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Chapter One: A Simple Drink

Ashley pulled the crumpled map out her back pocket and skimmed it quickly. She was standing next to 'SpEctrE' and needed to get over by 'Scorpion' to find the nearest snack stand. She refolded the paper, shoved it into her pocket and began to weave her way through the crowds at Parabola Canyon, the local amusement park (well as local as it could be).

She had been waiting at the exit to 'SpEctrE' for her younger brother, Gabe, when her mouth started to dry out. So she decided to head for a drink. As she neared the food court area, and stuck her hand into her pocket to see how much money she had. 'Four quarters, three dimes, and four nickels. One dollar and fifty cents. I hope that's enough for a drink." Ashley thought to herself. She dropped the change carefully back into her pocket and went to find a drink.

The lines at the stands were all so terribly long and Ashley really didn't feel like waiting on one. She pulled out the map again and scanned her area. The map had little coke bottles where there was a drink machine in the park, and water droplets for water fountains. The nearest coke bottle to Ashley was about twenty feet to the left, and behind a building. She rolled her eyes as she headed towards the machine.

As she stepped up to the machine, Ashley dug her hand into her pocket one last time and pulled out the change. 'Great. A dollar and fifty cents, exactly what I have,' she thought as she started sliding the change into the machine. Three dimes, four nickels, one quarter, two quarters, 'Oh crap' the last quarter had slipped out of Ashley's hand and rolled further down the small alley she was standing in. "Great. I had just enough, and now my last quarter has decided to run off," she said to no one in particular. She watched the quarter as it rolled away, quickly leaned down and hit the change return button, grabbed her change, and chased after the rogue coin.

She was almost to the coin when she tripped on a wire lying across the alley way. "Ugh" Ashley murmured to herself. "Could this get any worse…? I just wanted a freakin' drink." She crawled after the quarter, getting up would have taken too long and she would have lost it. She watched as it rolled through the crack under the nearby door. "Aw, crap." She crawled over to the door and pushed. To her surprise, it actually opened. As a thin stream of light shone into the dark room, she saw her quarter, which was still rolling, glint in the light. She continued to chase the coin and as she finally stopped it, the door closed with a thud, surrounding her completely in darkness.

She picked up her quarter, and stood, turning to head for the door, only to find out it was no longer there. She placed her hands on the surface where the door had been only moments before. It felt like a solid rock wall. "What is going on here? It's all right, I, uhm I just have to find a light switch. Yeah, a light switch." She felt her way along the wall for a moment, still only feeling rocky earth beneath her fingers. Ashley turned around as she noticed a dim glow coming from behind her. She took a cautious step towards the source of the light. After assuring herself the ground was stable, she took a few more steps towards what seemed like the mouth of a cave.

As Ashley stepped out of the cave her eyes widened in shock and her jaw dropped. "Toto, I've a feeling we're not in Kansas any more."