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Epilogue: Orange Lies

Iruka smiled into the warm wind that tousled his hair teasingly. "This is nice, Kakashi." He murmured, eyes opening to scan the entire village from atop the Hokage's sun warmed head. "Thanks for taking me out to lunch, I appreciate getting away from all the little buggers." He chuckled, reaching down with his chopsticks to take another bundle of chicken and rice. "What's the occasion? Come to tell me that my reputation is ruined because someone found those dirty pictures of me in the back of Icha Icha?" he eyed his boyfriend with a light glare.

Kakashi choked only once, swallowing and raising his eyebrows. "Hm. I underestimate you. Did you see what else was in the book?" he asked lazily, as if he didn't care.

Iruka pursed his lips, "There was more? Don't tell me it was even worse than the pictures."

Kakashi smiled and shook his head. "No. But I found it this morning. The book. It was on the running hill." He didn't need to bat an eyelash to get the lie across. "It was buried deep. So you don't have to worry about any of your students being scarred for life that their favorite teacher is as perverted as his boyfriend." He smirked, pulling out the book and waving it for him to see. "Took quite a tumble though, so the pictures are all scratched." He pouted sincerely this time, troubled enough to let Iruka's quick chopsticks violet his lunch's perimeter.

Iruka rolled his eyes while blatantly sucking on Kakashi's pork and rice. "I am not that perverted thank you. I don't think anyone could be that perverted. Besides your sensei of course. You're one lucky bastard, Kakashi. If my kids had found that, I would never be able to show my face in town again."

Kakashi smiled, "Tell me about it. You'd have left me in the dirt pile with the book." He reached across his own plate to Iruka's. "You want this?" he poked at a sorry looking shrimp drenched in the wrong sauce.

"Go 'head." Iruka waved it away, Kakashi popping it into his mouth before looking out over the village with a only a hint of emotion showing through his eyes.

Iruka regarded the handsome man, smiling to himself. If the pervert actually believed him about not seeing those love letters, than the Chuunin was getting better at lying. He could credit that to being around Kakashi of course. He'd learned from the best. It appeared that Kakashi believed him, and he would leave it at that. Iruka would go to any means to make sure that the composed man kept his cool, and that he never had to see embarrassment in those mismatched eyes. Small lies to reassure comfort was always a nice pact to agree on between lovers. He knew it was quite possible that Kakashi was lying to keep Iruka from feeling worried, but that didn't mean the lie couldn't be trusted. He knew his dignity was safe one way or another, just as Kakashi's was.

"Love you, pervert." He murmured, pushing his empty box away and laying back to rest in Kakashi's lap.

"Love you, perverted teacher."

"I am not."

"Whatever you say, Love."

"Up yours, you bastard."

"Right here? You are perverted."

"….?...!…...You're horrible."

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Swift accuracy aided the experience-driven jounin in his self appointed mission. He was not feared because he looked intimidating, he was feared because he was good at what he did.




"Okay… volumes one through… one through nine... except for four because I only had one copy of four…" he mumbled, scratching the back of his head and looking around the empty but cluttered room. It was semi-clean, as if the young girl had made somewhat of an effort to push the piles of junk into corners. He vaguely wondered if she would even notice the piles of bright orange books amongst the ghastly mess. After short consideration, he moved them to the bed and slipped them beneath the covers, a place that she inevitably had to visit.

Kakashi thought about his moral dilemma for one last hesitant moment; giving porn to children was not exactly gazed upon a noble gift in society in his present day and age. Though reason had him quenching that hesitation, seeing as how he'd been involved in his porn addiction before even her age. He dismissed the entirety of the situation, and instead became bored with thinking and wondered out of the room with such ease and grace of the perverse ninja that he was.

He liked to think that he was who he was, because he was a pervert, but then again, being who he was wasn't exactly smiled upon either. This brought a content smugness to his face.

It quickly left though when the pages of Icha Icha Volume twelve sucked him in dreadfully fast. He wondered down the airy spring time street, congratulating himself on a mission well accomplished and a morning spent wisely.

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