Wow, GW stuff from me. -amazed-

"It's Christmas and we're holed up here." Duo was standing in front of the bay, staring into space.

Heero grunted to show that he'd heard him, and finished oiling his gun.

"Bah, I guess I'm on the Naughty list for the next thousand year anyway."

"Naughty list?" Heero blinked, one of his eyebrows quirked in vague puzzlement.

"Yeah, Santa Claus has a list of the good kids and the naughty kids; the good kids are supposed to get a present at Christmas. Though I don't know what it takes to be a bad kid, because somehow, at the church, everyone got a present."

Heero looked at him, thoughtful, then shrugged and picked up another gun. "On L1 I think it was a dating day. Like that day with the angel in diapers."

Duo snickered. "Valentines day?"


"You know, a date would be a great present," Duo mused as he came back to the table. "Sure, on a spaceship, there's not a lot to do, but I bet we could find something."

He sat down, facing Heero, and accepted the equipment Heero was handing him with a nod.

"Sure, it would have to be something non-girly... I mean, what the hell would either of us do with flowers, artificial or not -- and soft light..."

Heero snorted, a wry smirk on his lips. "Computer, lights at fifty percent."

"Hey, how am I supposed to do what I'm doing now?" Duo protested, and kicked Heero's ankle lightly. "Computer, lights at eighty-five percent. No, seriously, what the -- oh."

"Is cleaning guns alone together non-girly enough for you?" Heero deadpanned, and kicked him back.

Duo grinned. "I dunno, the game of footsies is manly enough for me, but I feel pretty gypped on the whole fine dinner experience."

"I'll steal you an energy bar from the kitchen later, now give me the screwdriver."

"You're such a cheap date. Ah well, so long as I get to unwrap you later."