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Chapter 14


"I don't know how we're going to do this," Rachel muttered as she watched the ship being loaded. She looked down at her daughter. "We might have to forget about it."

Renee frowned. "Come on, mom, let's at least try."

Rachel looked back up at the crowded hanger. "We should have snuck you aboard before they started loading."

Renee sighed. She too was looking for a way into the ship. Too bad, the hanger was load with people wondering around and loading equipment.

"Hang on, I have an idea," Rachel said. Renee looked up at her hopefully. "Come on." She grabbed her daughter's hand and the two of them strolled toward the ship.

In plain view of every eye in the hanger, Rachel and Renee entered the ship. As they exited the ramp a man with a clipboard quickly ran after them.

"Excuse me, but you aren't allowed in here," he said.

Rachel looked back at him. "I'm part of the team," Rachel said. "I was just going to show my daughter around the ship."

"Oh, sorry, go right ahead," the man turned and left the ship.

Rachel sighed and said. "Come on, hurry."

Ten minutes later, Rachel calmly exited out of the ship. Nobody noticed that her daughter wasn't following her.

Chaos snarled as she leapt toward the Queen. Her mouth was open and ready to lunch her tongue into her mother's head. Chaos roared in pain as something pierced her back and pulled her out of the air.

Half-Jaw growled as he forced Chaos to the floor. His claws were still imbedded in her back. Half-Jaw roared again and lunched his tongue into the side of Chaos' head.

Scar groaned as he looked at the hole in the side of Chaos' head. (That's disgusting.)

(Be quiet, human,) Half-Jaw snarled. (If it weren't for me you'd be dead.)

(Actually the Queen had everything under control until you burst in here,) Scar shot back.

(Enough!) The Queen roared. (Half-Jaw, thank you for your assistance here. Would you happen to know anything of Chaos' betrayal?)

(Yes, she approached me telling of her plan to kill you,) Half-Jaw said. (I warned her not to and left. I decided I should warn you of this and headed for the throne room after that.)

(All right, fine, dismissed,) Half-Jaw left.

(What was her problem?) Scar asked gesturing to the corpse on the floor.

(She never did like the way I ran things and she wanted to be a Queen, but I wouldn't allow it. I guess letting you join the hive was the straw that broke her back.)

(Or punched a hole in her head,) Scar said. (How would she expect to defeat you?)

(She would have been relying on the fact that I was immobilized by my egg sac,) the Queen replied. (Of course, she didn't know that a queen could mentally torture any of her subjects.)

(Any of them?) Scar asked. (Does that mean that you could…?)

(Yes, I could effect you in the same way,) the Queen replied. Scar shivered uncomfortably.

(You're a very scary person.)

The cryo tube that Rachel had found for Renee was separate from the rest. None of the crew would find her until it was too late.

Renee yawned as the device finally woke her up. She crawled out of it sleepily and grabbed her clothes. Throwing them on she made her way to her mother's quarters.

She found the door and knocked on it. It slid open and Rachel greeted her daughter.

"This was a mistake. I'm going to get fired for sure," Rachel said.

"Too late to change your mind now," Renee said smiling. She wondered over to the window and looked out at the black depths of outer space. "Cool," she muttered looking at the thousands of stars that floated past.

"As soon as Herrera and that freaking colonel find out. I'm dead meat," Rachel said.

Renee turned to stare at her hysterical mother. "Calm down everything will work out."

Rachel finally seemed to drop her worried look. "Well, maybe, but-."

"You honestly think they'll throw you in the clink just because you helped me sneak aboard?" Renee asked. "And you're one of the best scientists on the planet! If Tom fires you, you'll always be able to find other work."

"Yeah, I guess you're right," Rachel said. She smiled. "Come on, let's go introduce you."

Renee followed her mother out of the small room and through the ship. Finally, another steel door hissed open and they entered the mess hall. The men looked up from their meals as they entered wondering what a teenager would be doing on a military ship.

Tom, who was in the chow line, turned and saw them, "Oh, f."

Scar looked down at his prey. He had taken to wondering around the jungle near the hive. He was currently perched in a tree preparing to pounce on an unsuspecting herbivore. The creature looked like a cross between a deer fawn and a hippopotamus.

Scar leapt from the tree branch and lunched his tongue into the creature's skull. Scar roared triumphantly into the sky.

Unseen on his echolocation, a spaceship descended toward the old human compound he had been held in.

The conclusion of Scarred! Be on the look out for the sequel, Changes.