Time Loop

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"I don't think I've seen anyone enjoy oatmeal so much." Samantha carter said as she watched Colonel Jack O'Neil eat another huge bite of the sticky mush.

"Well after god knows how long of fruit loops, one needs a little variety." Jack answered.

"The Tokra contacted us and said we've been out of touch for 3 months." Sam began.

"So Jack with all that looping weren't you tempted to just goof off or do something outrageous, because you knew you wouldn't have to face the consequences?" Daniel interjected.

"You asked me that before." Jack said by way on an answer, all the while staring with a slight smile, at Sam. She had a confused look on her face, but Jack kept smiling at her as he ate his oatmeal. Later on Sam caught him outside his office.

"What were you smiling at?" She asked as he invited her in and shut the door behind them.

"Well it was a memory from one of the loops." Jack replied.

"What did you do?" Sam questioned warily, thinking maybe he'd killed Daniel or herself. Jack grinned. He may not have been the most technical minded person in the universe, but her could still read people.

"Its not what you're thinking, Sam. I turned in my resignation…" Jack edged closer to her.

"And?" Sam prompted.

"And did this." Jack swept her up in his arms and kissed her soundly. When he let her go, both were breathless.

"That cant happen again, Jack. We're testing ourselves and pushing the envelope with that kiss." She said quietly.

"I know, but never forget that I put my heart into that kiss and it should tell you everything you ever need to know. I'll always feel that way and I can wait as long as it takes to make it happen." Jack said equally quiet.

"So can I, Jack, so can I." Sam leaned in and kissed him gently on the lips one last time before leaving.

They had started something when he kissed her and they would finish it when the time was right. One way or the other it would be finished. Jack smiled to himself and began to whistle as he filled out his report.