Summary: Beast Boy wants Raven to be more spontaneous? He'll get spontaneous, all right. (Drabble one-shot)

Toboe LoneWolf: Wheee. Ideas that just pop into my head and refuse to leave.

For the purposes of this drabble, please assume that Beast Boy and Raven are indeed in a boyfriend/girlfriend relationship. A very rocky, bumpy, opposites-attract relationship. XP

Disclaimer: Toboe LoneWolf doesn't own Teen Titans.


And once again, Beast Boy was trying to pry Raven out from her dull, boring and monotone shell.

"Come on, Raven. Won't you even try video games? Just once! For me?" Beast Boy jumped on top of the counter, peering over Raven's shoulder. "I mean, I bet I can find at least one video game you like. I'll bet you'd like this fantasy role-playing game…"

Raven's eyebrow twitched. She took another sip of tea and flipped a page of her book.

Beast Boy sighed. "Aw, Raven. Come on. What about just going outside with me? I'm not even talking about going to a club or anything, just, like, walkin' outside…" Beast Boy pleaded.

He was kinda cute, begging like that. His ears drooping a bit and his tiny fang sticking out just a little further than usual – yes, it was cute. Not that Raven would tell him that. Even if Cyborg called them boyfriend and girlfriend. No way. In that relationship they may be, but no one said it was going to be fluff and stuff.

Beast Boy craned his face over her book. He tried pulling the puppy-dog eyes that he knew wouldn't work, but hey, it sometimes made her smile. Raven flicked her eyes up and then back down to her book.

Her mouth twitched. Beast Boy cheered inside. Reaction accomplished!

"…Beast Boy…"

"Okay, okay," Beast Boy waved his hands and pulled away. "I get it. You wanna be left alone. But dude, can't you ever be…spontaneous once in a while?"

He jumped off the counter, shoulders curved in dejection. Raven quietly closed her book and put down her cup of tea.

Spontaneous, was it? Raven narrowed her eyes.

With a mental grip Raven yanked Beast Boy back, whirling him around. And then her lips met his.

Raven smirked as she let go, Beast Boy stumbling back with his eyes wide. Picking back up her book, she left the common room, cloak swishing behind her.

Spontaneous, was it?

He got spontaneous, all right.