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Chapter 1

A Peculiar Arrival

The Queen watched as her children dropped the strange xenomorph to the floor of her throne room.

The five xenomorphs waited for the Queen's orders. There was one praetorian and four drones. The praetorian was the Royal Guards' leader, Half-Jaw. He had earned this tile when one of the igneous fauna had taken a bite out of his lower jaws. He lived through it, but the creature died from the acid blood that all xenomorphs possessed.

Three of the drones were nothing more or nothing less then that: drones. Most drones were of moderate intelligence, except for Sonar who was raised away from the hive.

Drones that don't grow up in the hive could become very peculiar. Most of them went insane and became nothing more then mindless killing machines without a Queen to guide them. Ones that didn't go insane developed distinct personalities. They were drones, but they could think just as well as a praetorian.

Sonar was one such drone. He was named as such because of his incredible telekinetic abilities. He could shut off his mind from the rest of the drones. A feat never thought possible before since all drones shared their thoughts.

Finally Half-Jaw spoke. I say that we kill it.

The Queen turned her senses to the praetorian. He didn't want to risk having an insane drone ripping up the colony.

You said the same about me Sonar said. And I turned out perfectly fine.

We were lucky with you Half-Jaw said barely acknowledging the drone. But you know the risks of introducing an insane drone into the hive.

The Queen nodded. She knew. Yet she also trusted Sonar's judgment. He had already scanned the xenomorph's mind. He said that there was something strange about it, but that it wasn't insane.

That was good enough for her. She reached out mentally and connected to the drone's mind.

There was definitely something odd about this drone. Human memories flooded her mind coming through the link. This xenomorph had human memories. Very peculiar. She said to herself.

A jolt of pain reached across their mental link and the strange xenomorph convulsed violently. The Queen withdrew her link the pain fading away from her as she did.

Half-Jaw looked down at the xenomorph it had stopped convulsing. Is it going to survive? He asked. The Queen could sense Half-Jaw's desire to simply through the drone out to die.

Yes, he will survive, the Queen said. You managed to pull it out of the gas in time. She said to Sonar.

And how is the drone's mind? Half-Jaw asked. He had never acknowledged Sonar as an equal, he considered him just another drone and ignored anything Sonar said.

I don't know yet, The Queen replied and resumed her mental connection to the drone. Once, again the memories flickered through her mind. Amidst the fluttering of images and sounds she found a human name. Anthony Herrera.

She finally withdrew, satisfied.

Well? Half-Jaw asked.

He is perfectly fine, The Queen replied. You may leave now.

Half-Jaw and the three drones did, but Sonar stayed in the chamber. He stepped toward the Queen and said. I sensed something peculiar about this drone. What is it?

The Queen looked towards him as he patiently waited for her to decide an answer. From what I have glimpsed from his mind, he is definitely a strange one. But I would rather not say anything until he has woken up and we discussed it.

Sonar left, realizing that he would not be getting any more answers.

The Queen glanced back down at the drone and said. You could be very useful. Now, wake up, human.

Anthony stirred. He had heard voices talking around him, but was still half asleep. The last thing he remembered was the gas flooding his cell and pain, nausea, and then blackness.

Consciousness slowly returned and he stood up and found himself in hell. The walls surrounding him were black and organic. They looked like some kind of saliva that hardened to form the walls. His instincts told him what he would have known were he fully conscious. He was in an alien hive.

His senses returned, all of them giving him a picture of his environment. He was still his new self. His skin was a black carapace. Spines ran down his back and his eyeless head was elongated backwards forming a banana shape. A stinger tipped tail wagged around behind him. His hands and feet ended in claws. His tongue was actually an inner jaw that could shoot out and grab prey, or kill it.

He soon caught sight of what was suspended from the ceiling of the hive. Another xenomorph, but much larger and with a crest instead of the elongated head was suspended there. It looked almost the same as him except that a long egg sack stretched out behind it and the extra arms that it had.

The alien Queen was staring at him with interest. Anthony didn't know how he could tell it was interest, having never seen an actual living alien before. Anthony backed away from it in fear. The Queen watched him curiously.

You are a most peculiar drone, The Queen said. Or should I say human?

Any other Queen would probably have killed the "drone", but he interested me and besides I wasn't like most Queens and the human could be useful. I was right of course, as always.

-The Queen.