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Chapter II: New Person, She Person

"You know," Tucker said, swinging his sword around. "It still goes 'whoosh' when you swing it."

"Hey watch it! You almost took my freakin' head off!" Church yelled at Tucker, who had just barely missed Church's head as he swung his sword around.

"Maybe if you weren't standing so close, your 'freakin' head' wouldn't be in any danger." Tucker retorted.

"Come on ladies, I've heard enough already." Tex added, rolling her eyes inside her helmet.

"Stop fighting! Happy place! Happy place!" Came Caboose's voice from the background.

Tex stepped towards the edge of the roof, bringing her sniper rifle back up to eye level. She had been spying on the Red team for two hours now. And all that the maroon one and the orange one were doing, was fighting with each other. So Tex's gaze had been wandering around the canyon for a while. "Caboose, please shut-- What is that?" Her gaze had drifted towards the only way in or out of the canyon, the small cave up on the wall of the canyon, near Red base.

"What? What do you see? What are the Red's doing?" Church asked, idly cleaning his helmet.

"Reds nothing. Hey Tucker, there's a girl out there." Tex responded, still looking through the sniper.

Tucker hugged 'The Great Weapon' to his chest. "I am so not falling for that again, Tex."

"Fine, suit yourself, Tucker."

"What? Let me see!" Church said, walking over to Tex. He took the sniper and held it to look through the scope. "Wow, there is a girl out there. And a pretty fine looking-- OWW! Bitch, what was that for?" Church asked, glaring at Tex and rubbing his face where she had hit him. Caboose walked over, taking the sniper out of Church's hand, leaving him and Tex to settle their differences.

"What? What is it? I want to see!" Caboose said, leveling the sniper with his eye. "Ohh, look, a new person in the canyon. And-- Oh, oh, oh. And the new person is a she person."

"Alright, I thought you were trying to trick me when Church was playing along. But Caboose is too stupid to keep up a plan, so now I know you aren't kidding." Tucker said walking over to Caboose. "Give me the sniper." He tried to grab it from Caboose, but Caboose wasn't done looking through it. So when Tucker pulled it, Caboose hadn't let go. But once Tucker had let go, Caboose had let go to let Tucker have it. "Caboose! You dumbass… Go get it!" He yelled at the rookie as the sniper dropped to the ground below the base.

"It is not my fault that your fingers are dumb." Caboose said, turning around and crossing his arms over his chest. Tucker rolled his eyes and jumped off the base to go get the sniper.

As Tucker hit the ground below the base, the most horrible smell he had ever smelled drifted into his nostrils. "Awww, what is that…? It smells like shit down here- no… worse than shit, it smells like that tofu shit that Donut tried to get me to eat once." Tucker shuddered in fright at the thought of the pink soldier. "So gay… so pink!"

As Tucker was distracted by his thought, Crunchbite (Or Fluffy as Caboose called him) snuck up behind him. "BLAAARGH!" he yelled from behind Tucker, causing him to spin around and jump back like three feet.

"Dude, what the- Listen big alien. What did I tell you about jumping out and scaring people? Look if you're gonna live here you're gonna have to follow the rules. And the rules say-"

"Blargh!" Crunchbite cut him off.

"You know what dude, I know don't have rules, whatever. Just give me the goddamn sniper rifle." Tucker held out his hand, as if Crunchbite were to give it to him.

"Blargh honk." Crunchbite mumbled as he turned around and walked away. Tucker sighed, grunted, mumbled some random curses under his breath, and went back to the top of the base.

"Hey Caboose, I'll give ya a dollar if you go get that chick." Tucker said to his blue teammate.

"Ooh! A quest, I love quests. And only if it is in nickels, I love nickels more than I love quests." Caboose shot back at Tucker. "It just seems like more that way." Caboose walked over to the edge of the base, and jumped. Tucker followed and watched him.

"Ohh, Caboose, take the tank, you can totally pick up chicks in a tank." Tucker shouted at him. But Caboose ignored him and kept walking. Tucker turned back to face Church and Tex, and shoved his hand into his pocket, digging for change. "Okay, I got five, ten, fifteen, twenty, twenty-five, thirty… Anybody got any nickels?"

"Nah, just pay him back later, it's not like he'll remember anyway." Church said turning to Tex and engaging her in conversation.


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