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Other notes: The timeframe for this is three years after Trunks killed Frieza, it's just the beginning of the Android Saga on Earth.

A Second Chance

The Ramen Saga
Chpt 5: Uninvited Guests

Radditz watched the three year old girl as she wandered around Maes's precious herb garden. No matter how many times he tried, he couldn't remember anything. Not only that, but he was also having a growing feeling of restlessness. He didn't understand it.

"San San look! We haff a visitor!" The little girl waved her tiny arms in excitement, her two red pigtails bouncing up and down as she ran back towards Radditz.

The Saiyan shook himself out of his thoughts as he spotted the tall figure coming his way. Fae Maturin peeked around the Saiyan before climbing onto his back for a better look. Radditz stood up just as the newcomer came up the last few steps and stopped. He was a tall man, taller than Radditz even, and seemed to be slightly familiar. This brief moment of deja vu was because the bald stranger slightly resembled the dead Nappa, except he had the pointed Lahanian ears and crystal blue eyes. He wore a simple, dark blue tunic over a matching pair of slightly frayed loose pants.

"Uh...who are you?" Radditz asked. His fear of the man being a threat was dispelled the moment the little girl on his back gave a squeal of delight.

"Mr. Maito!" Radditz blinked in surprise as the other man's blue eyes twinkled at the girl. The taller man studied him briefly before sticking out a hand. The Saiyan hesitated a second before shaking it. He had a surprisingly strong grip.

"My name is Chen Maito," the taller man rumbled. "I'm a neighbor of the Maturins. I run a farm about a mile north of here."

"Uh..." Radditz said. Chen Maito continued to shake his hand and the Saiyan couldn't find a way to politely retract his now sore hand from the farmer's grip.

"I've been away the past two weeks up in Hypcros. You know what Hypros is, don't you?" he asked. Radditz shook his head no as he finally managed to pull his hand free. Chen gave him an astonished look before shrugging his massive shoulders and continuing. "Ah yes, I forgot, they said you have amnesia. Hypcros is a port city up north by the Northern Ocean. I took my crops up there."

"Uh..." Radditz said. "Maes and Riza aren't here right now. They had to go down to the village." The other man paused as he looked around. If Maes Maturin had been here, he'd already have been outside talking his ear off.

"I can wait," Chen said. He looked Radditz up and down again before chuckling. "You look like a strong young man. I could use an extra pair of hands on my farm. You want a job?"

"Huh?" Radditz asked. He hadn't been expecting that. "A job?" Chen nodded his head. The Saiyan thought about that. He'd become a little uncomfortable with the realization that he was living off of Maes and Riza. He uncomfortably remembered his growing sense of restlessness and wondered if helping this man might make it go away.

"Sure," he answered. It wasn't as if he had anything else to do. Chen's eyes lit up and when he grinned, his teeth seemed to sparkle. It freaked Radditz out a little. The bigger man chuckled as he slapped the Saiyan across the back, clearly pleased to have some new help.

"Good good, what's your name again?" Chen asked. Radditz paused.

"Uh, I don't remember, but everyone's been calling me Sanyu," he answered. Chen chuckled again as he regarded the muscles on Radditz's bare arms. He was wearing a white shirt with short, wide sleeves that was currently tucked a pair of simple black pants. His long hair was currently tied back in a low ponytail.

"Hmm," Chen muttered. "I'd bet half of my season's crop that you'd be a devil to fight with."


Ramen peered out of one of the many windows in Frieza's space ship. The alien warlord was currently in a closed meeting with his father, Captain Ginyu, Dodoria, and Zarbon. It was only a matter of time before he was invited to join such meetings.

"Oh look, it's a lone Falleen princeling," a voice mocked. "I thought your people were supposed to be renowned for their strategic and leadership abilities Ramen. How is it that such an 'intelligent' people didn't notice that one of their suns was ready to explode?"

Ramen growled as he turned around to glare at three members of the Ginyu force. Guldo was the one who had spoken, but Berter and Jeice were also smirking at him. He seethed inside as he glowered down at the smallest Ginyu. His home solar system had been destroyed nearly two weeks ago when one of the three suns suddenly went supernova.

"I'd be careful if I were you," Ramen warned him. "Even Frieza listens to my advice. It won't be long until I'm invited to join his inner circle." The other three laughed at him and Ramen bit back a curse. Like most of his people, he was blessed with the mind of a tactical genius. However, even though he was the strongest fighter of the Falleen, he was still weaker than the Ginyu.

"Lord Frieza seems to favor Vegeta over you," Jeice pointed out. "Vegeta has a higher kill count." Ramen growled, but not in anger at the Saiyan prince. The two men, while not friendly with the other, were reasonably tolerant of the other. Like Vegeta, Ramen was, or had been, a member of his planet's royal family. His aunt had been the High Queen of the Falleen. Ramen dryly pondered at the irony that now, like Vegeta, his world had also been destroyed.

"Some day I will kill you," Ramen promised them. "And Frieza won't stop me."

"Really?" Guldo mocked. "We heard the same threat from Vegeta this morning." Ramen smiled unpleasantly at them as he caught sight of Frieza down the hall.

"Well then," Ramen said dryly, "It appears as though Prince Vegeta and I have something else in common."

Ramen opened his eyes as he gazed out over the desert landscape. His homeworld...only about one hundred of his people had survived the supernova. He allowed his gaze to turn towards the southwest. The Falleen prince tapped the scouter on his ear and studied the power readings. According to his scouter, there were four large powers on the planet and two of them were close together. Three of them were in the country of Xethos and the fourth was in the Untamed Lands.

He knew that one of them was that old woman that was plaguing his soldiers. The other two were to the south, the strongest and the weakest of the four. Ramen had detected three of the power levels since he had arrived; one of them belonging to a village doctor. Healers had been held in high regard on his world and Ramen had decided not to attack the doctor unless he opposed him. The third power was among the dragon clans to the east. However, this fourth new power had only recently appeared about two weeks ago. It was the third largest power on the planet, after him and General Haggis.

Ramen was curious at that. He had sent a detachment of soldiers to kill the old woman up in Hypcros. The Falleen had then sent a smaller group to investigate this new power level in southern Xethos.

He took another look out at the sand dunes before turning around. He had other duties to attend to.


The old woman peered out over the sea. She could sense several of Ramen's soldiers heading her way. She smirked as she sat patiently on a cliff overhanging the deep water. Didn't these fools ever learn? I suppose not, she thought. The aging warrior wasn't disappointed. A minute later, six soldiers landed behind her and another six floated over the empty space to her front.

"You know why we're here, Hag," a blonde woman warned. "Lord Ramen's patience has run out." The old woman gave a snort of contempt as she stood up.

"Girl," she warned. "You're just an amateur. If Ramen wants to kill me, he should be man enough to come himself." The younger woman's reptilian eyes narrowed as she pointed a hand at the old Lahanian.

"Wrong answer Grandma," she growled. She fired a Ki blast at the old woman, who lazily held out her hand and absorbed the energy. The soldier hissed as she and several others fired more blasts. The old woman sighed as she also absorbed this energy. Ignorant idiots, they know nothing about fighting.

"Idiotic youth," the old woman snapped. "I have no patience for foolishness!" She threw out her hands and sent a wave of energy that knocked each of the dozen fighters into the ocean. They didn't come back up. The old woman turned her eyes to the south.

There were two large power levels far in the distance. She had sensed one of them before, but this new one puzzled her. It had appeared, as if out of thin air, only two weeks ago. Whoever it was, he, or she, had a higher power level than her. With a start, the old woman realized that five power levels were currently heading in that direction.

It appears as though Ramen has taken an interest as well.


Radditz had just gotten into a friendly argument with Maes when they heard a commotion on the opposite end of the village. Maes, being Maes, had been making fun of his long, wild hair when a small explosion rent the air. He, Maes, Riza, Chen, and little Fae had all turned their eyes to the smoke rising into the early evening sky.

"What was that?" Riza asked. Fae gripped her mother's dress as she peered wide eyed at the smoke. There was another explosion, followed a loud echo of malevolent laughter. Maes and Radditz exchanged looks before taking off down the steps. Chen Maito followed closely behind.

The three men made their way through the now confused streets of Xenotyne as they rushed towards the scene of destruction. Some sixth sense caused Radditz to pull his two companions out of the way as something exploded in front of them. A chorus of laughter was the only warning they had before five men wearing strange armor dropped out of the sky in front of them.

"So, this is the guy with the power reading," one said. "He doesn't look like a Lahanian." Radditz found himself growling as they smirked at him. Another soldier, an ugly man with purple skin, pointed over at Maes.

"Hey, the red head's got a high reading too," he said. Maes glared as he pulled his heavy ebony staff from the strap that had been holding it to his back.

"Hey San, Chen," Maes said. Radditz and Chen glanced over at him.

"What?" Radditz asked. Maes gave a determined grin as he gave a quick spin to his staff. Chen cracked his massive knuckles as he caught the doctor's thoughts.

"You think we can take them?" the doctor asked. An excited grin crossed the Saiyan's face as his heart pumped faster in anticipation.

"Oh yeah," Radditz said. "I think this is what I've been waiting for."


Some other notes:

Chen Maito is only going to be a minor character, like Puar and Oolong. My thoughts so far on him are that he will become a semi-father figure for Radditz. As far as his appearance goes, I hope I did a sufficient job of describing him for now. He appears, in my mind at least, as a sort of cross between Nappa and the character of Major Armstrong from FullMetal Alchemist.

Also, earlier Ramen stated that his scouter picked up four unusually high power readings on the planet, even though all four are currently beneath his. Of the four, Radditz has the highest, the old woman's is the second highest, and Maes is the lowest of the four. The fourth reading, which is in the Untamed Lands, won't be making an appearance until the second saga of my story.

I'm thinking that eventually Maes's daughter may develop more of a role as she gets older and turn into a fighter as well.