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Its Halloween and Greg took it upon himself to spice it up a little. He had devised a little game.

"Hey, Gregg-o, whatcha up to?" Nick asked walking over to where Greg was sitting at the table in the break room.

"Nothing, why?" Greg asked

"Just curious, you've been keeping to yourself lately, it's been oddly quiet." He said.

"Oh. Hey, is it at all possible to assemble the rest of the team for a few minutes later on today? I have an announcement." Greg asked innocently.

"Sure, but only if you tell me what you're going tell them later." Nick said.

"OK, but only if you promise to keep it on the down-low. I came up with a game." He said quietly.

"Yes…?" Nick said impatiently when Greg didn't continue right away with his story.

"Sorry, I'm just plotting. OK, so it's kinda like secret Santa, but not. It's more like secret…pumpkin. Every one, even Griss draws a name, and the person whose name you draw is the person who you get something for. And that something is a costume. The person who you give the costume to has to model it at the Halloween party," Greg finished, taking a bow before leaving the room.

'He's an odd, odd guy.' Nick thought, sighing.


"So what did you need to talk to us about, Greg?" Grissom asked. It was clear that everyone was getting impatient, so he thought he'd better get started.

"Ok, I have a game." And from there he gave the same instruction spiel that he'd given to Nick earlier. "What do you think?"

"Ok, so who do I get?" Warrick asked. Greg was obviously annoyed by such a stupid question.

"Were you even listening? Ok you draw a name AT RANDOM from a hat. So it's basically up to fate to decide," he said, pulling a hat from behind his back. "I think you know the drill, but for people like Warrick who are clueless, this is where you draw the name of the person who you will be shopping for." He handed the hat to Sara, who drew a name, and immediately put on a poker face. Then she handed the hat to Catherine.

Once everyone had their names they went back to work. Greg too had chosen a name, and was clearly excited about it. His game was a hit, so much so that Grissom had so far played along with out complaint.

Everyone was being very secretive. Sara's face hadn't changed. She would make a great poker player! Maybe that would be his next undertaking. A lab poker tournament.

"Hey Greg, nice game. Very clever," Catherine said from the door way, "Grissom's actually playing along!"

"I'm glad you think so," Greg said. He didn't attempt small talk. He figured that the safest way to keep his name secret would to have as little contact with any of the players as possible.

After what seemed like day, it was time to go shopping. He had some very good ideas. Once at his car, he realized that every one else had had the same thought to go shopping right after the shift. He took a count of his friend's cars, and came to the conclusion that every one of them was headed out of the parking lot.

'At least they're taking it seriously!'

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