durst's office. The storm outside was growing worse and worse in the approaching darkness. He could see the pile of snow, produced by the blizzard, grow higher and higher.

Victor hated snow.The crystalization of water at frigid temperatures had no use to the world except as a nuisance. It was even more annoying when such crystalization prevented him from getting to his lab. That such crystalization was now forcing him to endure...

"We rearranged some of the sleeping arrangments, Mr. Pearson," a familiar, female voice called out, interrupting his thoughts.

Victor turned to see Durst, the prinipal of the boarding school, looking at him in a half-expectant, half-cautious sort of way.

"Thank you," Victor repled. He could see just the faint ripple of a shudder run through Durst. A cruel smile wound its way through his features at the shudder.

Regaining her composure, Durst replied, "Again, I am so sorry about the inconv..."

"It is perfectly alright," Pearson replied, holding up a hand to stop her, "After all, it's not as though you can control the weather."

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