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A Second Chance

Chapter 1: King Yamma's Offer

King Yamma sighed down at the irate Saiyan before his desk. The Saiyan in question scowled darkly as he gave his tail an impatient flick. The Lord of the Underworld cast an eye to the Saiyan's father, but Bardock said nothing as he watched quietly off to the side. King Yamma gave another heavy sigh.

"Radditz," he rumbled loudly. The books on his desk shook from the vibrations of his deep voice. Radditz scowled again as he glared up at the giant.

"I know why I'm here," the Saiyan growled, "Just get it over with." Bardock gave an irrated hiss at his oldest son then. All the other Saiyans had settled down in Hell, at least as settled as Saiyans could get. Everyone that is, except for Radditz.

Radditz glared up at King Yamma. Stupid baka, he thought. Was it really his fault that he'd killed three of those stupid ogres? The fools shouldn't have pissed him off.

"SILENCE!" King Yamma roared. Radditz winced despite himself. King Yamma had thrown him into solitary confinement for several long months the last time he'd gotten himself into trouble.

The Lord of the Underworld slammed his fist down onto the desk in anger, causing the younger Saiyan to jump.


Good question. Radditz glared up at the man behind the enormous desk. How the hell should he know? He had no idea why he was so angry all the time.

"King Yamma," Bardock finally said. The irate giant turned an angry glare on the older Saiyan. Unperturbed, the Saiyan continued in his son's defense. "I believe the reason that my son is so rebellious is that he feels angry over how he SORELY WASTED his last few days in the living world." With that last part, Bardock cast a disapproving glare at his oldest son. He had been more than a little unhappy when his sons had managed to kill each other.

Radditz tried to ignore the angry pair of ebony eyes drilling into his back. It hadn't been his fault! Okay, it had, but how had his father expected him to react? Kakarott had denied his whole Saiyan heritage! He'd even removed his tail! To Radditz, that had been sacrilege.

King Yamma tapped his finger thoughtfully against his chin. Yes...Goku. If Radditz hadn't been Goku's older brother, then King Yamma wouldn't be bothering to spend so much of his VERY VALUABLE TIME on this one Saiyan upstart. He gave a grunt as he pulled a heavy red book out from one of his many piles and opened it. He thumbed through the pages until he came to the one he was searching for. Radditz crossed his arms and growled. He wondered what his punishment would be this time.

"Hmmmm...if Goku hadn't lost his memory, he may have turned out not too differently from you," King Yamma mused as he read the page. "If Goku..."

"Kakarott," Radditz corrected stubbornly.

"If Goku and Vegeta managed to change, I should think you could as well."

Radditz gave a hrumph. However Bardock, who still possessed his ability to see the future, gave the giant Lord a sharp look.

"Just what are you suggesting King Yamma?" Bardock asked. Radditz gave his father a curious look, but Bardock ignored him. For a very brief instant, he saw an image of strangely garbed Radditz fighting on an unknown world. Then just as briefly, it was replaced by a faint image of two young green haired girls. They both had Saiyan tails.

Bardock blinked as he looked at his son. Radditz gave him a questioning look. The older Saiyan turned back to the large giant.

"King Yamma?" Bardock asked again. King Yamma studied his son for a long moment before turning to another marked page in the red book.

"This has been on my mind for some time," the giant grumbled irritantly. "For some reason I've made the time in my VERY BUSY SCHEDULE to consider your life." Radditz blinked at that.

"My life?" he asked suspiciously.

"Yes, I may give you a second chance at living on two conditions," King Yamma held up a finger.

"Number one, that your tail is removed and number two," he held up a second finger, "I remove all your memories." Radditz gaped at him for a brief moment before shaking his fists and sputtering angrily.


Radditz saw stars as his father's fist connected to his face. Why the hell did he...

"RADDITZ! BE QUIET!" Bardock raged.


"SILENCE!" he roared again. Radditz took a step back, but his father grabbed a lock of his hair and yanked it hard.

"SHUT UP AND LISTEN TO ME!" Bardock yelled again as his son started to protest. Radditz clamped his mouth shut and sullenly obeyed his father.

"Good, that's much better," King Yamma muttered as he rubbed his aching head. He wondered why he was even attempting this crazy idea anyway. He glared down at the younger Saiyan.

"Maybe I should retract my offer," the overlord growled. Bardock threw up his hands and waved them in dismay.

"NO! WAIT!" he yelled. "Just give us five minutes! Please!" Bardock had never said please before in his life. This didn't go unnoticed by King Yamma as he cast another glare at them. Finally he rubbed his head tiredly and agreed.

"Very well, five minutes," King Yamma rumbled. "Now move out of the way so I can get back to work!" Bardock grabbed a hold of his son's armor and dragged him off to the side of the long line.

"Listen to me!" Bardock hissed. "Don't screw up again by throwing this away!"

"But he wants to remove my memories! And my tail!"

"If that's the price then so be it!"


"RADDITZ!" Bardock roared, then quieted down as several heads turned in his direction. "Radditz, this is a second chance! You'd be a fool not to take it!"

"But my..."

"Tails can grow back! So can memories!"

"But how do you...oh..." Radditz trailed off as he eyed his father. "Did you see something father?" His father stared at him intently before admitting gruffly.

"I did see a brief glimpse of the future. And you did have a tail." And I saw your daughters. "Beyond that, I don't know. However, I DO know that you need to take the opportunity that he's giving you!" Radditz grumbled again and sulked. However, the idea of living again did appeal to him.

"Father," he said hesitantly, "I wouldn't remember anything! Not you. Not mother. Hell, not even Kakarott! And without my tail, I probably won't even know that I'm a Saiyan!" Radditz gave a pause as a flash of sadness appeared in his father's stony eyes. Bardock swallowed a strange lump in his suddenly dry throat. Dammit! This was no time for strange emotions!

"I know," Bardock admitted quietly, "But still...you have a chance to live! Don't throw it away! What do you think your mother would say if I told her that you had a chance to live again and threw it away?"

"She'd say I was a stupid baka," Radditz mumbled. Even so, he couldn't admit defeat just yet. "But Father! I wouldn't be me!" He gave a start as his clearly frustrated father grabbed his shoulders and shook him violently.

"Radditz!" he shouted angrily. "Stop thinking with your hair!" Radditz stared at his father. 'Stop thinking with your hair!' was his father's term for 'Stop being stupid!'

"I'm not thinking with my hair!" Radditz shouted back. His father gave an agitated sigh.

"Then stop thinking with your tail then!" he yelled.

"Father..." Bardock held up a hand to silence his protests.

"Son, I really think you should do this. No, I KNOW you should do this!" Radditz gave a huge sigh.

"But I won't remember..."

"TIME!" King Yamma bellowed. Bardock gave his son a pleading look. Radditz felt his heart skip a beat. His father never pleaded. NEVER.

The pair found themselves back before the irate King Yamma. The Lord of the Underworld tapped his incredibly large pencil impatiently against the desk as he glared down at the Saiyans.

"Well?" he asked. "Give me an answer! I don't have all day!"

Radditz stared in indecision at the huge desk in front of him.

"I guess I'll have to take that as a no..."

"WAIT!" Bardock yelled.

"I WON'T WAIT ANYMORE!" King Yamma thundered. "IT'S NOW OR NEVER! YOUR SON NEEDS TO DECIDE!" There was a long pause and Bardock held his breath. It felt like an eternity to the anxious father as he waited for his oldest child to speak up. Finally, though reluctantly, Radditz finally agreed.

"Okay," Radditz consented numbly. Why the hell was he doing this? "I'll do it." And with that final commitment, King Yamma made a satisfied check into his red book.

"Very well," he rumbled. "So be it. You'll be the same age as when you died on Earth." Radditz forced himself to unclench his tight fists.

"Where am I going? Earth?" he asked warily.

"No," the overlord answered. "But perhaps in time you'll make it there."

"Then where..."

"Does it really matter Saiyan? You won't remember it when you wake up."

Radditz swallowed hard before nodding his head reluctantly.

"No, I guess not," he muttered. He and his father exchanged one last look before a female ogre led him away. Bardock stared after his offspring as he wondered about the strange feeling in his chest.

Don't screw up, Bardock pleaded silently. Whatever you do Radditz, don't screw this up!